Kingdom Two Crowns APK Free Shopping

Kingdom two Crowns APK Free Shopping

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App Name Kingdom two Crowns APK Free Shopping
Size 779MB
Latest Version 1.1.16
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Raw Fury
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update August 04, 2022 (5 days ago)
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Kingdom two Crowns APK

Kingdom two Crowns APK Free Shopping

Kingdom two Crowns latest version

Kingdom two Crowns for android

Kingdom two Crowns APK:

 We all love to hear about the stories of ancient times. Some of us also want to live like the king of any state. But today the government and states have transformed themselves according to the modern era. So we can't even imagine living like a king’s life. But besides all those circumstances, anything is  possible for us using modern technology. Today, I am going to tell you about a special app that has all the traditions and rules of ancient times. Kingdom Two crowns apk is a good example of letting you know about the harmony, relaxation, and peace of the ancient era.  The most important and impressive feature of that gameplay is its visual effects and soundtracks. You will feel merged in the world of fantasies. This application is becoming popular just because of its graphics and obstacles. You can enjoy the life of a king through this gameplay. So, let's talk about it thoroughly.

Kingdom Two Crowns APK

Main Story:

In this gameplay, you play as a kind and righteous king. In the beginning of the game, your kingdom would consist of just a small village. It is your responsibility to make your kingdom vast and progressive. Be kind to the people of your state. Order them to cut trees, harvest crops, and make their village a better place to live. Give them rewards and salary in time as the reward for their hard work. Take care of the food and shelter of your state’s people. 

I never heard about a kingdom having two kings. But in the fantasy world, all the happenings are possible. So, after creating a vast kingdom, you can choose a sincere companion to rule the half state. You have to select the most trusted person that will rule in the other places to look after the people of your State. You will enjoy that gameplay a lot.



Create your Kingdom:


You will see a man riding on a white horse. That man is you. Build up a new Kingdom. In the beginning, you will find a barren land. You have to rebuild it by collecting raw materials like basic structures, resources, and all the things that are necessary for making a great and vast Kingdom. The land you have discovered is in the condition of early constructions. You have to face hardships and difficulties that are coming your way. Construct your kingdom and summon the people of your state. Discover your well-wishers and enemies among these people. Hire people for harvesting crops, cut trees, and make your state financially stronger than the other kingdoms.


  • Constructing Civil Homes:


 Building a civil colony is a new feature that was added in the latest version. Using this feature provides shelter to the people of your state. Hire some people for the construction of colonies and civil homes. Spend your gold coins and precious gems for that purpose.


  • Greedy tribes:


Stay alert from greedy tribes because they can rob all your gold coins and snatch your crown in just a second. Fight against them to protect your state. They will attack and rob your crown. So be alert of such robbers.


  • Conquering more lands:


This game will entertain you by providing a complete environment of the ancient era. The player can also conquer the other lands to expand their kingdom. Discover new lands and make them a peaceful place. You will find a dark place during the game. The name of that place is the shogun. According to Japanese culture, it is the darkest place in the world. You have to maintain that place using your wisdom and abilities.


  • Graphics and Sound Effects:


This gameplay is becoming popular just because of its visual and sound effects. It provides 3D graphics having HD resolutions that will immerse you in the world of fantasy. Its pixel combination and graphics qualities are so impressive. You will certainly admire it after playing it for the first time. 

Besides its visual effects and obstacles, it will give you a perfect blend of soundtracks according to its visuals. Sudden adventurous sound effects will certainly immerse you in the gameplay.

Kingdom two crowns apk no mod:

Unluckily, the kingdom Crowns apk doesn’t have any modified version. Only the original version is available for you and it is paid. You must pay $19.99 for this application. But the majority of people are willing to pay for it because of its wonderful features and impressive visuals.

Kingdom two crowns release date:

 That gameplay is based on old Japanese traditions. It was published on 11-December-2018 in Japan. This gameplay was created by multiple programmers.  It was Composed by Amos Roddy and developed by Noio and Coatsink

Kingdom two crowns mounts:

In this gameplay, some mounts will be added to your state. You can create a defense shelter in these mounts. Some of the most familiar and popular mounts are as follows.

  • Stag
  • Wolf
  • Golem 
  • Warhorse
  • Griffin
  • Beattle
  • Unicorn

I suggest you select Warhorse mount because it is the best location to create a  defense army.

Kingdom two crowns guide:

I have some tips and tricks for you given below. Read carefully to become a master in this gameplay.

1: enable Campaign mode, You will get more gold coins by using this mode.

2: Sunnom more workers and command them to harvest crops and make your land more progressive. Give them gold coins in return.

3: Create more resources by unlocking different rewards and gadgets. 

4: Provide enough food and shelter to the people of your state.

5: Build up new colonies and civil homes.

6: Conquer more lands for a great kingdom.

Kingdom two crowns cheat:

There is no cheat included in this game. You must perform all the tasks for attaining high scores. However, you can get a free crown if you build new colonies and conquer more lands.

kingdom two crowns diamonds:

You can get diamonds and gems on reaching level 2. But you have to build up a boat. After that, collect troops and move to the next area. There you will find a shiny or sprinkled thing.

These shiny sprinkled things are gems and diamonds.

Kingdom two crowns multiplayer:

If you want to play that game with your friends, then enable cooperative mode(Multiplayer mode).  In this mode, you can add your real-life friends to your game.

Kingdom two crowns modes:

You can play in two different modes. These are :

1:Campaigns Mode

2: Local cooperative Mode.

In campaign mode, you are the only king of a great kingdom. You have to face difficulties and hurdles alone.

But in Cooperative mode, you can add your friends and online gamer to be the partner of your kingdom. You can choose one of your companions to become the second crown king of your state. 

Kingdom two crowns update:

This gameplay will automatically update itself. But you must have an active internet connection for updating purposes.

Kingdom Two Crowns APK download:

Follow the steps given below.

1: I have added a link on the top of that website. Just click that link if you want to download Kingdom Two Crowns apk.

.2: Secondly, you must wait until the download is completed. It would take a while.

3: After the downloading process, open your mobile settings and allow “Unknown Source”.

4:Go to the recently downloaded files and click the required file. 

5: Tap the install option.

6: After the installation process, purchase Kingdom Two Crowns by inserting the password of your Paypal account.

7: After purchasing the application, you are able to play that game on your device.


Try this amazing app to enjoy the life of a king. It will create a sense of wisdom in you when you perform all the responsibilities of a king. You have to build up new colonies and areas if you want to get a great kingdom. Stay alert from the greedy clan. They can attack you and rob your golden crown. 

Arrange enough food and shelters for the people of your state. Be a kind and righteous king by taking good decisions for your state. Defend your state by creating a tomb on the top of the mount. Hire workers for the development of your state. Give them gold coins in return for their hard work. 

In this gameplay, you can enjoy the environment of the ancient era. So what are you waiting for?

 Try this amazing application today. But you have to purchase it. You have to spend $19.99 on it. But the majority of people are willing to pay for it because of its popularity and incredible graphics.

Kingdom Two Crowns APK


Q. Is Kingdom two crown safe for my device?

Yes, this application is totally safe for you. That’s why thousands of people are using it. But you have to download it from a trusted site. Because some sites are made by hackers. They can hack your entire data after getting access to your device.

Q. Can I get its free official version?

There is no modified version available for you. So you can’t get it free. You have to purchase its Original version.

Q. What is the actual price of the Kingdom Two crowns apk?

If you want to purchase it then you must have to pay $19.99 for it.

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