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kiss of war mod apk

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App Name kiss of war mod apk
Size 98M
Latest Version 1.71.0
MOD Features Unlimited Everything/Unlimited Money/Unlimited Gold
Developer tap4fun
Content Rating Rated for 16+
Requires 98M
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
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What is kiss of war mod apk

Kiss of war mod apk is a cute strategy game that will make the player addicted and want to play more. You will be playing as two different kingdoms, one trying to protect its territory from being invaded by the other. You will need to use your troops to build a strategy that will help you win the battles, but if you are not careful about where you place them, your soldiers can quickly be taken out, and then your kingdom is defeated.

The game is straightforward and straightforward to play; you need to tap on the screen for troops to attack and defend themselves against enemies. If you want troops to move somewhere else on the map, all you have to do is tap on the corps you want to move to, which will automatically move towards the location you tapped. This can make it easier for players who are new to this kind of game because they don't have to worry about clicking on anything or using complicated controls or commands.

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The gameplay of kiss of war mod apk

The gameplay of Kiss of War Mod Apk is fascinating. You will be able to fight with many people in the game. Trouble is all around you. Everywhere, you will find some problems. You need to join different factions and fight with your enemies to solve them.

If you want to play the game without any problem, you have to make sure that your smartphone has enough memory. If not, it will throw an error, and you will not play the game smoothly.

The graphics of the game are also excellent because they are 3D, so this feature gives it a realistic touch. The game's main protagonist can change his appearance by choosing some unique features as per your choice.

You will get a lot of skills while playing the game, and each skill has its significance in the game. So make sure that you are using those skills at the right time and place; otherwise, they will be useless for you in the game's later stages.

Features of the game

The main features of the game:

  • an entirely new strategic gameplay that combines the best elements of RPG games (the characters development) and turn-based strategy (the battle system).
  • A fascinating storyline that will tell you about the secrets of this world.
  • Beautiful graphics and pleasant music to accompany you on your journey.
  • Various types of units that can be used during the battles.
  • A large number of weapons and items will help you survive in difficult conditions.

A New Shooter Experience

Kiss of War mod apk is a new game in the sports genre, developed as a multiplayer first-person shooter. The game takes place in the medieval era, where two teams fight each other in an arena. Each unit has a territory, and there are three types of game modes:

◈ Team deathmatch, the goal is to destroy all enemy towers or to kill all enemies.

◈ Domination, the goal is to capture all points on the map.

◈ Capture the flag, which means that you have to take it into the enemy's territory and then plant it there.

In addition to the various game modes and arenas that Kiss Of War offers, this sports game also includes unique gameplay: you can pick up multiple weapons and items scattered throughout the maps. There are two main types of objects: swords and shields. Blades allow you to be more aggressive in attacks, while guards provide more excellent protection from shots. You can also die in this sport if you fall from a great height or get crushed by a heavy object falling from above during combat.

New Troop Control System

A new troop control system makes it even easier to manage your forces on the field of battle. Split, merge and reposition your divisions with just a few taps of your finger.

* A new troop control system makes it even easier to manage your forces on the field of battle. Split, merge and reposition your divisions with just a few taps of your finger.

* Send reinforcements in the right direction with easy-to-use controls: pick a unit, then send them where you want them to go—no more wasting time fiddling with arrows!

* Improved pathfinding will mean that units will always head directly towards their destination, rather than taking longer routes.

* See troop information at a glance: each unit's name is now displayed above its health bar, letting you see exactly what you're commanding without having to select them first.

* Multiple bug fixes and balance changes mean you'll have more fun for longer with this latest update!

3D Graphics

The game's graphics are beautiful, and you will love to play this game because of its attractive features. You have to fight against different types of enemies to win the battle and unlock new levels. The special effects used in this game have been developed using 3D technology. This makes the gameplay more interesting for all types of players.

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How to download and install kiss of war mod apk

You can download the modded version of this Application from our website. Follow these simple steps and download on your android device. You can download the modded version of the kiss of war mod by clicking on the download buttons below. Click on the download buttons and wait until its downloading is complete. After downloading:

  • Go to the Downloaded APK files.
  • Click on install Buttons.
  • Install them on your androids


Kiss of War is an exciting game that you can play on your android device. It is a single-player game, but it is an exciting game because of all the new features of this Kiss of War apk. This game is pretty simple and easy to play. You need to follow the story of the protagonist in this game.


Q. Is there a way to increase my game level?

Yes, you can get more gems by winning more battles and surviving your troops, or you can buy them by clicking the gem icon in the upper right corner. You can also get 3 gems for free every day.

Q. How do I unlock new levels in the game?

To unlock new levels, you need to upgrade your castle. To do that, click on the castle icon on the left side of the screen. You will see a list of buildings you can build. As soon as you finish one upgrade, you will unlock a new level.

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