Merge Manor Sunny House Mod APK Unlimited Money Download

Merge Manor Sunny House Mod APK Unlimited Money Download

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App Name Merge Manor Sunny House Mod APK Unlimited Money Download
Size 380 MB
Latest Version 1.1.70
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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You might have played many relaxing games but sometimes you want to play a game that keeps you active and your mind vigilant. One such game is a puzzle game and today we bring you a very attractive puzzle and merger game that is a must-try for all puzzle game lovers. Let's know more about the Merge Manor Sunny House Mod APK.

Merge Manor Sunny House Mod APK


This game is about a girl named sunny. One day Sunny went to her granny's house, which is a mansion because it's a such big house. This mansion was inherited by them as their family fortune. When Sunny arrived at the mansion, she was shocked by the condition of the mansion as nobody had taken care of the mansion, and was in a very bad state. While she was wondering about what had happened to her grandmother and why she abandoned this beautiful mansion. That's when she thought she had to do something about this mansion. 

And now the adventure of this game begins. Sunny will be given many puzzles and matching, Sunny will be able to renovate the mansion and build a romantic love story. While waiting for the grandmother, there is a romantic plot in the game with many images and logical details. If you are someone who loves to decorate or is very much interested in gardening, this game is perfect for you.


Apart from the puzzle and decoration games, this game offers many interaction features as well where you have to answer many of Sunny's questions. This is a unique thing in the game because of which users can feel more connected with the game. However, choosing any type of answer won't affect the plot of the game. Maybe you like this similar game Marble Woka Woka MOD APK.

The interaction in the game is just a little fun. However, the main feature of the game is merging the objects into making something useful that might be useful for Sunny. You can also make use of the theme booster and with the help of that, you can decorate or renovate any part of the mansion according to your will. You will get many rewards at this stage that you will unveil as you progress in the game. 

Merge Manor Sunny House Mod APK

You can also visit the whole mansion and make changes in different areas of the mansion the way you like. You are not only going to redecorate the mansion but also discover many new places in the mansion. All these locations come with the plot of a love story. 



This is not some regular puzzle and merger game. This is all about satisfaction. This game is specifically designed to provide maximum pleasure and enjoyment to the users. From start to the end of the game, every single detail of this game is made with perfection so that the users can enjoy the most in this game. Moreover, the interactive conversations in this game are also quite friendly.


In this game, there are many renovation ideas and features that users can enjoy to renovate and decorate their mansions. These features are specifically designed to help users to decorate their mansions to the fullest. You will have to decorate the mansion with many challenges. Through these challenges, you will receive many stars and rewards that will make the game even more exciting. However, the renovation process is slow but quite fun at the same time.


This game is all about the users merging random objects to come up with some amazing final product and earn some stars. When the users accumulate objects in this game, they will keep on collecting different energies, which will help you in completing many designs at once. There are many items in this game and users will enjoy collecting them and completing the game in different locations with different objects.


This game is not only just a random puzzle game but you will also find many minigames here. All the mini-games will help the users to enjoy even more if the same old plot of the puzzle game gets monotonous. Users will get many rewards and stars from these mini-games that will help them with the main plot of the game. This way you can accelerate your renovation process. As you will progress in the game, the mini-games will also keep on changing thus you will never get bored in this game.


There are continuous developments and surprises in the game that provides new opportunities to the users. There are different stories in the game and every user can understand the story and the truth hidden in the story can be revealed. 


Users will continuously find many new ideas to renovate their houses. The whole mansion has many areas and locations that are to be renovated. You will find many places such as gardens, storage, and many other places that will unlock continuously as you progress in the game. And every place has many surprises for the users, many secrets to be revealed, and many hidden rewards and enjoyment that will provide the users even more excitement and enthusiasm to play the game. 

Merge Manor Sunny House Mod APK


There are many updates in this game that will provide many new features for the users continuously. In this game, users will have endless amazing experiences to make their mansion even better. Moreover, the challenges in the game keep on changing and updating, therefore allowing the users to stay connected to the game even more. 


In this game, you will find many opportunities for customization. You can visit any place, discover any new location, design any area in the mansion, expand the garden, etc. There are many unique areas in the mansion that you can renovate such as fountains, facades, old lakes, and many other places. 


For designing and renovating, you must get access to many tools and items in this game. You won't be able to find these items for free. Most of the stuff in this game is locked and you must have money to get those items unlocked. Moreover, you also need stars to get access to many things. So the big thing is to collect stars and rewards so that you can get many tools that will help you in renovating your mansions from the scratch.


With the help of the mod APK version, you can get rid of all the annoying ads that keep popping up every now and then. 

Also, you can get unlimited money with the APK version which can help you in getting many premium features for free and without charging you any money.


You can get this game from the Google play store but to enjoy the premium feature for free and get unlimited money in the game so that you can clear all the levels easily, you have to get the mod APK version from the link provided here. Tap on the link and the app will be downloaded.

Open the downloaded app to further install it. 

For installation, you have to go to the settings and allow the unknown sources.

That's it, your app will be installed on your device.

Merge Manor Sunny House Mod APK


For all puzzle game lovers, this object merger game following the renovation and decoration of the mansion is a must-have. Install merge manor sunny house mod APK and enjoy the amazing gameplay.


Q. Is this game safe?

Yes, this game is safe.

Q. Is this game free to play?

Yes, this game is free to play.

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