M Studio MOD APK Premium Unlocked Download

M Studio MOD APK Premium Unlocked Download

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App Name M Studio MOD APK Premium Unlocked Download
Size 31 MB
Latest Version 3.0.32
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer Selfcoder Mobile Apps
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Everyone loves music but what should be done if we like some parts of the song, some lyrics, and want some changes? Can we separate them from the rest of the song? Is it seems possible? Well, Song editing is not an easy part it cannot be done without any special software but M Studio makes it possible by launching its music editing app for its music lovers.

M Studio is a Music Editing app designed by Self Coder Mobile App to introduce a platform for its users to edit audio files on their mobile phones without having any additional applications. It provides all the editing services under one platform. It's a professional app that allows you to edit any kind of audio file like an mp3 file, by raising its tempo, adjusting volume, adding effects, and trimming to get the beat. It also helps you to create unique, trendy ringtones of your choice and even add songs to the video file, It provides a complete package for editing.

It is an all-in-one audio player, editing, or managing app that runs on all android devices providing convenient on-screen experiences. You will get high-quality, smooth audio results by using its advanced filters. You can play audio files in any kind of format as this app supports multiple formats and can handle any music file. So, you can easily play or listen to your favorite songs and even customize them.

M Studio MOD APK

How this app performs its function?

Its operating procedure is quite easy you just have to select a particular song that you want to edit, cut that segment of the song you don't like, and then join the required part with that part of the lyrics you want in your song and give a streamlined merging touch that the begging and ending notes are complete synchronize with each other.

You can also add transition effects like fading, tempo, and volume adjustments while connecting these two junctions and give a proper smooth natural look to your customized song. Isn’t it seem enjoyable work?

You will need to explore the Mp3 player, its Mp3 cutter, merger, mixer, Mp3 extractor, converter, Mp3 omitter, muter, and Splitter to fully utilize this all-in-one editing app so you can control the song and produce your beat.

You can easily share your newly composed beat with your friends and introduced them to your talent.

This app also allows you to manage your songs or audio files in a proper setup so you don't have to find them in the queue.  It will save or store the audio files by their proper names, and categorize them by their author, album, release date, or formats. 

You just have to enter your keyword and will be able to find the results in no time without any difficulty as its search engine is highly advanced and functional. 

Along with these facilities, this app provides all its PRO, and premium services in this mod version and you can easily apply these facilities and explore a new world of audio and song editing.

Let’s have fun and enjoy the beat of your favorite song!


Let’s explore the amazing features of this Music-Editing app 

  • Impressive Mp3 Payer

This app provides a cool, high-quality, play-back facility to play songs with ease. You can enjoy any song and relax, refresh your mood and kill the boring time.

It facilitates you to browse your song through its tracklist that is properly organized in a proper folder labeled by album, author name, song title, or release date a complete guide to playing a song.

It is so convenient that it will not hamper your existing music files available on your phones and properly manage them through its intuitive layout. So, make a quick search to get the results of whatever you want to listen to.

M Studio MOD APK

  • Get your Best Part through Mp3 Cutter

This app facilitates you to cut the song and get the part you want, to create the tune that you want to listen to.

This tool operates smoothly in such a way that while cutting the song its quality will not be affected, it offers various options like the starting and ending notes, time duration, 3 levels zooming function, etc so that while making the beat its quality, performance will not be affected.

By trimming your favorite song you can create ringtones, alarm tunes, and notification voices and get notifications by creative musical nodes.

  • Mp3 Merger

What if you like multiple songs in one track? Is it possible?

Well, the Mp3 merger helps you and facilitates you to create a song with multiple tracks.

You can merge many songs and get a new one and it's quite simple you just have to select songs from the resources that you want to add then this tool will merge them into a song within a few seconds and the quality remains the same.

However, this tool will merge songs of diverse niches without any problem as it can easily merge one mp3 file and one wave track.

  • Mp3 Mixer for Cool Mashups

This app facilitates you to create cool trendy remixes and mashup songs without any hurdles. The mixer tool will blend two mp3 audio files even if they are of diverse tracks and formats and help you to create the proper length of the song after the mashup by assigning duration. So freely customize the songs and create unique remixes.

