Kaneki ML Injector APK Latest Version

Kaneki ML Injector APK Latest Version

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App Name Kaneki ML Injector APK Latest Version
Size 7MB
Latest Version 1.45
MOD Features All Unlocked
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update November 08, 2022 (29 days ago)
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Kaneki ML Injector APK:

Tool applications are getting a huge fan following because of their immense use. These tool applications are used for getting extra tools for some apps without spending money. People get benefits from these free tools. No doubt, these apps are authentic ways to get the tools but in limited quantity. Otherwise, your account may get banned or reported. Among other tool applications, Kaneki ML Injector is the most popular and outstanding app. It offers free game tools and is safe for all devices.

Kaneki ML Injector APK

Kaneki ML Injector is supplying tools for the famous fighting game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This game has many features that are not free for all players, and if available, then it will take a long period to get unlocked. The expensive skins, fighters, recalls, emotes, and screens are all gradually unlocked with the achievements and increased ranks in the game. Some people can purchase these tools, but it does not apply to all players as everyone can’t afford these expensive tools. So, an app developer has presented this amazing application with all unlimited tools. You can use also use NIX Injector as an alternative option for procuring the Mobile Legends Bang Bang tools, but the interface, security, safety, and uninterrupted user interface make the Kaneki ML Injector app more satisfying. So, if you were searching for such a tool app, you can use the Kaneki ML Injector app.


Unlocked Fighters:

The warriors that are available through the Kaneki ML Injector are the following. 

  • Tank
  • Assassin
  • Marksman
  • Fighter
  • Mage
  • Support


Unlocked Free Skins:

Almost all skins are unlocked and available to be used in different maps for different warriors. Some of these are given here. 

  • Franco, Tigreal, Grock, Johnson, Khufra, Akai - these are for Tank. 
  • Alucard, Chou, Badang, Aldous, Guinevere, Silvanna, Ruby. - available for Fighter
  • Fanny, Hayabusa, Saber, and Gusion. - Assassin
  • Selena, Odette, Gord, Silvanna, Gusion, Harith - For Mage
  • Lesley, Kimmy, Claude, Granger, Karrie, Layla, Bruno. - Marksman
  • Kaja, Rafaela, Estes, Nana, Angela. - Support. 

Merge Skins:

The skins that are available for the warriors can be overlapped to get the new ones. These resulting skins will be more compatible with the map and the ground. These skins will hide the fighters from the enemies. 

Recall Effects:

Recall effects are used to again recall the fighter who has already fought and was excluded from the match. This feature helps the best fighters or warriors to play again to win the match. Almost 55+ recall effects for fighters are present. 

Unlimited Recalls:

Kaneki ML Injector allows the player to get unlimited recalls. You can recall any player or fighter who is the best to the ground to fight. Other tool apps don’t provide an offer to get unlimited recalls, but it is present here. 


Almost 100 plus emotes are available here. 


The application cannot be restricted in any case, so you don’t get worried about your tools. They will remain safe, and you can use them at any time. 

Game Boarder:

Kaneki ML Injector helps set the game border to fit the screen size. The border of the game map can be increased or decreased with the size of the device screen. This will give the perfect view while playing the game. 


The backgrounds of the game can be modified. There are many backgrounds available in Kaneki ML Injector that can be downloaded and saved on the device. The downloaded backgrounds can be used, even for your device wallpaper. The backgrounds are unique and distinct from the normal wallpapers. It will give the device screen a new look. 

No Root:

The application will be available and smoothly work on all devices. It has no restriction on rooted or unrooted devices. 

Drone Map:

The drone view allows the player to get a complete view of the map. It helps to check the location of the enemies in their base. This drone will zoom the view to 2X and 4X.



Modify Analog:

Analog settings in Mobile Legends Bang Bang for the mapping can be changed, and you can modify it to your taste.


The password is set to every update of the Kaneki ML Injector, and the app will not run unless the correct password is entered. The password for every update changes. The current update has No Password. You can enter this to get everything.

Key Features:

  • It will not demand registration to run the app. 
  • No subscription is demanded to get the resources. 
  • Zero advertisements. 
  • New updated skins, and customized skins. 
  • Simple interface. 
  • User Interface is easily understandable. 
  • no malware detected. 
  • Anti-ban feature is available. 



  1. Fixed bugs. 
  2. Fixed Crash Issues. 
  3. No Ads. 
  4. Anime Skins


Kaneki ML Injector application demands, 

  • Androids with 4.1 API (Application Programming Interface) and above. 
  • No need to clear the storage. 
  • It will work with unrooted and rooted devices. 

Kaneki ML Injector APK Latest Version:

Kaneki ML Injector application was updated on Apr 22, 2022, and the updated version was v1.45. This latest update came with new features and skins. 

Kaneki ML Injector APK Size:

The APK size of this tool application is only 9.4MB which depicts the light weight of the application. This small-sized app is clearing the hurdles on the way o victory.

Kaneki ML Injector APK

How to obtain tools from Kaneki ML Injector? 

You can obtain your favorite game tools by using this magnificent Kaneki ML Injector application. 

  • Open Kaneki ML Injector. 
  • Tap every tool to select as you see all tools on the front homepage of the app. 
  • Inject the tool into your Mobile Legends Bang Bang account. 
  • Open the game and check the resources that you have injected.

Kaneki ML Injector APK Download:

You should carefully read the procedure if you love playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang and want all the tools. 

  • Click the above-given link to reach the download page directly. 
  • Tap the button “Download” and wait to finish the download of the Kaneki ML Injector APK file. 
  • Allow the security of your device for granting permission to install the APK files. 
  • Open the folder of APK files in the File Manager. 
  • Press the Kaneki ML Injector APK file to start the installation. 
  • The tool application will get installed within an instant. 
  • Launch the tool app and enjoy hilarious features.


Kaneki ML Injector helps the Mobile Legends Bang Bang players to obtain all tools for free and legally. Your account can be banned and reported if you exploit the tools and don’t behave like an average player. You can unlock any device, including expensive skins. Weapons, equipment, customize free skins, maps, drone view, and others. This will let you make achievements soon without spending any cents. Enjoy every single feature of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang in the battleground to the completest.


Q. Can I get this Kaneki ML Injector on Windows or PC?

No. This application is just for android devices. But, if you love playing games on a PC, you can have this application using an emulator, which will act as an android and help you install the APK file on Windows or PC.

Q. How to update the Kaneki ML Injector APK?

Any APK file can’t be updated directly through Google Store. If you want the latest update of Kaneki ML Injector, you must uninstall the previous version and download the new one.

Q. Does this APK file cause harm to the device?

Never. The APK files are not safe for the device as they can steal personal data from the device, and some files contain viruses. But, this website has presented a secure APK file.

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