Merge Witches MOD APK Unlimited Diamond & Money

Merge Witches MOD APK Unlimited Diamond & Money

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App Name Merge Witches MOD APK Unlimited Diamond & Money
Size 520 MB
Latest Version 4.9.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Do you want to solve puzzles or do you wish to use magic to aid the witches?

If so, you've come to the correct place. Try the Merge Witches MOD APK to take advantage of the enchantment and build a witches' abode.

Cute witches reside in a city in the sky where merge witches reside. They were hiding in the clouds, but they were also looking for and trying to develop happiness. There, they do their magic studies. But all that changed one day. The city has changed completely. They are invaded by monsters, and the world they once knew has changed. The entire city has been destroyed by the monsters. There is a large, dark cloud in the sky.

The goal of the game is to change the state of the city, thus you must take action. It is a difficult undertaking to return the city to its original state while simultaneously finding serenity. The challenge comprises numerous difficult tasks. Each witch has given the character its unique assignment to complete. for instance, A lovely witch who practices magic will run the nursery and bring the plants to bloom. Other witches in the research chamber will continue to produce apprentice witches to increase the population. You use magic to combine the 200 distinct problems to create various creatures. Then make these animals perfect by using magic. Additionally, you can replenish them in various forms using the debris. Building construction and reconstruction are the game's key objectives.

Merge Witches MOD APK

To increase your ability to clean the pollution, you must gather more creatures. The witches will be persuaded by our gamers to combine, match, and logically solve riddles. To quickly construct the city, you must cleverly gather and make the monster because the baby witches did not work very hard. To remodel their residences. The creatures will be vanquished, and the players will restore peace to the city.


Utilizing merge magic: 

The app uses merge magic to build everything. You blend magic to produce distinctive results.

Gather Creatures: 

The city's inhabitants can help you build a power source. You can gather eggs by combining them. In the stages that follow, mature creatures can be collected after the eggs hatch. As you gain experience from them, you can continue your work. Dragons, phoenixes, elves, and trolls are all very useful on this voyage. You must thus locate them. You must gather them once you've located them. Whether they look nice or awful, they will help us with their unending energies.

fantastic puzzle levels

The puzzle levels in the game are diverse. There are 300 levels in all. Rewards are available for completing puzzles. You must carefully and shrewdly merge the groupings to achieve the goal. Your intellectual capacity is tested at each stage. The difficulty increases as the level rises. You will release a variety of sprouts, structures, and creatures. You will undoubtedly have unique amusement moments playing these incredibly entertaining levels. If you don't overthink each level, you can win the game without much difficulty. Just finish it right now. Everything may be operated most quickly as feasible based on your needs. 

many amazing things

The app shows a variety of things that will combine to produce new ones.

Merge Witches MOD APK

bonus missions

In addition to the primary missions from the puzzle, we also have a lot of extra daily responsibilities. You have a lot of tasks that you are required to complete. As you complete more and more chores, you will get experience. You can earn more cash, diamonds, and knowledge by working hard. Maybe you like this similar game Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Mod APK.

Special occasions

There are numerous, distinctive levels in the game. Many special events occur at every level. You will discover a variety of interesting occurrences as you advance through the game.

Play with your pals.

The ability to play the game with friends is the app's biggest feature. To share with your friends and then have fun with them, you must log into Facebook.

Target to restore the sky city

 The Sky City is the object of our restoration efforts because wicked powers wreaked havoc on it, leaving it severely damaged. To save it, the players must utilize their utmost fusion power. Do something to make everyone happier. With the aid of magic, the same object can be combined. When a capacity is reached, it must immediately revert to its initial state. If you are at a higher level, the items will unlock more quickly. The city must be rebuilt exactly as it once was.

combating monsters

Several enemies obstruct your progress on different levels. To defeat these enemies, you must employ your skills. There are around 300 distinct levels, ranging from simple to challenging. To advance to the next level, you must make use of your abilities.

3D images

The game is more enjoyable to play because of its 3D graphics. Just try the game.

Merge Witches MOD APK

What's new

 You can take advantage of the app's distinctive features. It has numerous distinctive qualities.

  • utilize magic
  • Magical fusion
  • various levels
  • exciting puzzles
  • Simple but challenging gameplay
  • assemble money and gems.
  • Build a house
  • Lead a tranquil life.
  • Receive unique incentives
  • combine several objects
  • easy mechanism

How to download

From the link provided at the beginning of the article, you can download this app. You must install the app after downloading the link. After the installation is finished, you may visit the game's menu and begin playing to get the most out of it.


Merge witches is an easy but challenging game. There are various puzzles in the game. The video game transports you to a lovely city located outside of the world where virtuous witches spent their entire lives and harmony prevailed all around them. The ability to handle stunning 3D graphics technology can be used to define this specific region.

So why are you still waiting? Get this game now and take full advantage of the many levels.

Merge Witches MOD APK


Q. Is it safe to download the game?

Yes this game is thoroughly saved to download.

Q. How do I avoid being blocked in the game?

We suggest installing the original version of the game or playing without Internet access to prevent game bans.

Q. Are monthly subscriptions required?

No, the app doesn't require any kind of monthly subscription. You can enjoy this game by playing it free of cost.

Q. Is it easy to play?

This game is simple and tricky. You need to use your brain’s ability to tackle monsters and build the city again.

4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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