LAST CLOUDIA MOD APK OBB Menu/Damage Unlimited Gems

LAST CLOUDIA MOD APK OBB Menu/Damage Unlimited Gems

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App Name LAST CLOUDIA MOD APK OBB Menu/Damage Unlimited Gems
Size 154M
Latest Version v3.14.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (6 months ago)
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The last cloudia is a great action and adventure game. This exciting gameplay contains impressive and realistic 3D graphics. The artwork of the game is developed in such a manner that it gives players a nostalgic and thrilling vibe as they are on a real battlefield fighting ancient enemies for the royal family.

 The graphics of the game are a perfect and unique blend of old-school style Japanese 2d animation and the newer 3d graphical surrounding. This together makes the gaming experience outclass as if the players a part of an old ancient tale.

The gameplay is the perfect combination of fierce and brave characteristics with their artistic and attractive appearance. The game is super fun and exciting to play. It contains scenes of fights and allows users to take the role of their favorite character in the game. Every action can directly impact the storyline. It is a continuous story that is shaping itself with every incident even circumstance that occurs in the world of warriors.


The action and adventure game contains soft, nostalgic music, as the game progress the players can listen to unique and beautiful melodies in the background of the game. Along with all these exciting features, the game producers have made things more exciting and realistic by entering the voices of Japanese famous voiceover actors as the character's voice. This gives another real-life and filmy touch to the storyline of the game.

Amazing Cinematic Scenes

The game is a must to try option if you like fighting and combat action games with thrilling and cinematic cut scenes. The storyline of the game is so catchy for the player that they often find themselves already invested in the game even at the beginning of the story. These cinematic effects and exciting cut shots are super fun and enjoyable. It is like you are watching a Japanese anime of an ancient royal storyline and playing the role of a warrior at the same time.

Most of the time, when players download any new RGP (role-playing video games) or royal fantasy game, they set high expectations for the cinematics of the game. The fight scenes and actions of the game are more fun and addictive for players as they are represented in a cinematic manner. This game provides it all, amazing and exciting cinematic scenes, beautiful cut shots of the characters, and many more. Download this game and enjoy this super action and adventure journey on your mobile phone.



In the world of cloudia, digital artwork while designing and developing the characters of the game has been given very importance. This is the reason the game represents its players with some very beautiful artistic characters and surroundings as well. Everything in the game is attractive and eye-pleasing. Moreover, the beautifully designed and developed pixels of the game provide a pathway for the audience and players to interact with the characters of the game. Players,  can better understand their characters in the game and enjoy the game much more with fantastic and catchy visuals. Maybe you like this similar game Shining Beyond Mod APK.



In this historic action play, every character follows a story. According to the story, the combat units and enemies are decided. The story becomes more thrilling as the game progress. Most of the players of “The Cloudia land”, enjoy the fact that the storyline is so catchy and attractive. It keeps the player hooked up throughout the end. Exciting plots, enemies attack, and disasters follow the story in the game 

The mysterious and tragic story of the game follows an area of ancient times where a ruthless and Stoney-hearted king was the ruler, he was referred to as the king of ruins by the local people. The people of the kingdom were in dire need of a warrior whom they could call their hero, long before, a mighty hero  Adel along with her goddess Lilahaa came to serve this mission. They fought off the cruel and merciless king by joining forces. And just like that, the darkness ended and the people of the kingdom lives in peace. The hero bloodline builds the Aldama empire and rules people peacefully. But that peace could not stay for long, as the empire is about to face the deadliest danger, the people of the realm have to encounter the strange beast to regain their control. Now the peace of the kingdom is in the hand of 12th knight kyle and his magical beast Rei. They set off on their new adventure where a long battle awaits them.

Build Your Character

The game is about power. The fight is in the hand of the stronger side. you have to accompany your combat unit, a troop of strong, skilled, and fierce warriors, they must be strong and trained to meet any danger and fight off any evil fiercely. The world of  Cloudia is filled with magic and mystery, which means your enemies can be as deadly as you might have not imagined. The magic abilities and strong, magical beasts of enemies might become a hurdle in your way. You must prepare before the battle action, prepare yourself a unit of fierce warriors by selecting their abilities and strengths in the building system of the game. The game allows players to choose and select the units that they want to fight along with. You can train your combat units with the skills and abilities that you want them to have. Together with your combat unit, you can encounter any enemy troop.




The action scenes of this amazing role-play video game are so good that the player finds themselves invested in the game. The action cinematics and 3d graphics make it a treat for players. If you are someone who likes action games and you are a fan of good action scenes in video games, this role-play gaming is definitely the best opportunity for you. Download this game following the simple and easy steps mentioned at the end of the article and enjoy this strategy game full of action and adventure on your mobile device without any cost.


The game gets even more exciting with the music and background melody of the video game. The music is played in scenes while playing the game, it gives more meaning to the scenes and increases the attention of the players making them more focused and concentrated on the gameplay. The songs and melodies used in the gaming application are unique and enjoyable with a perfect blend of thrill and nostalgia, as it is played in cut shots and action scenes. In action scenes, the thrilling and exciting background sound of the music makes the fighting more intense. This game provides its user with the best role-playing gaming experience.



The game is very famous. While doing the recordings of the voiceovers of the characters of the gameplay, the game producers hired some very famous and talented Japanese voiceover actors. These voice-over actors record the conversation between the characters of the game as they interact. This beautiful addition makes the game more enjoyable. The dynamic and versatile actors deliver the dialogues in a human and emotional manner, thus investing the players more and more in the game. This game is a perfect and unique blend of amazing features that must need to experience it is free to download and play. Get your hands on this amazing gaming application without any delay.


You can protect your survival and collect rewards in the forms of powerup and coins. Fight with your enemies and protect your realm in the gameplay. The game geared you up with amazing defensive devices such as weapons. You can earn many coins if you fight your enemies and get leveled up in the game. This game is perfect for you to enjoy amazing and thrilling action scenes.


You can easily enjoy this amazing video game application for free, download the application from our website and start your warrior journey the right way. You can arm your characters with weapons, by using weapons you can easily defeat your enemies. Get more strength on your side with armor and jewels, armor will protect you from your enemy's attack even if you resist it. Jewels contain super magical powers such as necklaces and rings. Get unlimited access to these features by downloading the game from our website for free. 




It is very simple and easy to download this role-playing video application from our website. The procedure for downloading the game application is simple and can be done in 3 quick steps. These steps are explained below;

  1. First click on the download option available on our website
  2. Now the file is downloaded to your device, open the file and install it
  3. To avoid any unwanted messages, click on allow unknown source from the settings of your mobile.

The game is now downloaded and installed on your device. Open and enjoy the amazing game.


Q. How to download the game?

you can download the gaming application by clicking on the download button and following the instructions given above.

Q. is the application download from this website safe for our device?

this website is very safe and secure for users to download games or other applications.

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