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App Name LEFT TO SURVIVE APK Unlimited Ammo
Size 888MB
Latest Version 5.1.0
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer My.com B.V.
Content Rating Mature 17+
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (3 months ago)
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The game is a third-person zombie shooter. Your mission is to take your weapons and face the undead in active combat. This game has straightforward controls. Your character will seek refuge automatically. Just aim (drag the finger to the left) and shoot. You can indeed throw a grenade or wield a machete.

Left to Survive is a game where you combat zombies and manage your camp. As in a strategy game, you can create new structures, upgrade current ones, and manage resources. This game is indeed a third-person shooter with tactical aspects. It has excellent aesthetics and a PVP option after a few levels.

Imagine your loved ones and yourself surviving a zombie attack and saving yourselves and your friends. As a superhero, killing zombies and saving a loved one sounds adventurous. You'll find the kind of heroic adventure you're looking for here.

This article will cover a game based on zombie survival called Left To Survive, where you must kill zombies and save your team.

Moreover, we will provide you with the Left To Survive MOD, free access to a wealth of premium features. When you apply this tweak, you will gain several unfair advantages over your opponent. There are many unequal individuals in this world, so unfair advantages, such as unlimited health and ammunition, are essential. Let's take a look at the terrifying world of zombies now.



Unlimited Cash: Take advantage of limitless resources by downloading the Left to Survive MOD. During the game, money is precious since it allows you to update your base and unlock various weapons and equipment. So, if you play the original version, you will run out of resources. Enjoy the MOD version for unlimited free resources.

Everything is unlimited: With Left To Survive MOD, you will not only get money, but you will also get everything unrestricted and upgraded. Ammo for guns is also unlimited, as if it never ends.

Reload not required: In zombie-assisted missions, your armaments must be reloaded, but if zombies approach you while refilling, you will die. As a result, download and install the Left To Survive  APK. You will no longer have to reload your gun and be able to shoot indefinitely.

Visuals and Sounds: Despite its small size, the graphics of Left To Survive  APK MOD are never disappointing. The Graphics in This Game Are Genuine And Attractive. It provides the best pictures for adventure games. There is high-quality audio and visuals, and every battle action is audible. 

Humanity's eternal challenge: Each step brings various challenges besides battling zombies. You may have to rescue people, build camps, and more. You can overcome these obstacles with the help of Left to Survive's influential personalities. You can play as a powerful hero with boosted health and gun damage.

An interruption-free policy: Ads can sometimes ruin people's moods. You can bypass these ads free of charge if you hate them. Left To Survive MOD will automatically block all online ads, so you can play without being interrupted, whether you're online or not.

The attached file automatically gives you these mod apk features. These features are essential for making your game plan more powerful. The original version doesn't have these features; they're only present in the modified version.

Challenge other players in PvP matches: Prove your abilities in PvP rounds and be the most proficient shooter. You can earn more shooting skills, discover your innate shooter within you, and prepare for encounters with zombies as well. Compete in 2×2 rounds or solo. Pair up with your team and challenge other gamers together.

Left to Survive promo codes

What are the procedures to activate promo codes?

To redeem the "Left to Survive Codes," you need to go to the bank menu in the game. Tap the gold bars in the upper-right corner to do so. You will find a button to enter a promo code within the bank menu. Tap on the OK button after entering the promo code to claim rewards. The rewards are only valid if the promo code is entered correctly.


Some features of the Left to Survive mod hack are:

  • Everything is unlocked.
  • Advertisement removed.
  • Defend humanity against hordes of zombies.
  • A wide variety of armour is at your disposal!
  • Bring them all together!
  • Engines checked, ready for RAID BASES.
  • Play PvP matches versus other players.
  • Create your base!

When using cheats or hacks, be sure they're coming from a reputable source. Obtaining these hacks and cheats will also require some learning. Furthermore, you must know how to use these hacking and cheating techniques correctly.

Left to survive apk with unlimited gold:

There is unlimited gold and ammo in this APK MOD.  You can generate unlimited gold in Left to Survive and use Left to Survive cheats to get endless resources. One is left to fend for oneself.

Thus, the process of accumulating gold will become harder and harder for players. The only way to gain more gold is to read more of the game's storylines and chapters.

There are many advantages of using these Left to Survive internet hacks. Free gold is available without downloading or setting up any apps.

The internet is full of gold generator cheats these days. It is possible to find cheats and hacks for this mobile game on many websites. To get infinite gold, you need to know that not all hacks and tricks will work.


