Kick The Buddy Remastered APK Unlimited Money

Kick The Buddy Remastered APK Unlimited Money

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App Name Kick The Buddy Remastered APK Unlimited Money
Size 95MB
Latest Version 1.13.3
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Playgendary Limited
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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 Kick the buddy remastered mod APK:

Who doesn't want an easy and mood-lifting game after a nerve-wracking day at work? If you want to get through the monotonous life, you can play this game of a cute puppet which will make your day and for time being, you will forget all your worries as you will be immersed in the interesting yet unique gameplay.

Let's look at the article so that you can know the features of the gameplay more efficiently.

Kick The Buddy Remastered

Kick the buddy remastered mod APK - Gameplay.

The game is all about a cute puppet or dummy named Buddy and you as a player will be the owner of this dummy. Being the owner, you will be in the position to make Buddy work, any work according to your wish.

The commanding nature will help you to de-stress the frustration of the whole day. The plot is an arcade game whose publisher is Playgendary Limited.

The game also reflects on the unkind behavior you will be showing towards this Buddy. You can hit Buddy by throwing pumpkins on him or hit him with saw blades or lasers.

Such acts will result in de-stress your hectic day. Moreover, the Buddy starts to move anxiously and in such a situation, you will find yourself in a difficult situation to aim at him as he doesn't stand still in his position.

Such types of games are not many on the Google play store. That is why it is considered unique and one of a kind.  Due to the increasing workload and frustration in the world, people need something to kill their frustration and stress and have a relaxed life then. This game is such a blessing for those people who want to lessen the level of stress and anxiety in their life.

Kick The Buddy Remastered

Kick the buddy remastered mod APK - Features:

As this gameplay is unique and distinctive, this one needs to have a better insight into the features.

Usually, all the games are made on the same pattern. Thus, players have some idea about their gameplay. But this game is unique so you have to take a look at the features.

Adorn your Buddy according to your wish:

In this gameplay, the player can adorn and embellish his Buddy.

There is a list of clothes, shapes, accessories, and much other stuff from which the player can choose the stuff to embellish his Buddy.This type of customization will make your experience way better.

A lot of strange stuff to enjoy:

With unique and strange gameplay, there are a lot of strange options present in the game which the players can enjoy. This list includes animals, power of gods, necromancy, horror, sports, explosion, jack o lantern, and trick or treat.

Diversity in weapons available:

From the list of strange stuff, there is an option of explosion. In this option, players can find a great list of weapons that they can use against the Buddy.

  • This list includes Beretta Gun, Spas 2, Thompson, Ak417, M16, UZI, Musket, and many others.
  • These are high-quality weapons, one can dream about.
  • Moreover, these weapons are available in the locked list which has to be unlocked by paying cash.
  • But with the modded version, you can have all locked items in the unlocked form to enjoy the game more effectively.

Hit the Buddy to release your stress:

In case you are having a bad day and need to kill your frustration, you can surely download this game and release your stress by hitting the Buddy with weapons and sharp objects.

You can kick, slap hit, and knock the buddy with the weapons available in the gameplay. Such activities will make you calm and you will feel a bit relaxed after doing such activities.

This is such an easy gaming application that requires no charges to de-stress your condition.

3D graphics and alluring sounds:

This gaming application offers players high-quality visuals and 3D graphics. Moreover, there are alluring and cute sound effects added to the application.

The buddy makes different sounds whenever the player will hit the Buddy.

Moreover, if you will not hit Buddy and he is lying still, then he will make boring noises to attract the attention of the player.

Kick The Buddy Remastered

Kick the buddy remastered mod APK - All unlocked:

The modded version of this application is the cracked version. This version offers the players to enjoy all the locked items available in the gameplay, unlocked.

Now the player will be able to enjoy the gameplay in a more detailed way, all thanks to the developer of this application.

Kick the buddy remastered mod APK - Unlimited Money:

There are many strange items available in the game which can be used by purchasing. For purchasing them, the player will need money. At this point, the player will have to be more concerned about the availability of the money. But we are here to tell you that now you don't need to worry about the money as upon downloading the mod version, you will be able to enjoy the unlimited money option with so much convenience.

Download the mod version today and make your life easy with the premium features unlimited and unlocked.

Kick the buddy remastered mod APK - No ads:

Usually, developers of any application introduced the option of ads to generate revenue from the application but sometimes the players get frustrated while playing the game and face the absurd ads popping up on the screen every 5-10 mins.

To avoid such a situation, you can always make your life easy by downloading the mod version which has banned all the ads in the application so that players can have a smooth experience with the application and don't quit after getting disturbed by such features.

Kick The Buddy Remastered

Kick the buddy remastered mod APK - Final verdict:

Kick the buddy remastered mod APK is a unique and strange gaming application that the user can use to lessen the stress factor in their lives.

Moreover, the game can be played online and offline which makes this application more attractive to the players.

Download the mod version through the link given by us and enjoy all the pro and premium features of the application free, unlimited, and unlocked.

Moreover, you can share the application with your friends and family who are passing through the phase of stress and anxiety these days.


Q. What is the latest version of Kick the buddy remastered mod APK?

The latest version of Kick the buddy remastered mod APK is 1.9.0

Q. What is the size of Kick the buddy remastered mod APK?

The size of Kick the buddy remastered mod APK is 95 Mb.

Q. What is the requirement of android devices to install the application?

The requirement of android devices to support this application is 5.0.

Q. Is this an online application?

This game can be played online and offline too.

Q. Is this application free to install?

Yes, you can install this application totally for free.

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