Mergest Kingdom MOD APK Unlimited Money Download

Mergest Kingdom MOD APK Unlimited Money Download

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App Name Mergest Kingdom MOD APK Unlimited Money Download
Size 68 MB
Latest Version 1.304.11
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update January 27, 2023 (7 days ago)
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Do you fancy merging games? Or are you interested in exploring magical lands home to enigmatic creatures? Try out this game. You won't regret it, we bet.

Mergest Kingdom MOD APK is a matching puzzle game. However, it differs from the previous puzzle games. It features fantastic magic, difficult tasks, and creating your world. You will investigate combining magic, but several creatures and dragons will also obstruct your path. By simply putting the jigsaw pieces together, you can make powerful objects. The world can be created in any way you choose, following your own choice. You are capable of completing a variety of duties.

You will nurture your garden and erect tall structures to beautify your world. The many heroes will appoint duties to rule over various kingdoms. In addition to carrying out many kingdom duties, heroes also grow luscious fruits. The strength of the hero will increase with fruit sweetness. The land of heroes will be attacked by many creatures. The heroes' planet will be saved by the players. and help them redesign their world as well. The merging game has many characters. You can choose your character. 

Mergest Kingdom MOD APK

Every character has a unique backstory. For instance, Bearington is a powerful ice king who has treasures and a unique Merge tale. You are invited by Fangtooth to a farm where every animal is more fascinating than the one before it. A true hero with swords and castles is Merelot. You will find these characters as well as many more!

Thus, the concept of mixing and matching objects in this game is distinctive. There are various difficulty levels, from easy to difficult. It seemed simple at first, but as you advance in the game and encounter more difficulties, it becomes more exciting.


Save heroes 

 Heroes don't disappear in the game. They remain in the game. It's your responsibility to save those heroes.

Tasks were assigned to each hero individually.

It will take a long time to save these warriors. The level of difficulty will rise as you proceed. Players can decide what to do next with the assistance of the navigation feature.

Your first task is to carefully examine the photographs that the heroes have left for you. The picture has a prominent weapon. You must now choose a piece from that weapon and match it with two other pieces of the same type to form a sizable puzzle. You will continue to battle by matching up two identical pieces so that you may use a big puzzle to put them back together. The hero will be excused following the final.

 Combat with monsters:

After you successfully rescue those three well-known heroes, the heroes will split off to rule the planned region as a kingdom. When players place the heroes back in the garden, they will complete all the duties. Along with fighting evildoers, heroes will also tend to the garden. When plants yield tasty fruits, hero power will rise. To safeguard the garden, you instantly constructed a formidable defense. The garden is what the monsters want to destroy. They use a triangle-shaped battle plan. To safeguard their crops, heroes must battle and eliminate them. to change them back to how they were originally Attack them with all of the heroes' abilities. The use of unusual weapons will aid gamers in combat.

Upgrade the garden

The three gardens will be raised to a new level, where priceless crops will be grown and collected. The player gets stronger as the fruit gets sweeter. Players must increase the strength and passion of their superheroes to get stronger. Superhero assistance will make it easier to take care of and manage the cloud garden. The improved superheroes can defeat a variety of foes and monsters with ease. Maybe you like this similar game Craftsman: Building Craft MOD APK.

Mergest Kingdom MOD APK

Design your special World:

You must discover amazing objects if you want to create your world. Even if you live in a small country or are exploring a foreign territory, you will enjoy the match game. In this place, you'll build your house.

Any object that enters your environment during your voyage is up to you to decide whether or not to include it. You can include any unusual plants, dragons, gems, etc. that you may find. Every creature has a distinctive quality that enhances the beauty of your planet. You are outside of what is possible in your universe. You should combine your islands. You can enjoy your life. Your universe will belong to you.

Challenges and quests:

Simply participating in daily quests will let you enjoy your Merge trip. Additionally, you can gather jewels and money. To establish your kingdom, you must find yourself to be even better suited.

Different Gameplay

The game's engaging gameplay has drawn in millions of players from all around the world. You can begin the game by following straightforward traditional simulation instructions and working through a beginner's tutorial.

Controls and aesthetics: 

The majority of users worldwide have been drawn to and allied with the game's graphics. The game is enjoyable to play because of its aesthetics, setting, and gameplay.

Unlimited Money 

Money fuels players' zeal. When you keep playing forward, you will receive an infinite supply of coins and diamonds.

Unlock lots of fun levels.

As the plot progresses, you can open up numerous fun stages in the game.

get gold coins

Diamonds will be used by players to purchase gold coins. The fact that you could purchase gold coins instead of diamonds—which would have decreased in number—is the game's strongest feature.

Huge islands:

You can build your kingdom, farm, and buildings on the huge islands. You just need to match and merge numerous pieces in the best way possible to build your kingdom. You can grow many fruit plants there too. These plants will provide you with food, and you can also feed them to your troops and friends. You are completely free to build anything you want.

Mergest Kingdom MOD APK

Numerous characters

By merging different pieces, you will unlock many characters.

These characters have different tasks to perform. Tasks vary in difficulty, which attracts the attention of many players.

massive islands

On the vast islands, you can construct your kingdom, farm, and structures. To create your kingdom, you simply need to combine and match a variety of components in the best way possible. There are also various fruit plants that you may grow. You can eat these plants for food, as well as give them to your troops and friends. You are free to construct whatever you wish.

unique missions

The game's biggest feature is the variety of missions it offers, which piques players' interest. Players in the game have several tasks to complete in the gardens. You also need to look for unseen heroes. The heroes are captured by monsters after they vanish completely. The heroes have to be discovered by you. Then the heroes will defend you from the beasts and adversaries.

What's new

  1. Help the heroes fight the monsters.
  2. distinct nations for every hero
  3. A variety of fun jobs
  4. heroic rescuers
  5. special weapons
  6. prestigious gardening tools
  7. Combine anything to create a world of your own.
  8. Make enormous stuff.
  9. Discover new places.
  10. cultivate a garden of your own.
  11. Make your planet.
  12. Free to use
  13. incredible graphics
  14. No advertisements
  15. unending resources
  16. Exciting benefits
  17. Amass several stuff.
  18. powerful gameplay
  19. Unlock various levels.

How to download it?

You need to go through these easy steps to download this game

  • You will download this game easily from the link given at the top of this article
  • Click on the link to download it.
  • After downloading, the next step is to install the game.
  • Click on the install option and wait for the installation process.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can now enjoy the game.

Mergest Kingdom MOD APK


Mergest Kingdom MOD APK is a popular and entertaining game. Because the magic story featured numerous dragons, heroes, and witches, it became popular. Playing a game in vivid detail makes you feel good. You're going to have the ideal experience if you enjoy combining apps.

Select a character, then go to battle with them. If you overcome obstacles like merging and matching puzzles, you will win automatically. This is a delightful experience made much better by the high-quality graphics. When you defeat the creatures, you will be awarded honorable rewards and useful items. So why are you still waiting?

To fully enjoy the game, get this app right away.


Q. Is it free to play?

yes! This game is free to play. All you have to do is download this game from the link and then enjoy playing the game.

Q. Do players need to watch ads in the game?

No, players don't need to watch ads. The game is ads-free.

Q. Is it easy to play?

yes, the game is easy to play.

Q. Does this game pay money to players?

No, you don't get the money in the game. But you will collect coins and gems while playing this game.

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