Island War MOD APK Unlimited Money & Wood Download

Island War MOD APK Unlimited Money & Wood Download

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App Name Island War MOD APK Unlimited Money & Wood Download
Size 650 MB
Latest Version 3.7.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Fastone Games HK
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Have you ever dreamed of Ruling an Island? To create your force and protect your Homeland from enemies? Well, you can fulfill your dream of creating an empire through the Island war

Island War is a fantastic game introduced by Fastone Game HK, a mind-strategic game focusing on how you can conquer an island and become the best Ruler of your era. You know that in the past pirates or rulers would attack such places where armies are weak and the land boundary is not strong, they have weak security and less armor so they conquer their land by attacking them and proving themselves as the strong powerful ruler of the region.

Similarly in this game, you have to conquer the lands by applying strong powerful defense strategies and create a strong army to engage in wars with enemies and loot their resources. The more battles you win the more powerful ruler you become.

Leading troops, and training them to become a strong army is not an easy game. You have to focus on all the parameters to save and protect your home as well as strengthen your troops because in battle protecting your Homeland is your top priority.

In this game, you will learn how to create forces, have a fight, and how you can defeat them by using your resources. You will provide the missions to win the battle; your strength increases as long as you compete and win.

Island War MOD APK

With this opportunity, you will be able to explore more worlds and can enhance your kingdom by winning those lands and defeating their troops. You can also loot the resources, gems, money, and treasures from these lands and raise your resources. 

The power of a ruler is judged by his conquered battles and to become a strong warrior you have to build a strong nation and strong fence around your land.

You can unlock different levels, resources, and weapons in this game and can also upgrade them by winning money or gems, however, Premium features are introduced in this game in which you can explore more lands, or welcome your friends to compete with them as competitors, win resources and upgrade your army.

High-quality graphics are used in this game providing a realistic simulation game, the actions, the sound, and the characters all are well-designed.


Let’s have a look at the interesting features introduced by this game

  • Build an Empire

This game allows you to build the empire of your dreams. You can create an island by making walls, strong fences, defense towers, etc around your land, to protect from enemies and you can also build mines for your resources.

  • Protect your Homeland

The main goal of this game is to protect your home. You have to build a strong force against your enemies and apply different strategies to cope with the challenges and make your resources safe so no one can easily attack you.

  • Build a Strong Army

You can fight when having a strong backup with you similarly in battle troops, are the assets you can not fight until you have a strong force with you.

Island War MOD APK

Thus this game allows you to build a strong army for your kingdom along with creatures that you can get through mysterious places and train them.

  • Troops Collection

You can add multiple troops to your force each having its abilities, powers, and strengths like wizards, armors, sword fighters, etc, and unique creatures that you found in these hidden places like dragons, sea creatures, or monsters. You can train them to attack. 

  • Break the defense system

You can hold such empires and lands where the defense system is weak and they don't have enough resources to compete against the powerful warriors. So you have to explore their weak areas and this game enables you to find out their weakness by attacking opponents' buildings and crafts. Maybe you like this similar game Defense Legend 4 Mod APK.

  • Attack the Enemies

To protect your homeland from enemies you have to defeat your enemies otherwise they will capture your land and loot your resources. You can attack them by applying various strategies as you can attack through volcano fireballs, air strikes, stone wars, arrow strikes, etc.

  • Explore new lands

This game allows you to visit more lands and adventurous places to explore their beauty. You have to build a boat to travel across these places and be prepared to add these places to your kingdom while exploring them and it is possible after conquering the battle.

  • Loot the Resources

In this game, you need various resources to defeat the enemies you need air strikes, bombs, etc to attack the opponent's place so you can get the money, and gold from your enemies by attacking them or get unique things by exploring mysterious places.

  • Upgrade resources

You need to upgrade the resources to win the war whether it is the upgradation of lands, resources, weapons, or troops. 

  • Like you can upgrade land by enhancing its security system i.e building strong fences, and walls against your building
  • You can update your troops by providing them with advanced weapons such as long-range arching attackers
  • Defeat the enemies and upgrade your loot treasures.
  • Challenges

This game offers many challenges and to win the battle and become a strong ruler of the sea you have to compete. Beyond these challenges, this game offers

  • Legion Conquer

By completing this challenge you will get a lot of wood and gems resources that will help you to build a strong defense system around your region.

  • Endless Trial

In this phase, you will meet various challenges to compete with your enemies and learn different tactics to defeat them or damage their property.

Island War MOD APK

  • Competing globally

One of the interesting features of this game is to allow you to compete globally, you can invite friends from all over the world to compete with you in a realistic simulation as they become your opponents and help you to enhance your attacking strategies.

  • Leaderboard Ranking

Accept the multiple challenges and win the loot resources from your real competitors or friends and make your ranks in the leaderboard after winning the battles.

  • Record of battles

This game offers you to hold a proper record of the battles and the challenges you have made. You can easily identify the enemies who try to harm your land and loot your resources or damage your troops. So, through these tracks, you can make better strategies to complete them.

  • Graphics

This game is designed with high-quality graphics providing a realistic simulation in which you can feel the actions, and the character moves like an original battlefield where the attacks make realistic damage to your properties and homeland.

Further, the sound system is great you can feel the thrilling sound of bombs, and damage.

Premium MOD Features

Multiple premium features are introduced by this game and through its MOD version you can get a lot of unlocked advanced features such as

  • No Ads

This version offers a streamlined game without any pop-ups or ads that will disturb you while playing the game so a realistic action game seems.

  • Unlimited Money, Gems

You can get unlimited money, gems, or resources through which you can upgrade your land protection, upgrade troops and can explore new lands, and defeat them.

  • Unlimited Health

Health is the basic factor to make a warrior strong and able to compete and defeat your enemy and this feature provides you unlimited health life so you can't be damaged by the enemy's attack.

Island War MOD APK

How to download this game?

This game is available on the Google Play Store but to enjoy its unlocked features you have to download the game from this website and it is free.

You can install this app by following these steps

  • Click on the download button 
  • From the unknown file, resources install this app
  • Fulfill the steps and click on the start button to play this game

Final Thoughts

Island War Mod Apk is the adventurous Strategic game introduced by Fastone Game HK that provides a realistic simulation of ruling an Island and defeating your Homeland from enemies by conquering the battles.

This game provides you an opportunity to build your empire and create a strong army by utilizing opponents' resources and winning their loot. This game allows you to explore more lands and add to your kingdom by conquering them.

Unlimited features are introduced by this awesome game like unlimited money, gems, and health and you get it from this premium version. 

The graphics are cool, vibrant, and eye-catching presenting a 3D version and thrilling background music enhancing its beauty.

Let’s play this action game and win BattleField!


Q. Is this game available on the Google Play store?

Yes, this game is available on the Google Play store but to enjoy its premium features you have to download it from this website and it is free.

Q. Is this game available offline?

No, this game is not available in offline mode, it is online and you can invite your friends from all over the world to play with you.

Q. Is it a heavy game?

No, this game will not occupy your phone storage capacity. It's a smart small sized adventurous game.

Q. Does this game support multiple languages?

Yes, this game is available in multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, etc and you can enjoy this game according to your preferences.

4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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