Muse Dash MOD APK Unlocked Immortal

Muse Dash MOD APK Unlocked Immortal

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App Name Muse Dash MOD APK Unlocked Immortal
Size 2G
Latest Version 2.6.0
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer hasuhasu
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Muse Dash MOD APK:


Introducing the most versatile game application, especially designed for those who love to have a variety of games. But we are introducing a versatile package, in which you will have diversity. Respected users! We are going to introduce a multifaceted, action full, animated and music game application. Have you ever heard about a game app which provides you so many things in a single package? Obviously not, because we are introducing the most flexible game application. The name of that explicit game application is “Muse Dash MOD APK”.

The Muse Dash MOD APK is indeed a very interesting game to play. Because the Muse Dash MOD APK game app has combined the characteristics of music games and action games in an animated style. This game has been designed very creatively and artistically. You had never experienced such a multi tasking game before. 

Those who love to listen to Japanese music, those who are a big fan of Japanese music, must download this game app on their mobile phone devices. Because this marvelous game app has a diversity of Japanese music. There are tons of songs in this app waiting for you to play. In other words, you can say that this game app is a huge platform for music lovers. Because this game application gives them a chance to explore more music of their own preference.

A very interesting and amazing thing about this game app is its cute characters. Yes, dear users! This game app has astounding characters, you will have an approach to all of its characters in the game. You can easily unlock all the cutest characters. This stunning game has lots of joyful things for you. 

Let's talk a little about the Muse dash MOD APK outclass graphics. This superior game app has incredible graphics. Its graphics perfectly match its animated video. When you open up its display, you will really be very fascinated and captured, and hence your interest towards this game will be automatically multiplied. Consequently, its stunning illustrations will take away all of your tiredness and relax your mood in a very calm manner. 

Let’s talk about its DLC package, but first let me tell you about what the actual DLC is. So, dearest users! Basically, DLC in games actually stands for Downloadable Content. Means that the content which you need to download is DLC. so, the DLC package of the Muse Dash MOD APK has lots of things for you. As this is a flexible game app, you will find versatility in everything, every offer and in every package. The things in DLC package include:

  • All characters unlock
  • More than 40 songs 
  • Full game version
  • All previously released songs
  • Seasons pass songs
  • Future packs 

Yes users! You will get all these in only one single package which is very affordable. The price for its DLC package is only $3. By spending just $3, you will have all its characters unlocked, you will have a full game version of Muse dash MOD APK, and above all you will have moreover 40+ songs, future packs and previously released songs in your playlist. So, whenever you download this game app, don’t delay in buying its DLC Package.

Muse Dash MOD APK

The Muse Dash MOD APK is a mobile rhythm game. Let us tell you a secret about this game. Let us tell you about the hardest level of this game. So respected users! You will find great difficulty in its level OuroVoros. It is considered to be the hardest level because in this level you have to play this song on “Castle Stage”. But that’s ok, because there is a step by step guide for you available at 24/7. So, you can ultimately pass this level. But in case, if you find any difficulty in passing its level, then no need to be worried, in fact this will maximize your interest towards the game. Because, you will have something challenging in the game. 

Let’s talk about its most powerful and energetic music, yes dear users! We are talking about its Brain Power music. The Brain power is the most energetic one in this game app and you have to play this on “Space Station Stage”. If we talk about that, how many total songs does this game app have? So, the answer to this simple question is, this game app has a total of 352 songs. By Feb 12,2022 total 352 songs were included in this game application. Last but not the least, let us tell you a little about the base Version of the Muse Dash MOD APK. In the base version of this game, you are going to have following flexible things:

  • All items unlocked
  • All characters unlocked
  • All mechanics 
  • Partners
  • 41 updated songs

Although most of them, obligates to be unlocked but not with money. You can easily unlock them by playing more and more games and by raising your level. And all this requires not that much time, you can do this even in a very short time.  Yes, our respected users! This is all about the Muse Dash MOD APK game app You must download this app, if you really want to explore your music collection and want some action, adventure and have some fun in your life.

Features of Muse Dash MOD APK:

It's time to discuss the astounding features or attributes of Muse Dash MOD APK. Let’s have a look:


  • Combo Game App:


Yes, users the Muse Dash MOD APK is a combo game app, which is providing you versatility in a single pack. It has a combo of action full games, adventurous games, animated video games, music playlist and lotso fun games. One thing is sure about this demonstrative game app, that you will never get bored with this stunning app, and is indeed the best thing about any game app.


