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Left 4 dead download

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App Name Left 4 dead download
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Requires 4.2 and up
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Left 4 Dead Download

Left 4 Dead is basically a zombie-based horror game in which the player has to act as a survivor and save himself from getting infected. This game was launched in 2008 by Valve for PC. This game depicts an outbreak of zombies where only 4 people are left non-infected. These four people have to reach a few safe areas on the East Coast in order to save their lives. They have to go through several hurdles and checkpoints in order to reach safer zones. They may get aid from others on their way and can also come in contact with infected people who can transfer the virus to them. They can use weapons and tools in order to help them survive, which they will find. This game is available in multiple languages to facilitate everyone even if they have different languages.


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Left 4 Dead Download for PC

Left 4 Dead is a realistic game where you can show your shooting and survival skills. You have to spend money if you want to enjoy all the premium features of this game but if you don’t want to spend your money you can download Left 4 Dead APK for your PC. The free mode allows you to enjoy certain features like 

1.User Friendly Interface

Dead 4 Left Mod APK has a very user friendly interface and you can also use touch panels in order to play this game. The graphics are very advanced yet very simple to use.

2.Unlimited Money

You can spend as much money as you want in order to buy weapons and tools for yourself. You don’t need to worry about getting out of money as there will be no limit to spend.

3.No pop-ups or ads

One of the best features of using Left 4 Dead Mod APK is that it is free of ads and pop-ups, you can play your game easily without being disturbed by unnecessary pop-ups or ads banners.

Modes of Left 4 Dead

This game is divided into several modes to develop the interest of players and does not confine the players to play as survivors or infected only. They can choose whether they want to play as a survivor, as infected or both. The modes of the game can be named and defined as:

  1. Campaign Mode

In this mode you will act as a survivor. Here the players take the charge of one survivor and try to save it from getting infected while the other players are Al-controlled.

  1. Survival Mode

In this mode also the player will act as a survivor but there will be time-based rewards. Time will be calculated and the survivor should fight and try to survive as long as possible.

  1. Versus Survival

Here you have to act as infected and you will fight against survivors and try to spread the virus and get them infected.


            In this mode, the player has to act as a survivor and be infected in alternative rounds. Here, the player will try to gain maximum points by acting as survivor in one round and as infected in the second one.

Left 4 Dead System Requirements

 In order to run this game on your PC you need to have fulfilled a few requirements which can support this application to play. 

CPU: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz

CPU SPEED: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz


OS: Windows 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64/XP

VIDEO CARD: 128MB, Shader model 2.0, ATI 9600, NVidia 6600 or more than that


3D: Required

HARDWARE T&L : Required



SOUND CARD: Required



Left 4 Dead Arcade

The Arcade version of Left 4 Dead has many modifications or you can say replacements done in it. The 4 players are replaced by 4 Japanese characters.

  • A School Girl
  • A bartender
  • A tourist guide
  • A college student

In this version you have to use a mouse to perform all functions such as shooting, killing, changing weapons etc. Other than that, the zombies disappear when they fall on the ground and the blood also disappears. There is a portion on the screen which continuously shows how much time is left and once you are out of time, the game is over. As the characters are changed, the dialogues of the whole game are also changed. Apart from this, the graphics, sound effects and adventure part of the game still remains the same. So, if you are playing the arcade version, you are still missing many things and fun of the original version.

Left 4 Dead Achievements

It is very important to collect points while playing this game, because these points will help you get certain achievements and extra powers to handle your opponents more easily. There are different numbers of points required for certain powers There are 65 achievements in total for this game and you require 1500 points or gamerscores to use all of these. It will take almost 40 to 50 hours of gameplay in order to gain 1500 points. You can get 50 achievements in the base game worth 1,000 points. Along with these two, a DLC package of 3 packs is available which costs you 500 gamerscore points. The gamerscores can be divided as follows:


