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After much accomplishment in China, the English adaptation of The Day After Tomorrow has been released as Life After by NetEase. This can be considered as one of the most respected survival games with a zombie setting. Life after APK has natural gameplay. The quality illustrations are comparable to a considerable lot of the top PC games at the present.

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Version Info

NameLifeAfter APK
Last updatedJune 10, 2019
Size3.6 GB
DeveloperNetEase Games
CategoryFree Role Playing App
Content RatingMature 17+Violence, Blood, Crude Humor
Support Android VersionAndroid 14 and above
App Packagecom.netease.mrzhna


Survive after the Zombie Apocalypse

The setting of Life After does not have numerous distinctions contrasted with other zombie games; a virus that spreads to make people a zombie. Under the destruction of this pandemic, the world we know has completely changed with the ailment, plundering, disease, cold and particularly zombies all over.

As a player, you will be one of those fortunate ones who endure this calamity, search for things that can be utilized from landfills, woods and make them weapons for protection. Look for other survivors and battle zombies together.

Build your own character

You begin the game on the barrel of a truck with three companions including two individuals and a canine. Zombies are always assaulting, making the vehicle lose control, collide with the crater and blow up. Two companions die and only you and the dog survive. At that point, you meet a man named Aleksey. He will be the person who will control you and what is expected to get by in this zombie world.

Before the beginning of that scene, you will be incorporated into the character creator interface. An entirely intriguing element for some gamers is that Life After has a dog who accompanies the players from the earliest starting point. You could pick the dog of your liking including Doberman, Labrador, and Black-back. He will be your only reliable friend in this harsh game.

Entering the game, the player’s undertaking begins from the most basic stages. Parallel to this, Life After APK will control gamers to get by in this world from taking materials, building, and stealing.

Not only you have to face the ruthless and fierce beasts but you have to survive the cold and dark nights as well.

Fantastic designs

It should be stated that the designs of life after APK obb are very impressive for a game for cell phones and tablets. It is even similar to the top PC games right now. Even though the world in the game is brimming with threats and danger, the view is still extremely delightful and dreamy (aside from around evening time).

Game highlights

Here are the top features of Life After APK:

  1. Excellent illustrations
  2. Different areas
  3. Object crafting and construction
  4. Play with companions


  1. Amazing graphics
  2. Incredible controls
  3. Low system requirements
  4. Non-repetitive and Interesting gameplay


One short-coming many players have complained is that it is difficult to log in to the game. The reason behind this is the lack of servers. The developers need to increase the servers in order to accommodate the current number of players.


Although the gameplay and concept is not something new, Life After APK is still great because it is the first mobile phone survival game that is built to match PC standards.

Combat your way through zombies by getting the Life After APK download for android right now. For Life After APK download click here.

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