  • Quality Music:


This is great news especially for those who love to listen to Japanese music. This is the perfect application for Japanese music lovers. It provides you with quality music. This app’s music list will literally energize your mood and boost up your mind when you play with its quality music. 


  • A Huge Song’s Collection:


In this game app, there will be a variety of songs for you. This app has 352 songs in its playlist. You are going to experience all its collections and consequently you will have a lot of fun while playing this game. 


  • Cute Characters:


Another amazing feature of this game app is, you will find diversified characters in this game. There are many characters which are unlocked for you. Although, also many characters are here for you to unlock. To unlock those locked characters, you need to play with the given unlocked characters till you are able to collect enough money to unlock all the locked characters. Another way to unlock the characters is you can buy packages. In packages, there are many characters available for you and many other things as well. So, purchasing a package will not be a bad deal for you.


  • Explore a list of Music:


There is a comprehensive list of music waiting for you to play. As this is a mobile rhythm game app, you can play lots of music through this app. Hence, there will be a chance for you to discover or explore more music and ultimately you can improve your music list and music taste.


  • Base Version of Muse Dash MOD APK:


The base version of Muse dash MOD APK has very engrossing traits and options. Because in this version you will have a variety of items for you. Like; lots of mechanics, characters, partners, and above all 41 new songs. To unlock its base version, you just have to play more and more games and hence after that you can easily unlock all its given items.


  • Auto update:


This stunning app updates itself regularly. You don’t need to update it regularly. Because it has an automatic update feature. Through which this app updates all of its items, characters and even songs. Hence, you can’t be bored from this game app, because almost every time when you open this app, you will see something new in your app. This will give you a unique thrill. 


  • Brain Power Music: 


Undoubtedly, the most energetic music of this game app, that will surely enhance your mood and boost up your mind, is Brain Power Music. This music is playable on “Space Station Stage”


  • OuroVoros:


OuroVoros is said to be the most difficult level to pass. This level is played by “Castle stage”. This is the main reason that this level is considered as the most difficult one.


  • Muse Dash MOD APK All Characters Unlocked:


The Muse Dash MOD APK has astonishing characters, there is no objection in saying this. And the more fascinating thing is that you have access to all of its characters. A way for character unlocking is spending money that is present in your wallet. The other way is to obtain eight different items to unlock one character. You can accumulate more money by playing more games. Hence, the more games you play, the more money you receive as a reward. 


  • Action game:


This game app is also considered to be an action game, because in this game you also have to defeat your enemies. You have to follow the rhythm, dance on that, and defeat your enemy either on the ground or in the air. So, in this perspective, it is also considered to be an action game.


  • Levels in Muse Dash MOD APK


You can enjoy this game app upto 167 levels. Henec, this game app is also providing you a diversity in levels. You can enjoy it at all levels with regular updates. 


  • S Grade:


The S grade is basically a master level for songs. If you want to unlock the S grade, it is mandatory to have at least 90% accuracy in the game. 


  • 2D illustrations:


This game app has animated 2D graphics. The high class graphics are used in this game app. You will really enjoy this game while playing. This feature is the fun factor of this game app. 

Muse Dash Characters:

There are 3 main leading characters in Muse Dash MOD APK. Those leading characters are listed below:

  • Buro
  • Rin
  • Marija

These are the central characters in Muse Dash MOD APK. Each of these characters has its own unique and distinctive personality. Not only this, the outfits of each character are also unique and customized. 

Some of the other popular characters are listed here:

  • Let’s Groove
  • Kobeni higashiyama
  • True night’s edge
  • Terra blade
  • Hirofumi yoshida
  • Deerclops
  • Nico’s stu or Nico nextbots

Muse Dash Gameplay:

The Muse Dash Gameplay is a mobile rhythm game application. This game app provides you versatility like it provides you action, fun, adventure, music at the same time. You can call this 4 in 1 gameplay. In this game app, you have to play with the music on different stages. Also, you have to defeat your enemies either on the ground or in the air.

This is a game having no mod system, because it has boderles code. This versatile game provides you security in every perspective. You should download this app, in order to explore your taste in music. This is the perfect game app for those who are in love with Japanese music and anime. 

