Merge Studio APK

Merge Studio APK

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App Name Merge Studio APK
Size 199 MB
Latest Version v 2.0.3
MOD Features Free
Developer Paxie Games
Content Rating Paxie Games
Requires Rated For 6
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Update September 03, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Wearing makeup has become the norm in the modern world. If you are a makeup enthusiast and want to learn basic makeup hacks, then today’s topic is only for you. Learn makeup art with Merge Studio APK and practice basic makeup tricks. This game is programmed for kids, specialty girls. But adults can also play it. Your main objective is to select the best-quality cosmetic products for your customers. Learn how to contour precisely. Build the most comfortable beauty parlor for your customers with an attractive background. Participate in challenging puzzles and find out the best stuff for your parlor. Find more ways to get a luxurious lifestyle and generate passive income from your virtual beauty salon.


Merge Studio APK is a puzzle game for fashion enthusiasts. Its gameplay has gained a huge fan following because of its charming layouts and attractive interface. This game needs better upgrades, but its HD graphics make it worth playing.

The gameplay consists of makeup themes and cosmetic products. Your main objective is to provide the best saloon service to your customers. Only professional people can do this job. This game will help you learn basic self-grooming tips. It offers dozens of match-three puzzles and challenging tasks. You have to complete the given tasks before the buzzer rings. Develop your talent for wearing makeup in your virtual beauty salon. 

Create perfect faces and transform your small parlor into a huge beauty salon. Your first task is to find the best quality cosmetics products. After collecting all the items, accept your customer’s appointment. Start applying lipstick and powder over her face precisely. Select a suitable hairstyle and make your customer happy. Give a satisfied and beautiful look to earn maximum gold coins. Remember! Your customer won’t pay if they don’t like their final appearance. Get positive reviews to become a ranked and famous player in your area.

It is completely up to you how your customers look. The steps of cleaning the face and feet are so relaxing. You will get all the instructions on your screen for every single step. But sometimes, you may have to make quick decisions. The whole interface is very simple and easy to control. It is programmed for kids, especially girls. But people of all age groups can play it conveniently. It offers endless possibilities with its premium features. You can also unlock a huge wardrobe with lots of branded outfits. Dress up your clients and enhance their beauty. The bowls and parties will only focus on beautiful faces, so you must work hard to make them beautiful. If you are interested in this topic, keep reading till the end. Let's dive straight into the below post for further details.

Steps To Download

Step 1: Click on the download link to access this app. Don’t press the link twice because it will slow your internet speed.

Step 2: Wait a few seconds to complete the downloading process.

Step 3: Unable to Install? Don’t worry. Just move toward the mobile’s setting.

Step 4: Turn ON the Unknown Source to download third-party apps.

Step 5: Now, reopen this site and repeat step 1.

Step 6: Tap to install.

Step 7: Open the app and create an ID. Select a guest account if you don’t want to create your ID.


Here are some key features of this game. Keep reading to learn more.

Challenging Missions

It offers you lots of challenging missions and tasks. You will get new clients every time you start a new mission. You have to show off your skills using some tools and quality products. Most of your clients need to improve in state, and you have to make them beautiful using your makeup tricks. Meanwhile, you have to follow their instructions and act accordingly. Your mission is to make your clients beautiful.

Show Your Skills On  Merge Studio APK

Every client will bring a new challenge for you. Your clients are not ugly. They just don’t know how to look beautiful. Your main objective is to satisfy your customer.

After completing a mission, you will get some gold coins in your wallet. These gold coins can be used to purchase anything from the mentor store. Using your gold coins, you can unlock new privileges such as outfits, cosmetic items, jewelry, themes, background layouts, furniture, etc. So try to earn as much money as you can.

Rewards In  Merge Studio APK

Reward System

You will get lots of rewards at the end of every level. It offers lots of money-based rewards. You need to solve various puzzles and challenges to get gold coins. The amount of gold coins is based on the number of challenges you complete. You need to access maximum scores to earn extra gold coins. You can buy new beauty products, expensive makeup, lipsticks, jewelry, outfits, furniture, themes, levels, and background layouts using coins. The possibilities are endless in this game. Fulfill all the desires of your clients and provide them with better service. Your progress depends on the positive reviews of your clients.

If you are searching for more grooming games, you must try MAKEUP MASTER: BEAUTY SALON MOD APK for a better experience. It offers human-like clients. It is the best option for those who want to start their beautician career. You can do more than just a makeup artist in this game.

Reward System Of  Merge Studio APK

Hundreds Of Makeup Tools

It offers a wide array of makeup tools. You will find all types of accessories here. It also offers hairstyling tools like straighteners, curlers, etc. You can make dozens of beautiful hairstyles using its hair appliances. Moreover, from its mentor store, you can purchase the best quality cosmetic products, makeup brushes, foundation, BB creams, perfume, outfits, wigs, shoes, jewelry, hats, and branded purses. All you need is enough money in your wallet. It allows you to purchase all the makeup as mentioned above using your in-game currency. You just have to collect a maximum of gold coins to purchase anything you want. Try its modded version to get unlimited gold coins and extra privileges without working hard. Its modded version is a hacked version of its official version. You will find all premium features already unlocked in its modded version.

Match Three Puzzles In  Merge Studio APK

Show Your Skills To Others

It supports both single-player and multiplayer modes of playing. In its single-player mode, you will play the game individually. But, if you want to start a healthy competition with your friends and online players, turn On its multiplayer mode. You can add your friends and online players as your competitors. A strong internet connection is compulsory to play online challenges. Show off your skills to online players and become a ranked beautician in the leaderboard. Try to win every beauty contest to earn extra rewards and gold coins.

Makeup Tools In  Merge Studio APK

Solve Match Three Puzzles To Earn Rewards

It offers unlimited match-three puzzles. You can earn extra coins by solving maximum puzzles in no time. You need to solve puzzles quickly before the time rings. It will increase your decision-making power and problem-solving abilities.

Regular Updates

This game's programmers consistently provide new updates and features to improve your gaming experience. Keep checking its updates for better possibilities. I have added a download link to its latest version on the title page. You can access it from all the application stores, including the App Store and Google Play Store. So, you won’t face any availability issues while downloading. 



Learn basic grooming skills by downloading Merge Studio APK. It is a virtual beauty salon where you can learn all the basic tricks to wear makeup. You can learn how to use modern hair styling tools and makeup brushes. It is a perfect app to teach you all the principles of self-grooming. The most amazing thing is that it can be played offline. You don’t need an internet connection to play it. But, if you want to play with other friends, you may need a strong internet connection. This game is free to download and use. But it may have some premium features. You have to purchase such features if you want further progress. But its modded version is also a wonderful alternative. Its modified version unlocks the premium features of its official app and provides you with extra privileges. Its extra features are an ad-blocker, unlimited gold coins, and a lag-free interface.

Help Your Clients In  Merge Studio APK

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Both of these games are for makeup lovers. In the Monsters High Beauty Shop APL, you must wear horror makeup for a Halloween party. It is a casual gamer with entertaining graphics.

Challenging Mission Of Merge Studio APK

On the other hand, you can own a virtual parlor using the Parlor App MOD APK. Try these apps and let me know your experience in the comment section.


Q. Is Merge Studio APK available on the App Store?

It has been uploaded to the App Store for its Mac users. You can also try it on your PC as well as your desktop.

Q. Does Merge Studio APK have any modded version?

Yes, its modded version is also available on various internet websites. Must select a reliable source to download its modded version.

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