Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk All Unlocked

magic tiles 3 mod apk All Unlocked

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App Name magic tiles 3 mod apk All Unlocked
Size 106MB
Latest Version 9.072.002
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Magic Tiles 3 APK

When it comes to fun games then Magic Tiles 3 is the best among all of them. This game is based on rhythms and the players have to follow the rhythms in order to tap on the music tiles. The players have to tap on the black tiles coming from the top of the screen and ignore the extra tiles that come in the way or else they will lose the game. Listen to the amazing songs that are playing in the game and enjoy the beat along with the game. Play the game while the songs are playing in the background. Choose the songs of your type. 

Tap the tiles that are dark in color and come on the beat. This will give you points and you will be enjoying the game a lot while listening to the songs the game is providing you and you can choose among the ones you like as well. Headphones are highly recommended in this game because they will make your journey in this game more enjoyable. Play the game now and get a chance to win a lot of songs as a reward. Watch ads in the game and be able to get a lot of extra scores and diamonds, and unlock new songs watching these ads.

Different genres of songs are waiting for you in the game including jazz, rap, pop, country, acapella and a lot more are available. Songs of different kinds and different countries are present in this app and you can get a chance to listen to all of them by playing this game. Songs that are very famous are also available in this app. Be sure to play tiles on all the beats including amazing songs from famous Korean bands like Blackpink and Big Bang.  Songs of artists like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Nick Jonas, and many more are also available.

Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles Apk Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is very understandable and the game has a very friendly user interface that almost everyone can understand. There are a lot of songs present in this game and the users can use them while tapping on only the black tiles. Be careful when playing because only one mistake will result in the loss of the game. The game will start with zero points and you will have to play the song from the beginning. 

The tiles will pass very fast and you have to be careful in order to win the game by tapping the tiles of one song completely. After completing it one time, you will get 3 stars. After that, you have to play the game at double speed and the song speed will be twice as well. After completing the song with 2x speed you will have 2 Crowns and after 3x speed you will get 3 crowns. But after that no matter how much speed the song is, you will not get anything.

You can select any other song from “Home” and play that. Get the crowns there and select more songs. This game is very interesting. 

Magic Tiles 3 Apk Features

These are the features of the app that you must know about.

  • Free to play:

This game is lively and the best thing about this game is that it is absolutely free to play. You can download this app for free and then enjoy playing it on your Androids without paying a single penny. Choose different songs and then play without buying them. So, download this game and get ready to enjoy its amazing features.

  • No-ads:

The most irritating thing about an app is that there are a lot of ads in the game. These ads distract the players from the game and the players lose interest in the game. So, the original app has a lot of ads in it but the apk version is providing the users the version which has no ads in it and the players can play the game without being distracted and annoyed.

  • Different genre songs:

The app is providing the users with a lot of genres of songs so that they can choose from any of them of their type and play the game with the rhythm of the song. A lot of genres are present in the app including Jazz, pop, rap, country, acapella, and a lot more. Select any genre and start the play. 

  • Songs Updates:

The songs that are released newly and are trending will also be updated on the app. The users will get access to these songs as the app updates the songs again and again. You can download the songs and play the game with their rhythm as well.

  • Familiar Gameplay:

The game has very familiar gameplay with the previous two Magic Tiles of Saga. The gameplay is almost the same but a lot of new features are created/developed in this game. 

  • Online Multiplayer Mode:

The players are even allowed to use the multiplayer mod. They can use the online multiplayer mode and be able to play with more than one player. This is a mode that allows the players to play with strangers and make friends online. The players can even invite their friends online. 

  • Earn points:

You can play a game to earn points and then you can use that points to unlock new songs and then play them. The users will be allowed to earn a lot of points and the users can even get the points by watching ads.

Magic Tiles 3 Mod Features

These are the mod features of the game.

  • Unlimited lives:

The mod version allows the users to play the game with unlimited lives. No need to worry if you lose the game and couldn’t complete the song then this feature is for you. Magic Tiles 3 is giving you a feature to get unlimited lives and play the song for as long as you want. 

  • Unlimited Money:

In addition to unlimited lives, this mod apk version is giving you a chance to get unlimited money as well. This feature will benefit you and you will be able to get the songs with this money. You can unlock a lot of songs present in this game and then play them with full excitement. 