  • To revive 50 incapacitated = 20 points
  • First Aid Kit to heal 25vsurvivors = 20  points
  • Pin pills to 10 survivors = 20  points
  • To protect survivor from 50 attacks of infected = 15  points
  • Punch a hunter while pouncing = 10  points
  • Killing witch with single headshot = 30  points
  • No damaged to survivors while getting hit by rescue vehicle = 30  points
  • Rescue survivor from Smoker’s tongue = 20  points
  • No damage by the vomit of boomer = 20  points
  • Surviving entire game by using pistols only = 30  points
  • Rescue survivor trapped in closet = 10  points
  • Hunter Punter = 10  points
  • Tongue Twister = 20  points
  • No Smoking Section = 15  points
  • 101 Cremations = 20  points
  • Do Not Disturb = 20  points
  • Man vs Tank = 30  points
  • Tank Busters = 20  points
  • Safety First = 30  points
  • No one Left Behind = 20  points
  • Unbreakable = 30  points
  • Witch Hunter = 20  points
  • Red Mist = 20  points
  • Pyrotechnician = 20  points
  • Zombie Genocidest = 20  points
  • Dead Giveaway = 10 points
  • Stand Tall =20 points
  • Zombicidal Maniac = 30 points
  • What are you trying to prove = 35 points
  • Nothing Special = 30 points
  • Burn the Witch = 10 points
  • Towering Inferno = 10 points
  • Spinal Tap = 10 points

Mentioned above are few of tvements, you can have more facilitations by gaining points and using them for your survivorship.

Left 4 Dead Addons

Addons are certain features including user-created maps, sprays and sounds which are uploaded by content authors in the form of .VPK file which can be downloaded by the users to enjoy extra features. You can download an add-on while using a user-created content lobby. Just click on the download add-on link and it will allow you to install and launch add-ons in your game.

Left 4 Dead Bill

Bill is a survivor character of Left 4 Dead who faced many hurdles and survived through forests and clamped areas but in the end sacrificed himself in order to save his team members. The reason for his death was attacked by multiple tankers and his body was never found.

Left 4 Dead Boomer

Boomer is an infected character in Left 4 Dead who will not harm you physically but can be a reason to attract other zombies towards you and put you in danger. Boomer will vomit on you which will spread all over you and it will get the attention of other zombies who will attack you to weaken your survivorship. You can avoid Boomer by running or by hitting him.

Left 4 Dead Beta

Left 4 Dead 2 or Beta is a modified version of Left 4 Dead with very few changes. The basic concept and features of this version were same but the only changes were:

  • There was a change in the color of costumes of survivors.
  • The enemies were also given some changes regarding the vomit color of spitter and claws of hunter.
  • Apart from that, there were few changes in weapons and sounds as well.
  • The final survivor in Beta was Nick.

Left 4 Dead Background

The Left 4 Dead game was developed and launched by Valve in 2008 and it was designed for only PC at istart. But with the increasing popularity and demand of this game, it can now be run on your android phones as well. The basic idea behind the game was to provide people a great experience and a realistic scenario of an outbreak which took place in the East Coast and only 4 people are left unaffected while all others have turned into zombies.

Left 4 Dead Cheats

There are cheat codes available which can help you at different levels of this game. Some of common cheat codes are:

  • Ent_Remove: This will remove all the bots.
  • Sv_infinite_ammo 1: This will give unlimited immunition to you.
  • Give pisto: This can give you a pistol.
  • God: this will provide invincibility.
  • noclip:Toggles no clipping mode.
  • Vocalize: Vocalizes player character
  • Givehunting_rifle: Provides you a hunting rifle..

Apart from thes, there are many other cheats that you can use.

Left 4 Dead Characters 

The four characters who act as survivors in Left 4 Dead are 

  • Louis
  • Francis
  • Bill
  • Zoey

They have the mission of staying safe from all the infected enemies and reaching an area which will be safe for them.

Left 4 Dead Comic 

In 2010, Valve created a comic 'The Sacrifice' which showed the events of Left 4 Dead and its four characters who went through different adventures and named the four characters as Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey.

Left 4 Dead Charger

Charger is the muscular 6 feet wide and 10-12 feet tall infected who will separate the survivor from the rest of his group or teammates by carrying it and sending the other way by throwing them in air.

