Jio POS Plus APK Download For Android

Jio POS Plus APK Download For Android

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App Name Jio POS Plus APK Download For Android
Size 96MB
Latest Version 1.4.7
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Jio Platforms Limited
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 15, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Jio POS Plus APK:


The new application has been launched by Jio only for Jio Partners, named, Jio POS Plus APK, particularly, this application is launched for Jio Retailers and it is everything you need. This application assists retailers in operating and managing all the activities related to customer service. In this application, Jio retailers can perform many functions, such as utility bills can be paid, recharge can be done on a customer’s mobile number, a new Jio sim can be issued and activated, digit KYC can be done, and many more. This article will provide you with absolute knowledge about the Jio pos Plus APK, every piece of information will be shared so that you can easily download this application on your device.

In a very short time, Reliance Jio has attained millions of clients' databases as it is the first-ever mobile network in India. Reliance Jio has gained a huge milestone by providing free services, such as free calls, free messages, and free internet. The entire telecom market is influenced by Reliance Jio as they are offering abundant data at economical prices. The free data services offered by Reliance Jio are influencing many customers to opt for Reliance Jio to acquire great benefits. The users are increasing day by day in a Jio database, due to the increase in Jio distributors and approved retailers, and also, retailers are interested to promote the products and services of Jio to all the customers.

Jio POS Plus

Formerly, Jio retailers were not able to perform certain activities related to the customers but recently, Jio introduced a new application for the Jio retailers, that is the Jio POS Plus APK, which makes it convenient for retailers to maintain and handle all the services and products in their stores. Jio partners control and manage the application; these are the persons who are running the Jio business which means they promote the services and products of Jio to their customers or the general public. There are three types of Jio partners,

  • Jio distributor: The distributor allows the stock availability of products and services for sales and retail stores.
  • Jio preferred retailer: The large retail stores demonstrate the entire range of available stock by delivering live demos to increase the digital customer experience.
  •  Jio retailer: The retailing outlets sell all the telecom devices, services, and products to their customers.

Note that this application is only used by the third partner Jio retailer, the other two partners aren’t allowed to use the application to handle the activities of their stores.

Jio POS Plus APK is the complete platform that benefits all Jio retailers so that they can help their customers and perform all the activities related to Jio products and services. Those activities can be:

  •  Paying utility bills
  • Mobile Recharge
  •  Digital KYC
  •  Purchasing and selling of accessories or devices
  •  Manage the stock or inventory of the products
  •   Return products

Features of Jio POS Plus APK:

Online registry:

All Jio phone and Jio sim customers can easily onboard with or without Aadhaar cards. The KYC process can fulfill the registry of this application, it can be done by submitting forms physically or digitally. Other documents such as a passport, voter ID, or driving license can also be used to fulfill the registry process instead of Aadhaar cards.

Make earnings:

Jio POS Plus provides an opportunity to earn big by ordering Jio products for customers, recharging sims of other people, activating the new sims, activating phones, and ordering Jio accessories or devices.

Jio POS Plus Recharge:

Decent earnings can be earned by Jio retailers easily by recharging numbers of Jio customers and bill payments, approximately 6.5% can be offered to them if they recharge on any plan. Moreover, Jio retailers can earn also by selling or activating new sims daily; if they activate 10 sims daily, they will earn Rs. 400, and per sim costs Rs. 40.

Jio POS Plus APK

Devices and accessories:

Retailers can make orders for their customers by ordering Jio devices and accessories like JioFi, JioSim, JioPhone, etc., from which they can take their share of the money by selling Jio products to customers or the general public.

Manage customer database:

Jio Plus POS APK is the one-stop platform that helps you to manage the data and profiles of customers and outlook the reports of the management information system (MIS). You can also view and check a book of ledgers where all the transactions and recharges are recorded, in short, Jio owns many necessary features to facilitate their customers and retailers.

Advertisement free:

The application is totally advertisement free and doesn’t lag on the phone while using it on your phone. You can enjoy this application with lots of needed features without getting interrupted by third-party applications if you download this application from our website.

Login access:

The application required a login ID and password to get access, after online onboarding in this application users must have their login ID and passwords otherwise it won’t be easy for users to get easy access through this application.

Easy to use:

The application functions smoothly on android devices therefore it doesn’t create any hassle for users while performing certain functions on this application.

Payment method:

You can choose any payment method to proceed with your payments, this application comprises different payment methods, you can do digital payments or you can proceed with your payments through credit cards, cash, atm cards, etc. Jio POS is charging less prices and free processing fees for their devices.

Payment Features:

The payments of customers can be easily accepted by scanning the barcode as it will be convenient for merchants also to scan the barcodes because the Jio POS has a high-speed barcode scanner. If the transaction is above INR 2000, the processing fee would be between 0% and 4.0%.

Jio POS Plus ID: 

To get the login id and password of this application, you first have to register yourself. The JC manager will help you to become a retailer of a Jio application if he thinks that you are eligible to be a retailer of a Jio application, you have to follow certain steps to get the account and your login id and password.

