Legend Of Sword APK

Legend Of Sword APK

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App Name Legend Of Sword APK
Size 555 MB
Latest Version v 1.5.2
MOD Features Free
Developer Kingit Apps
Content Rating Rated For 4
Requires 4.0 or above
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Update August 09, 2023 (10 months ago)
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One more everlasting gameplay has been added to the ever-evolving realm of online gaming. I am talking about a captivating virtual saga of Legend Of Sword APK. It has captured the minds and hearts of the gaming community over the globe. It offers a blend of intricate storylines, immersive gameplay, and breathtaking visual effects. It offers immersive entertainment to transport you into an entirely fantastical world of adventure. Let's delve into the depths of this immersive gameplay by exploring its gameplay mechanism, features, and reason for its popularity in the gaming community.

It is inspired by a wandering swordsman, Sho Fu Kan who was a charming fighter in Japanese history. You can play the character of Setsu Mu Sho in WuXia art Style. Its interactive audio and visual effects will make your WuXiaWorld more incredible.

Legend Of Sword APK Gameplay

It is a fantasy fairy tale game designed to be played on Android. You will play the role of an immortal protagonist. The interface is so beautiful, simple, and easy to understand. Its perfect visual effects and 3D interface give you the best visual experience. All you need is professional fighting skills to kill upcoming disasters. You will face so many monsters and hurdles consistently.

It adopts super large maps, captivating scenes, and a 3D interface that will take it to the next levels of excitement. The main reason for its popularity is its rare features. Unlike other gaming apps, it offers you vibrant gameplay, lovely riding horse, customization options, and transformations of new realms. Unlock a powerful pet to protect you in your immortal journey.

Build up a super-strength team to defeat hordes of enemies. It offers an open world of combats and fights. Its in-build snatching bosses make this gameplay more exciting. Now, it's time to learn more about this game. Let's dive straight to the below post for further information.

Steps To Download

Step 1: Press the above download link to access it. Don’t press it twice because it will slow down your internet speed.

Step 2: Wait for a while until the download completes.

Step 3: If you are facing downloading issues, then move toward your phone’s settings.

Step 4: Now, turn ON the Unknown Source of your mobile to access third-party apps.

Step 5: Reopen this site and press the download link again.

Step 6: Move toward the recently downloaded APK file in the File Manager.

Step 7: Tap again to Install.

Step 8: Open the app and create a user or guest account.

Step 9: Start your gameplay and enjoy. That’s all.

Main Features

Now, it's time to explore more about its features. Here are some reasons for its popularity in the gaming community.

Adorable Combat System

Its combat system is playing a vital role in making it popular. It offers a wide array of fighting skills that will help you to trigger ultimate combats. Its combat system offers you varieties of skills and abilities. A flexible combat system offers you extremely fun battles and entertainment. You can switch to three different characters simultaneously. Use the power and abilities of three ninjas at the same time.

Gameplay Of Legend Of Sword APK

You can also add your friends and family members to your combats. Playing fighting games with real-life fellows will make your gameplay more interactive. Try to build a strong team and defeat your opponents.

Mythical Journey 

It offers a wide array of ancient Japanese legends and fantastic landscape scenarios. Become a valiant Hero of your kingdom and save your town from your opponent’s attack. Although you are the only chosen hero of your town you can switch to three different characters simultaneously. This feature will make your fighting journey more mythical. You have easy navigation throughout the gameplay because of its simple navigational tools. Encounter all the upcoming disasters and mythical creatures using your weapons. You can also use powerful weapons like flare guns, laser shooters, swords, etc to restore peace on the land. The immersive storyline of this game unfolds a complete series of combats and exciting quests.

Mythical Journey Of Legend Of Sword APK

Mechanism Of Gameplay

Legend Of Sword APK offers you a diverse array of captivating mechanics that keeps the gamers invented and engaged. It is a blend of action, role-playing, and strategy. Its mechanism permits you to customize your characters, tactical combat scenarios, and abilities. Furthermore, its real-time battle systems demand your strategic decision-making sense and quick response.

Mechanism Of Legend Of Sword APK

Visual & Audio Excellence

Another captivating feature of this game is its inspiring visuals and engaging audio effects. Its hand-drawn characters represent the perfect combination of sound effects. The chemistry between its visual effects and audio tracks are perfectly unconnected with each other to increase your gaming experience. It offers you more than 25 themes that are entirely different from each other. You will never get bored of it because of its exciting themes. At the initial level, you will find very easy tasks. But as you move towards advanced levels, your gameplay will become tough and complicated.

Audio _ Visual Effects Of Legend Of Sword APK

Your abilities and experience to tackle complicated situations will also increase as the level increases. You will find so many updating opportunities. You can unlock fighting skills, powerful weapons, and many other necessary things using your in-game currency. Try to collect as many coins as you can. Because you can use your coins to unlock advanced accessories and features. If you love such types of fighting games then must try Tag Battle Ninja Impact Fighting MOD APK for a better fighting experience. This is also an RPG fighting game based on Japanese ancient heroic characters.

Character Customization

This is the most common feature of every RPG game. Like other RPG fighting games, Legend Of Sword APK offers you a wide range of customization options. You can choose ninjas from various classes. Each warrior has its own abilities and strengths. You can also purchase lots of equipment and weapons to enhance your power.

Character Customization In Legend Of Sword APK

Keep your character fully loaded with powerful weapons. Go to the mentore store and pick some attractive outfits for your character. Personalize your characters according to your preferences using its customization options.

Multiplayer Mode

It allows you to build a huge online community using its Multiplayer Mode. You can add your real-life friends and family members. Players are allowed to build their team of guilds to collaborate with each other. Participate in formidable tasks and challenges to attain high scores. You can also conduct PVP battles for more fun. Its multiple modes will add a new layer of healthy competition with professional players. Must try the breathtaking gameplay of Undertale AU Fighting APK. It is an action-fighting game that gives you all the compulsory RPG factors. It is a thrilling horror game where you have to face creepy creatures and evil spirits.



Join the ever-lasting world of ancient fights with Legend Of Sword APK. It is a perfect combination of strategies, action, and RPG fighting. It is a Japanese Fighting game especially programmed for passionate gamers. You can embark on your fighting skills by downloading this mythical adventurous game. You will certainly get immersed in its stunning visuals, vibrant graphics, and captivating story script. You can also build up your strong team by inviting your friends and online gamers. Must try it once and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.

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On the other hand, Wizard Legend Fighting Master APK also offers novel-like scenarios of a typical horror film. The main reason for its popularity is its loveable characters and hand-drawn background.


Q. Is there any paid feature in Legend Of Sword APK?

Although, it is completely free to download and play. But it may offer some in-game purchase attributes. Its paid features are not compulsory but it may add extra thrill and adventure to your gameplay.

Q. Is Legend Of Sword APK available on the Apps Store?

Yes, its official version has been added to the App Store for its Mac users. You can access it directly from there without any availability issues.

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