MOSTORY APK Mod Pro Unlocked For Android

MOSTORY APK Mod Pro Unlocked for Android

Additional Information

App Name MOSTORY APK Mod Pro Unlocked for Android
Size 43 MB
Latest Version 3.1.9
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer cerdillac
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Pictures say a lot! Just like every person has a story every picture has too and it looks attractive and meaningful when it explains everything. So, presentation matters a lot but how is it possible?

Well in this case MOSTORY helps those who love stories and express their feeling through images, posts, and short animated videos and make them available on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. MOSTORY is an editing app that presents animated stories for Instagram and is designed by Cerdillac. A platform that edits your picture and presents it as a unique piece of art.


How does this app work?

This app provides you with beautifully designed templates to turn a post into a masterpiece by trimming or editing with filters, music, text and cool stickers, and many other editing options. It will create unique, convenient, and customized story posts for your social media.

Its platform is not only for beginners but also for experts who have a keen interest in photograph and video editing. Before this app, editing on social media platforms is done by special software and techniques you will just post photos or videos but with this app editing is easy.

And its interesting feature is that it can easily run on smartphones and make the editing process an easy and handy tool.

This app allows you to create a story on every genre on Instagram provides cool content for viewers and presents your idea with great creativity its auto-control feature of handling short animated videos is quite impressive.

As you don't have to worry about its expiration period it will stay on your social site for 24 hours after this it will automatically delete and make the space available for your next video so engaging content is always available for story lovers.

With the help of 300 templates, you can create beautiful content for your social sites and can also present in a collage, a huge collection of your stories. It allows you the freedom to present your creativity whether in the image, video, short animated story, and collage the choices are yours.

Beyond the available templates or themes, you can add cool music beats along with the logo of your brand and run digital marketing pages, promoting your brand by customizing its professional templates. 

It's a simple handy tool you don’t have to focus or lose your temper in the editing process you just need a photo or video to be edited. The app will use its image algorithm to access and analyze images and within seconds the user can edit the image with the help of built-in tools. Maybe you like this similar app ID Photo Mod APK.

So no complexity arises here you can create a masterpiece within a second just explore your unique ideas and turn them into art.

This app is widely used all over the world as it is a great companion for Instagram to express your emotions or feelings in a creative way.

Interesting premium features are introduced by this useful app like all the PRO services are unlocked by this mod version. 



Let’s create amazing stories by exploring the features of this app

  • Insta Creative Platform

This app provides a platform to create cool and attractive stories or videos by editing them with unique, trendy filters and animations. Pictures hold feelings, and emotions and can be expressed by presenting in a unique style, so paint a story that everyone wants to see.

It's an amazing editing app that glorifies your social sites like Facebook, Instagram, or even for business marketing sites. It is a great setup for users that want to create and share their stories with Instagram

So, it is an Instagram designer app.

  • Editing package

This app contains a proper setup for editing your profiles as it includes

  • Template
  • Themes
  • Editing tools
  • Fonts 
  • Animation stickers
  • Text 
  • Filters
  • Lights, etc.
  • Fascinating Templates

This app offers a wide range of templates that will enhance your story's creativity. It provides more than 300 templates that you can apply to edit your story according to your taste and choice. You just have to select a particular template add your picture and edit it with just a simple click. From animations to clip arts, comics, fashion, etc unique or stylish templates are available to promote your story.

  •  Trendy Themes

 The layout can be attractive when we apply trendy themes and this app provides 30 themes to enhance your content beauty. Each theme has its visual impact and can be easily utilized by selecting a particular theme and videos or photos from your gallery collection.

  • Text Editing with  Stylish Fonts

Content seems prominent when it is engaged in a good style format or presented in a beautiful writing style. Cool, vibrant fonts enhance the beauty of your message.

This app facilitates you to present content in multiple fonts varied in color, size, and style along with animated text that can explain your idea or portray your story, video or photos.

  • Stunning Videos

Videos explain your content in a verbal mode as they depict your story in short animated clips that can be easily seen and understood by people so it goes viral when it explains successfully.