Jio POS Plus helpline number:

Dear customers! In case of any query, you may freely contact on the Jio POS Plus Helpline number that is given below:


Required documents:

To fulfill the registration process, the merchant must have the following documents to buy Jio devices:

  • Trade license
  •  Two photographs
  •  Aadhar card
  •  Passbook copy of bank

Jio POS Plus APK system requirements for Android:

The latest version of Jio POS Plus is compatible with android OS 4.4+ and it holds up a file size of 97 MB. This application is free to download so it can be easily downloaded by everyone on their phone.

Jio POS Plus APK

Jio POS Plus APK Download:

  • To install this latest version of Jio POS Plus APK, you have to first download the APK file of the application.
  • To download the APK file, go to our website and locate the APK file.
  • Once you find the file, click on the link and download it.
  • Downloading will take a few seconds, make sure to have a stable internet connection.
  • You must have a storage of 97 MB, to download the APK file of this application.

Installation commands for Jio POS Plus APK:

  • Before instigating the process of installation, first, go to your phone settings to enable unknown sources to install the application from any third-party source.
  • Now install the application.
  • Click on the installation button to allow permission to the system.
  • Once the installation process is finished, the APK file icon will appear on your phone.
  • Click on the icon to open the application.
  • Now insert login ID and password to get access.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully logged into the application.
  • Now enjoy the application.

Method to use Jio POS application:

  • First, you have to open the application.
  • Now insert the login ID and password.
  • Go to the menu and select Jio Recharge/Top-up.
  • A screen will appear where you have to enter the Jio number to get a recharge, after that select one out of three accessible options, add-on, top-up, or recharge.
  • After selecting any one option, now you have to click on browsing plans.
  • The plan will be dialed for you so that it can be topped up with Jio’s number.
  • Now you can click the option to proceed to checkout.
  • Select any payment method that would be feasible for you, payment method includes cash, credit cards, debit cards, etc.
  • Now it is successfully Top-up.

Similar apps like Jio POS Plus APK:

There are many apps that are similar to this staggering Jio POS Plus APK application. Here these are:


  • Jio Partner World.
  • My BSNL App.
  • JioPOS Lite. 
  • Paytm: Secure UPI Paymen. 


Jio POS Plus APK Latest or New Version:

Version 1.4.7 is the latest version of the Jio POS Plus APK. This version is compatible with Android OS 4.4 and above, it holds a file size of 97 MB. This version gives you lots of needed features where you can manage your retail business and make some decent earnings. 

This version functions optimally on all android devices and offers you multiple benefits, and an online registry can be done with or without aadhaar cards. If you have certain documents, an easy process of KYC can fulfill the online registry of the application. 

Retailers can earn some amount of money by loading money into their partner's wallet and making a commission on every recharge and payment of bills. Retailers can also manage the records of customers' databases through a management information system (MIS) or they can even check the ledger book as various transactions and recharges are recorded in the ledger book. People can easily download this version without any hassle, if you consider downloading this application from our website then you won't be facing any interruption of advertisement while using this application. 

Jio POS Plus APK Old Version:

The old version of Jio POS Plus is v1.0.6, this version is compatible with android OS 4.0+ and it holds a file size of up to 86 MB, this version was released on November 9, 2020, in India. The old version is similar to the latest version, the only difference is the compatibility and file size of both versions, otherwise, you can download any version for your device. 

Jio POS Plus APK

Jio POS Plus APK Release Date:

Jio POS Plus was first released in India on November 9, 2020.

Jio POS Plus APK Update:

Jio POS Plus APK was later updated on June 6, 2022.

Jio POS Plus APK Developer:

The developer of this smart application is Jio Platforms Limited.

Jio POS Plus APK Advantages:

  • Retailers get profit for managing and handling products or services of Jio and for using this application.
  • Retailers can earn a commission for recharging, paying bills, activating new sims, and increasing customers to the database of Jio.
  • 6.5% of the commission will be rewarded to the retailers for recharging or bill payments or activating new sims for customers.
  • Digital KYC can be done by retailers within a few clicks.
  • Aadhaar eKYC registration is available for Jio customers.
  • The Jio devices or accessories can be purchased or sold by retailers.
  • Retailers can use this application for ordering Jio products for their customers.
  • Retailers can conveniently manage the stock or inventory of available products and services.
  • Products can easily be returned to distributors or preferred retailers by the retailers.


The great application Jio POS Plus APK is designed and created in the telecom sector of India and offers great value to its users and customers. The interface of this application is very user-friendly, and it can be used by anybody having a basic knowledge of using smartphones. Moreover, it provides enormous services from recharging sims for customers to ordering Jio products or accessories of your own choice. So, just don’t wait for anything, go through this whole article, get extensive information about this application and download it from our website and take immense benefits of this application as a retailer or as a customer.


Q. What kind of application is this?

The category of this application is based on free productivity applications.

Q. Can this application be used offline?

No, this application can’t be used offline, you must have a stable internet connection to use this application.

Q. How much commission does it offer to retailers on recharging mobile numbers of customers or bill payments?

6.5% of commission is offered by the application on recharging mobile numbers of customers or bill payments.

Q. Is this application safe and secure?

Yes, this application is completely safe and secure. This app has virus-free software.

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