  • Video to Audio

You can enhance your creativity in song formation by converting video files into audio by using this tool. You can take conversations from a clip or music video and turn them into a song by applying its option of converting video to audio file format and building a song you can also adjust its channel, bit rate and speed, and sample rate of your new track.

  • Mp3 Converter

This app supports multiple formats and allows you to convert mp3 files into other formats and vice versa by using this simple tool.

This app facilitates formats like Mp3, WAV, AAC, and M4A encoders, etc, and also allows you to adjust its sample rate like 32 kbps, 64 kbps, 128 kbps, and 192 kbps, etc which is convenient and generate multiple files through this converter tool.

  • Playback Speed

This app facilitates you to customize the audio performance by utilizing its speed changer tool. It allows you to adjust its playback setting you can change tempo, and pitch and adjust speed and play your song with ease.

You can choose the speed and quality of your song and decide how to compose the music amplitude of your song.

  • Mute Audio and Video

This app allows to you mute the part that you don't want to add to your video or song track. You can easily adjust the duration by using its mute audio tool.

You can mute a specific part of your song track or a full song it depends upon your choice.

  • Audio Splitter

With this built-in app facility, you can easily split your audio into multiple tracks and save it according to your choice. You can split a song into two or more options just by using this feature.

  • Audio Omitter

The noisy disturbing sounds in audio tracks can be easily removed or omitted by using this tool. Now users can easily cut that part and make a smooth fluent tune.

M Studio MOD APK

  • Audio Recorder

This app allows you to build high-quality audio and video recordings through this tool. You can adjust the sample rates and apply formats of your choice to record your track and can also edit its pitch to get your desired recorded track. you can pause and resume this recording with ease.

  • Save and Store

This app allows you to save and store your created audio, and video files in the My Creation Menu. You can easily access your previous and newly created audio files by entering your keyword in the search bar and playing it.

  • Social Sharing 

This app allows you to share your creativity with your friends and on social media sites to introduce your talent so everyone can enjoy the music and beat that you create using this M studio app. Lets rock!

  • Multiple Languages

This app supports multiple languages like English, Korean, Spanish, Indian, French, Chinese, etc, or many other forums so that talent will not be limited to a few hands rather it allows you to share your talent by using this music editing app.

  • Intuitive User Interface

This app has a simple, intuitive interface easy to operate and can run on mobile devices without any issues. It allows you to play, edit or manage your music files by using its built-in tools and you can easily search your files through its search menu. So it offers all the editing services in one app.

  • Premium MOD Features

This app offers multiple tools and features but this Mod version has introduced its Premium features and allows you to enjoy your soundtrack. You can use these features by downloading this app. Like you can enjoy

  • Unlocked premium features
  • Audio editing through its Mp3 tools
  • Merge or create cool mashups
  • Split and cut unwanted parts of the soundtrack
  • Save and store files
  • Auto recording
  • Multiple languages
  • Friendly use on android devices, etc.

How to Download this app?

This app is available on the Google Play Store but to enjoy its premium features you have to download it from this website and it is free to use.

Follow these steps to install this app

  • Click on the download button 
  • After downloading, click on the apk file to install this app
  • Complete the process and enjoy this music editing app.

M Studio MOD APK

Final Thoughts

M Studio MOD Apk is a Music Editing app presented by Self Coder Mobile App. It provides a platform to edit audio files available in different formats to create a new audio file. Its intuitive UI allows you to operate this app on all android devices now users can easily use this app on mobile phones and create a new soundtrack within a few seconds.

Premium features are introduced by this app you can easily use it to edit a song, merge various soundtracks in one song, and customize its pitch, speed, etc without losing its quality. You can also trim the song by using its omitting feature and convert videos into audio by using your favorite songs.

You can also create ringtones or alarm tunes from your favorite songs by using its tools. You can share your talent with your friends and view them in a new world of music editing.

So, let's download this all-in-one audio music editing app and have fun with new soundtracks.


Q. Is this app available on the Google Play store?

Yes, this app is available on the google play store but to enjoy its unlocked features you have to download it from this website.

Q. Is this app supports mobile devices?

Yes, this app can easily run on android smart devices its user interface is easy and simple to operate.

Q. Is this app available in multiple languages?

yes, this app is available in multiple languages you can choose your language and use this app.

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