Left 4 Dead Developer

Left for dead was developed by Valve and Turtle Rock Studios in 2008. It was published by Valve himself. The game was first launched on 17 November, 2008. It is basically a series of cooperative first shooter horror game series.

Left 4 Dead Enemies

There are eight enemies in total who have different powers and can infect you variously.

  1. Jockey

Jockey is the infected character who can climb over your head and make you helpless by controlling all your movement and can lend you to harm your teammates or survivors.

  1. Hunter

Hunter and jockey are similar in a way that they both will try to climb over you but the hunter will harm you himself and will pin you down on land and tear your flesh.

  1. Boomer

            Boomer will vomit over you and this will attract more zombies towards you till the effect     of the vomit fades away. He will not cause any harm to you rather will initiate attacks of other zombies towards you.


           Spitter will spit acid on you which can be very harmful for you or even kill you if you are standing in this acid for a long time.


         Smoker will drag you away from your teammates by tangling you in his tongue. This will    make you weak because you will get away from other survivors and it will be difficult for them to help you.

6. Charger

    Charger is the fastest zombie who can attack you in a matter of seconds and will continuously bash you on the ground until you are saved by one of your teammates.


   Tank is the most dangerous character who can kill you or harm you by throwing huge amounts of debris or cars over you continuously. The tank usually appears at specified areas and you can recognize it by hearing a distressful sound of its approach.


   Witch  is an agile infected character who will not harm you until or unless she is disturbed by some light or noise. Otherwise, she will run very fast and can kill you very easily. She will move very slowly or can be seen sitting quietly if not disturbed.

Left 4 Dead Engines

Left 4 Dead uses Valve's proprietary source engine. As mentioned above it has four modes which include campaign mode with single player, an online versus mode where eight players can play simultaneously, and a survival mode where four players can play the game as survivors at once.

Left 4 Dead Hunter

A hunter is a special infected person who has gained more powers and become more deadly due to certain mutations. The hunter usually attacks or kills the survivors who have been separated from their group members and don't have enough power to defend themselves. A hunter normally needs 150 points to be killed completely.

Left 4 Dead Jockey

The jockey in Left 4 Dead is a special infected character which has the power to navigate or keep an eye on survivors while climbing over the back of head of one of the survivors. This character can be dangerous as it will be able to find survivors from a certain height.

Left 4 Dead Mobile

Left 4 Dead was first designed to run on PC only, but with its growing popularity it was modified to run on android phones. Left 4 Dead Mod APK can simply be downloaded by

  •  Downloading APK file.
  • Allowing download from external sources or third party sources.
  •  Downloading this game.
  • Then installing and launching it.
  • After these steps, you can enjoy all the features of this game.

Left 4 Dead Release Date 

Left 4 Dead was developed in 2008 and the release was on the 17th of November, 2008.

Left 4 Dead Survivor 

This game leaves you with 4 survivors who have to save their lives and remain non-infected throughout the game or for maximum time to get more points. The survivors will work as a team against the zombies and have to kill them using different weapons or guns. They have to move towards the safe area by crossing all the hurdles.

Left 4 Dead Witch

The witch in Left 4 Dead is the most infectious enmity who does not attack the survivors and remains hostile until she is attacked or disturbed. The witch always sits dormant or can be seen walking slowly without hurting anyone if unattacked. But once disturbed or attacked she can instantly kill a survivor or incapacitate it.


Q. Can I play Left 4 Dead on my phone?

Yes you can download this game and easily play on your android phones. But if you want to enjoy all premium features for free, you should download it from Mod APK.

Q. What is Left 4 Dead?

Left 4 Dead is a zombie and horror based game in which you have to play for your survival

Q. Can I play this game with my friends?

Yes this game has different modes which allow you to play with up to 8 people at a single time.

Q. Are APK files safe to use?

APK files are not safe to use usually because they can cause some malware or virus to your system but still, there are some reliable sources which can save you from such damage.

Q. Is Left for Dead 2 similar to Left for Dead?

Left for Dead 2 is the beta version of Left for Dead and it is similar to that but has some small modifications.

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