Mighty Heros Mod Apk Unlimited Mana

Mighty Heros Mod Apk Unlimited Mana

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App Name Mighty Heros Mod Apk Unlimited Mana
Size 149 MB
Latest Version 1.1.2
MOD Features Unlimited Mana
Developer BoomBit Games
Content Rating 4.1
Requires 5.1 and up
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Update April 10, 2023 (1 year ago)
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The story behind the great multiplayer Mighty Heros is exciting, and the turning point comes to shock all the humans of this great tame. In each strong team, one person always causes the base of threats and problems, so here in this game, the group of really strong people faces the problem by getting into the prison of heavy villains. Then the characters of mighty heroes get more power and restoring features to fight back against these enemies. At some stages, they attack as a group with proper plans, and some successive movements are individual.

The game is full of thrill and adventure with many game cards and Magic powers, and these game cards decide the atmosphere and conditions of the stage of playing. You will explore the hundreds of new features with powers and skills to resist the effect of villain's attacks. So go and enjoy the fight in the characters of ten mighty heroes and chase various villains.

Strong Features of Mighty Heros

You will come in contact with several new features to dive into this thrilling game of mighty heroes. There is the following feature to maintain your interest:

  1. Build your team of heroes
  2. Several card options
  3. Unlimited powers and Magic tools
  4. Rewards and Bonuses
  5. A big team of great 10 heroes
  6. Higher graphics and sound play 

Involvement of Multiplayer Heros

You will be more addicted to this game when you are introduced to multiplayer game mode, and each character has unique power and qualities. The multiplayer heroes are great to help during the fight with great villains and attack with their backup plans. You will be surprised by the great heroes like big Tornado man, Strong man, Diaper man, Cuckoo man, and the super-fast character rope man destroys the monsters with swords and magical weapons. Maybe you like this similar game Ragnarok Tactics Mod Apk.

Superior Strategies for protection

The battle becomes a smooth field for the players when they come with proper preparations and strong plans because the player imagines pushing down and highlighting the weak points of the opponent. You will develop the right strategies to attack and control the mind of the villain, and then cutting the enemy into different small pieces will be more enjoyable.

Design your Brave Army

You can build your large army to get help in handling the attackers and divide the tasks on the preference of their powers. When you start your fight, these are ready to take your instructions and destroy the opponent within a few seconds. You can also fight alone, but it might be risky to play with a single player and can be dangerous for the life of your hero character, so create your army and lead these big groups to destroy the great enemies.

Collection of Weapons and Deck unit

As the game proceeds, you will enable the chance to collect and unlock several options for weapons and powers that will finish the villain into powder. The Deck unit contains wonderful options of threatful tools to help you during the fight, and you can activate these tools with a few clicks. These weapons will complete their assigned time period and disappear after a while.

Destructive spells to end Devils

The destructive spells are activated to end the great devils in a few seconds, and you will have to wait for your turn. The time for your turn is limited, and you have to use this allotted time and then protect your character from the revenge of opponents. The number of gems and life points are present to increase the powers and health of the hero character.

Prominent dangerous Villains

Villains are also present with great superpowers to give you tough times and take command of them. The battle is more practical with these villains like the shocker, toy man, the enlarger, the frog, junker, drifter, shrinker, monsterizer, and scarecrow. The attack is more powerful, and the game finishes with the victory of one player or opponent. If you lose the game, you to start again from this level; otherwise, proceed towards the next thrilling mission.



To win the fantasy battle of mighty heroes, you will enable different cards and powers. The exciting rewards will encourage your strengths to control the different powerful devils, and you will never get annoyed by the endless passing level of this great mighty hero's journey.


Q. Who is cuckoo man?

Cuckoo man is the flying hero character of Mighty Heros, and it gives the sound of a running engine with great sound effects.

Q. What cartoon was the diaper boy in?

The cartoon Diaper boy is a small red-headed boy, and his weapon is a bottle with a lot of destructive pressure, and shaking his bottle to gain more power.

Q. What cartoon had Ropeman?

The Ropeman cartoon has a large rope to grab the enemies with this rope and build a strong net of rope around them and destroy them with powers.

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