This app helps you to create stunning videos through its video editing tools. You can add text, animations, filters or music, and photos to your videos like

  • Photo adjusting in Video

This app helps you to add photos in videos in a suitable size and fits in a trendy frame that can enhance your video content. You can easily crop your image and even make a collage of photos.

  • Vibrant, cool, eyecatching Filters

You can tailor your videos with eye-catching Picsart filters that will glorify and enhance their look. It will minimize the errors, and flaws in your images and control the background color, glaze, and darkness of the photos, and help to properly fit in videos making the subject better and more realistic. More than 100 eye-catching filters are offered by this smart app.


  •  Music for Stories

Music upgrades your content. A melodious visual content that explains your story will beat in everyone’s heart. This app offers more than 100 copyright-free music tracks that can be added to videos according to your video theme and highlight your story. You can also edit lyrics and adjust them according to your theme. So, have fun with the Music!

  •  Text for videos

You can add animated text in different style, fonts, and color along with cartoons, annotations, and stickers in your videos to make your content prominent and helps to convey your video message or purpose.

  • Customize the Content

This cool editing app helps to customize your content, and story according to your choice and desire you can make your own brand profile by editing and formatting the logo, and title of your video. 

Not for your personal profiles like sharing posts on Instagram or Facebook you can also business marketing strategies by making customized portfolios.

So have fun creating brand logos and brand stories.

  • Simple User-Interface

This app has a simple, friendly interface that allows you to make the editing process easy and simple by just clicking on a particular theme of the template and adding text in various fonts and styles. 

The algorithm of this app is so easy to like in photo editing when you select a photo and a theme then its algorithm analyzes it and within seconds you can edit your content in images.

Further, you can trim videos by utilizing colorful filters, and animations and enhance their beauty with music.

You can easily customize your stories, videos, etc just by selecting available options there is no special software to use this app. Even it easily runs on smartphones without any ambiguity. Have fun and presents a unique trendy story.

  • Social Sharing

This editing app helps you to create stories, images, or videos into amazing art. You can present your ideas in beautiful templates having melodious tones and music and animated text.

But not only for yourself, but this platform also allows you to share your talent worldwide by sharing on social media sites like Facebook, and Instagram and get a lot of appreciation and views from people that will encourage your talent and makes your content viral. 

It also allows you to share your story directly on Instagram by just editing a photo, making a video, and uploading it.

 So, edit and make your story an Inta Story!

  • Premium MOD Features

This app helps you to create your story by utilizing its interesting editing tools and features and also provides premium features that are available in this mod version like it has introduced its

  • PRO Version
  • Unlimited templates and themes
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Ads- free app
  • The facility of Direct sharing on Instagram
  • The log-in facility
  • Automatically create new space and delete previous videos 
  • Easy customization and so on

How to Download this App?

This app is available on the Google Play Store but to enjoy its unlocked PRO version you have to download it from this website and it is free to install. Follow these steps to install it

  • Click on the download button to install this editing app
  • Install this APK file and complete the process
  • Then click on this app and start the editing



MOSTORY is an Editing app introduced by Cerdillac to provide a platform for creating unique stories for your Instagram and sharing your talent throughout the world.

This app has built-in editing tools that help you to create stories, posts, and videos into a masterpiece. You can trim your video by utilizing filters, animations, music, etc to a trendy video.

Similarly, by applying various templates and themes you can edit your photos or even make a collage of them.

You are not bound to your talent it allows you to share your talent throughout the world even you can run your own brand strategies.

This app can be easily run on phones due to its friendly user interface and can also provide you the facility of sharing your story directly on Instagram.

Let’s download this interesting app and create a unique story for your Insta.


Q. Is this app available on the Google Play Store?

Yes, this app is available on the Google Play Store but to enjoy the premium features you have to download it from this website.

Q. Is this app safe to install?

Yes, it is safe to install and fixed all the bugs, and to maintain security it provides a login facility.

Q. Can we use this app on Phones?

Yes, we can easily operate this app on phones its updated version is simple and friendly, and easy to use.

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