All the tips, guidelines, and strategies are available for new users:

weapons guide

There are a lot of guns, armaments, and consumable items in Left to Survivor. The list includes: 

The guns: 

  • The assault rifle
  • The machine gun
  • Various shotguns
  • The Sniper Rifle

Consumables include:

  • The gear key: Unlocks crates.
  • The Zombie Guide - Increase your Hero XP
  • Medkit – Provides healing power

The weapons are:

  • The knife – Used when the character is very close to a zombie
  • The grenade

A Guide for Evolution

Upgrade the gun to its maximum level to evolve it. You must pay evolutionary material for it. You can obtain this evolving material by completing quests in the PvP store or crates. Find out where to get that item.

A guide to in-game items

The Left to Survive game includes several items. Let’s learn about them:

  1. The equipment is essential for the upgrade of the facilities.
  1. The oil is used to construct and improve structures.
  1. Scrap metal is used to improve the gun.
  1. You need food in campaign mode.
  1. Money is required for upgrading.
  1. The parts—for gaining access to survivors, heroes, and guns.
  1. You need gold to purchase premium items and upgrade them instantly.
  1. Tokens for PvP: Use them in PvP mode to buy things in the PvP store.
  1. The Gear Key - This item is used to unlock specific crates.

Replay problem: You cannot replay chapters when playing Left to Survive. The most effective way to watch your favourite character starts at the beginning.


Here you will find all the essential information about this game.  There is only one mode available at the beginning of the game: The campaign mode. The campaign mode has different regions. Upon completing one part, a new one becomes available. ByYouan unlocks additional game modes, such as PvP and Base Raid, by strengthening your base; below is a base guide you can read. Your progress will unlock survivors, upgraded guns, and helicopters.  

It takes a little bit of work to survive in Left to Survive. The game begins with players choosing a story from a variety of options. There are a variety of storylines in the game, including romance, fiction, drama, and horror. 

Using the story, you have chosen, create a persona. It is expected that users dress their characters to impress. You can browse the list of available stories or use the Choice hack to access more. Game hacking allows access to more accounts. Game hackers benefit in various ways, including gaining unlimited amounts of gold.

To win, kill all the enemies as quickly as possible in the battle. It is effortless to play; just hold down the left side of the screen and aim. Shoot by tapping the fire button.

The Base: What You Need to Know

Make your base stronger to unlock PvP, Base Raid, and other modes. Boost the power of your floor by installing and upgrading facilities. It is also possible for survivors to live in these institutions. Explore the facilities.

List of facilities

Depending on the size of your base, you can renovate several facilities:

  • The town centre
  • The armoury
  • The farm
  • An oil rig
  • The tanker
  • The factory
  • The bank (paid)
  • The warehouse

For more information, click the facilities and then explore. You can upgrade the facility by tapping the upgrade icon. If your resources are sufficient, you can confirm the upgrade.

Is it possible to play offline?

To play Left to Survive, you must have an active Internet connection. This game has the advantage of allowing players to interact in real-time, which requires them to be online.



Follow these steps to download the Left to Survive apk file:

  • First, click on the download button from our page to download this game.
  • Then tap to start the downloading process.
  • Wait for the completion of the process.

Install process

  1. After downloading, go to the files and open the Left to Survive mod.
  1. Press the install option.
  1. Allow unknown resources in your settings.
  1. Then back to the installation process.
  1. So, have fun with Left to Survive Apk.


For PC, left to survive. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Install Blue Stacks on your computer
  2. Sign in with your Google account to access the play store, or do so later
  3. Use the search bar at the top to find a way to survive
  4. Install left to survive
  5. Activate google sign in
  6. By clicking the icon, start playing the game

Left to survive, IOS

The Left to Survive action shooter game is available for iOS and Android devices. Follow the steps above to install it.


You can find all this and more on the official Left To Survive Facebook page. Among other things, you can read the latest news, join groups, and get gameplay advice.


To conclude, I hope you'll love Left To Survive MOD and download it from this site. With the Left to Survive apk, you can enjoy the game and campaign entirely for free. Prepare your mind because you will be required to kill hordes of zombies when you enter the zombie world. Demonstrate your shooting skills by killing every zombie and advancing to the next level. Stay tuned for more zombie-themed games.

For those who enjoy survival games, Left to Survive is a suitable choice for those who want survival games. Click on the links below to download and play the game on Android and iOS devices. Good luck with Left to Survive.


Q. In PvP, what are the most effective ways to use hero abilities?

It is easy to survive in left-hand PvP by using hero abilities. All you need to do is click on that hero's ability icon to activate it.

Q. Is it possible to play Left to Survive using a game controller?

You can use a controller to play this game. It supports controllers. Playingtion shooting is rare with a controller, and b is scarce. Left to Survive is an exception.

Q. IS this game a co-op?

There is no co-op mode in Left to Survive. Additionally, you can play 2v2 games. You can play player vs player in this section.

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