Muse Dash Custom Songs:

You can customize your songs through Muse Dash’s workshop. But its customization needs money so it is very good not to do so. Beside this, you can buy its DLC package, because its DLC package has lots of items for you. The DLC items have already been discussed above. You may have a look on that. 

Muse Dash Account:

In order to make an account on Muse Dash MOD APK game app, just follow our below mentioned steps:

  • Go to our given link to create your account on Muse Dash app.
  • After that, choose your gender.
  • Then select the best and most unique username.
  • After that put your active email address.
  • Then put your password (always use special characters, lower case, upper case and finally select a very strong password).
  • After that confirm your password.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Enter your age.
  • You can anytime change your display name. 
  • Finally, click on the create account button.
  • Now, just simply fill a captcha in order to confirm that you are not a robot.

Muse Dash Guide:

Respected users! We are providing you some guideline, so that you may not have any difficulty in playing this game:

  • Try to choose the best player for  you.
  • Try to select from the central players, because they are on trending due to some powerful reason.
  • In order to get a high score in the game, choose Bunny Girl Rin. Because she is active 200% more times than other players. 
  • Collect all the red hearts.
  • Don’t miss blue notes.
  • Dodge barriers, this may also be your challenge.
  • Knock back ghosts.
  • For stages, again we recommend you to choose Bunny Girl Rin.
  • Keep your accuracy level at least 90%, if you want to unlock the S rank of this game.
  • Buy a DLC plan, in order to have a variety of song's pack.
  • Activate manual fever in order to earn high scores in the gameplay.

Muse Dash New Update:

If we talk about the new and updated version of this game app, the updated version of this app is v2.5.0, by the name of Muse Dash APK. This version was updated on 14 June, 2022. This app acquires 1.87 GB of space to download. Millions of people have downloaded the new version of this versatile game application. This file is compatible with Android 5.0 and above. Hasuhasu offered this new form of this gorgeous game app. 

What’s New:

  • You can now unlock Sister Marija for your pride.
  • Added more new 6 songs in this game app, just for the sake of your joy.
  • Added an anniversary illustration, so that you may never feel bored.
  • Voice overs.
  • Hidden sheet.
  • AP indicator.

Muse Dash review:

  • The Muse Dash MOD APK, has a steam rating of 10/10. 
  • It has a 73% metacritic rate.
  • The noisy pixel rating is about 8/10. 
  • This is the coolest game app ever, accepted all over the world.

Muse Dash Release Date:

This flexible and splendid game app was released on 15 June, 2018. 

Muse Dash MOD APK Download:

Let’s have some discussion on the downloading process of Muse Dash MOD APK app. In order to download this app on your mobile phone devices, you just need to follow these below mentioned steps:

  • Make sure that your Androids devices have 5.0 and above versions for this app to run smoothly or flawlessly. This is really a high class, versatile game app. 
  • There must be an empty space of 2 GB in your Mobile phone’s devices. Because, this file requires 1.87 GB space for itself to download. From this perspective, it is really a heavy app. 
  • After that, you need to go to our mentioned link (the end of this article). 
  • In the search menu just type, download the Muse dash MOD APK.
  • If you do not have an APK file, then don't worry simply download and install an APK file on your Androids Devices.
  • Then let's download this multi sided game application. 
  • After that, you just need to install the Muse Dash MOD APK game application.

Installation commands:

In order to install this game app, you just need to do:

  • You need to go to your Android Mobile Phone’s settings.
  • Permit all the unknown resources there to install this flexible game application.
  • Then press the Install App key.
  • After that let the app install.
  • In just a few seconds this application will be added to your mobile phone’s home screen. 
  • Open and enjoy the action full and music game application.


The Muse dash app is undoubtedly the most versatile game app ever.  You will find almost everything in this single game app. This game app will never let you be frustrated and annoyed. Because this game has action games in it, music games, adventurous games and lots of customization in it. Respected users! What are you waiting for now? Just click on our given link and download this magnificent game app now.

Muse Dash MOD APK


Q. Which is the most difficult level of Muse Dash?

The OuroVoros os the hardest level in Muse Dash, because it played on Castle stage.

Q. Does this app need to update regularly?

No, you don’t need to update it on a regular basis. This app has an auto update system.

Q. Is there any Mod of Muse Dash?

No, this game app has no mod yet.

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