Magic Tiles 3 Premium Apk

Like any other app, Magic Tiles 3 also has a premium version which can only be owned by paying the money. There are some features in the app that are locked and are unlocked in the premium version only. But, we are providing you with all the premium features for free. If you download the “Magic Tiles 3 Premium Apk” then you will be able to get the premium features of this app free of cost. These are the features that you will get in the premium version

  • No ads/disturb:

In the premium version, there are no ads for the users to get irritated. All the third-party ads are removed and that will let you play the game without any barrier and you will not be restricted.

  • 5000+ hot songs:

Here, by hot songs, I meant the songs that are famous and are trending on the internet. You will get a chance to get 5000+ hot songs available on this app in the premium version that are locked in the unpaid version. So, download the app from the link given on this site and be able to enjoy the premium feature.

  • Free revives:

The users have been given a chance to play non-stop without losing. They can play a song for as long as they want and they will not lose the game. They are able to enjoy the feature of unlimited lives in this premium version. So, get 3 crowns by playing the 3x speed song and be a champ in this game.

Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk Vip Unlocked all songs

The users will get a chance to get access to 5000+ hot songs that are trending nowadays on the internet. They will get these songs in the app in the VIP version. The Vip version can only be unlocked by paying the subscription but we are giving you a chance to get access to all these trending songs for free by downloading the game from our site. Unlock all the VIP songs and play them non-stop without losing a single time and get amazing rewards by downloading the premium version without paying a single penny. 

Magic Tiles 3 Latest version

The latest version of this app 9.062.103 was released on July 11, 2022, and the size of this version is 129 MB. And this app has 4.2 stars on the Google play store. And the minimum system required for this game is Android 5.0 or any higher. 

Magic Tiles 3 System Required

The minimum system required for Magic Tile 3 Mod apk is Android 5.0 and a system higher than this. And it is preferred to download the game on the recommended system or else it will harm the files and the storage of your device. Your device will suffer from many storages and running issues and as a result, it will be destroyed. That’s why you should never install an app on any lower system than the recommended one.

Magic Tiles 3 Apk Download

You are able to download the game on your device easily by following the steps

  • First, you can download the apk file by clicking on the “Download” button which is present on our page.
  • Then you can wait for the download to be completed.
  • After the download is done you can install the app but before that.
  • You have to allow the “Unknown Sources” from the settings of your device.
  • Now, install the app by opening the app.
  • The app will be installed on the device.
  • Now, you can open the game and tap on the tiles professionally while listening to songs.

Magic Tiles 3 Reviews

Personally, I will recommend this app to all of you because it is an absolutely amazing app that has a lot of features. So, here are the reviews of some people who are using this app.

“This app is very good and quite entertaining. The covers of the songs that are present in this app are very soft and are sung very well.  The singers have put in a lot of effort and I like to play the game more and more. However, sometimes the black tiles are mismatched with the beats, and that kind of irritates me. But this game is worth it. And about the songs, there are many songs that are free. However, I have to watch the ad to unlock the song but still, the game is fun.”

“Very much appreciated game, must play it cause it will burn your time in the most beautiful way ever.”

“I am literally amazed that there are real songs and beats in this app. Like they are not fooling the users and not giving the piano version”

“Absolutely love this game because of the songs and the user-friendly interface.”

Magic Tiles 3 APK


Download the Magic Tiles 3 and now start playing the tiles game while listening to amazing songs that will help you tap on the tiles along with the beat. Use the features of this game to their fullest and sing along with the songs to exaggerate the fun. Get a large number of hot songs for free on the premium version. Get a chance to play unlimited lives and have a nonstop play without losing a single time. This game is a perfect game for MUSIC LOVERS.


Q. Can I get unlimited songs in the Magic Tiles 3 Premium Apk version?

Yes, you will get a large number of hot songs unlocked in the premium apk version. Play these songs and get 3-star crowns.

Q. Is Magic Tiles 3 safe to use?

Yes, this game is safe to use because it will not ask for any data of yours. You just have to download the game and start playing without making an account. Just download the game on the recommended system.

Q. Can I play it with online multiplayer?

Yes, you can play the game online with a lot of online players and compete with them and show them how good you can play this game.

4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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