Locus Map Pro APK For Android

Locus Map Pro APK For Android

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App Name Locus Map Pro APK For Android
Size 23M
Latest Version 3.61.0
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Asamm Software, s. r. o.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update August 06, 2022 (3 days ago)
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Locus Map Pro APK

Locus Map Pro APK For Android

Locus Map Pro APK download now

Locus Map Pro APK latest version


Traveling is the best option for people to relax their minds. Not only traveling but visiting locations, places, and many other things are useful for people to release their stress playing sports, hill climbing, backpacking, and mountain dweller are the adventurous things that people usually do as their part-time activities or for having fun. People love to travel.   

Locus map pro has removed the difficulty of all those people who are interested in wandering, exploring the world, etc. locus map pro is a map that tells you about the location of the places. It is not only used for finding the location but many other features in it that will blow your mind. If you're a noob or if you have forgotten things and ways then it is a great app for you.

Locus map pro has a general option that has many options in it. Next, it has a tracing option, it has removed the problem of recording the track, and it has a geocaching feature that helps you in many ways. This app allows you to search for locations online and offline too. In short this app has many wonderful and exciting features that will help you out in many ways and you will no longer be misguided.

Locus Map Pro APK

Features of locus map pro apk

Here are features of  locus pro apk

Map portfolio

  • Locus app pro has an amazing feature for its users. It has removed the problem of online and offline because this app allows you to have both the options of online and offline maps.  In the online maps, you can search online and in the offline maps, there are some other options like you have to download the map of the country which you want to explore.
  • It also contains comprehensive detail about the location and places.
  • If you know how to use it then you can surely reach your destination.
  • This amazing app shows you the maps of Canada, Britain, Osmapa. pl, swiss, Germany,mexico,serbia and a lot more countries.
  • In short, this app is specially designed to tell you about the location.


  • First of all, if you want access to geocaching then you have to download the geocaches on your pc. 
  • Hopefully, the geocaches will guide with the help of needles and parameters.
  • With the help of these tools, you can reach your destination.
  • This is the easiest way to find the places, locations, etc.

Record of the performance

Now you don't have to worry anymore about record or timing because this app has the option of recording. It has a tap record. You can easily check in how much time you have traveled because this app surely records all your tours. it can record your hiking, climbing, car tour, etc.

If you are adventurous then it is a good app for you.

Recommendations /hints/map reading

This app helps you and guides you with the help of various tools like needles, lines, compasses, points, etc. you can easily find your location with the help of those hints on the locus map pro. Just chase those tools and have fun.

Some more features of locus map pro ap

Helps you with the best instructors.

  • Guides you to your path.
  • Amazingly you appear on the map in the form of hints
  • .helps you to know the atmospheric condition of the places
  • Helps you with the tape recorder.
  • In short, it helps you with a lot of things.
  • Just download this app, learn how to use this and enjoy this app for sure.

Locus map pro functions and flexibility 

Locus map pro has multiple functions which help you in many ways

  • Locus map pro has enlighted instruments for geocaching 
  • Locality instruments
  •  Using the athletic tools, you can control these instruments.
  • Another exciting feature of the locus map pro apk is that you can search for the global atmospheric conditions of the whole day
  • The app allows you  to detect the things which will help you in various ways 
  • It has a personalized control panel which is outstanding 
  • It gives you a hearing instructor which can guide you in the voice now you do not have to struggle anymore for this.
  • The incredible BL/ANT alarms can guide you in many ways 
  • Some more features are map coats, map instruments, etc.


In map tools, you can enjoy online and offline maps and outermost map management. and a lot more tools, which will help you in various ways.


In these points, you can have the best opportunity to design your own marks which will allow you to arrange your own tours on your pc.

Now you can do this without any hesitation and enjoy your tours with your friends and family.

Locus map pro apk cracked

Locus map pro apk cracked means the unpaid version of this app 

This has a lot of features that will guide you in many ways 

For example, it has map tools and unlimited features

This cracked version is especially useful for people that are interested in playing activities and people who love adventure and love to explore the world.

 It has navigation, points, a tape recorder, and those that are available for free.

Now you can enjoy the cracked version for free without any hesitation.

Locus map pro price

The price of locus map pro on the app stores or the play store is $10.99

You can get this app by paying this. Its price on the play store is rupees nine hundred and fifty.   Enjoy all the functions and features of this app for sure.

Locus map pro app review

Locus map app pro is a great app for hiking, biking, etc. optimistic reviews have been observed by the users of locus map pro apk. Some of the reviews about this app are given below :

“Love the tracking in locus map app pro ,  it works amazingly when I go out”

“Great application, I have been using locus map app pro for years and it never disappoints me”

“Love the work of the locus map pro app team. They are very responsible. Whenever I have an issue I contact them and they guide me very well.”

Locus map pro ios 

You will be able to download this app on the ios by the following link

  • Kindly click on the link 
  • Now, wait for the download once it is downloaded then you can enjoy this app 
  • Now you can enjoy all the features of this exciting app without any restriction.

Locus map pro tutorial 

By watching the tutorials you can use this app more correctly because this app is a bit complicated. This problem has been solved by the tutorials. Just watch the youtube videos on how to use this app and the app is yours to use. People who have used this app have made tutorials on it so now it's easy for us to use it.

Locus map pro apk download 

To download the locus pro app on your pc follow the following steps

  • First, you have to tap on the download button on the given page.
  • Next, kindly wait for the download so that you can enjoy all the functions of this wonderful app.
  • The next step is to click on the option settings and allow the unknown sources from the settings 
  • The next step is to open the download file and tap on the install button so that the whole process of installation can start.
  • When the process of installation is complete you can now open the app and can enjoy all the features of this app.

Locus Map


Locus map pro is here to guide you about the paths, ways, and directions. Locus app contains exciting features and all of them are updated. You don't have to take tension about the time while walking, jumping, and going anywhere because locus map ap pro gives you the option of recording. maps of the world are available in locus map pro. You can search any location.


Q. The most frequently asked question is how to adjoin maps on the locus map ap pro?

The first step is to tap on the option of import from the settings
Search for the map file, next open some other file manager on your pc all you have to do is just to click on the option of add up
Maps will now show on the locus map pro apk

Q. How to use locus map pro?

Watch some youtube tutorials on the locus map pro app, if you have any trouble while using this you can also contact the locus app pro team.

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