My Cafe Shop Cooking Game

My Cafe Shop Cooking Game

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App Name My Cafe Shop Cooking Game
Size 116 MB
Latest Version v 3.4.8
MOD Features Free
Developer Gamei Create
Content Rating Rated For 4
Requires 5.0 or above
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Update September 07, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Become a professional chef in your cafe by joining My Cafe Shop Cooking Game. It is a fast-paced and addictive cooking game where you will be a virtual chef. This game has been designed for cooking lovers. It is about restaurants and cooking. It combines the thrill of running a cafe with the joys of Culinary Art. Although it has been programmed for all age groups, kids, especially girls, usually play it. Here you can take serious cooking challenges, and build your cooking empire. Players can create their recipes to show their cooking skills to the world. Show up your invented dishes and serve them in five-star or seven-star hotels.


This game is about cooking and restaurants where you just have to cook a few dishes. Your main mission is to expand your invented dish and menu to the world’s best restaurants. Show the world the maximum number of recipes to become a ranked leaderboard player. You need enough money to purchase your desired things for your kitchen. You will get a certain number of gold coins every time you perform a task. This is your reward money. You can use this money to purchase or unlock anything. Your customer will come separately or simultaneously. They will place their order. You have to complete their order within a limited time. Remember that every second you take will make your tip short; if you take too much time preparing an order, you’ll lose the customer.

65+ Unique Restaurants Of My Cafe Shop Cooking Game

Become a Culinary Artist and show your skills to the world. Your main objective is to manage time wisely. Keep your eye on your kitchen, and put all the basic and compulsory ingredients near your stove to save time. After reaching the advanced level, you must cook dishes within a certain time. If the cooking time is over, your dish will burn. After that, you may have to start the recipe all over again. 

1800+ Cuisines In My Cafe Shop Cooking Game

Try to master at least two to three dishes. Because if you become a master in a specific dish, you can serve that dish on a large scale. After that, your next step is to build your restaurant. Open a small cafe and start taking large orders to generate passive income. It offers endless and enjoyable possibilities. Everything depends on your in-game currency. The more coins you have, the more opportunities you get. It's up to you how to collect in-game currency. Want to explore more about this game? Just keep reading the below post til the end for further details.


Steps To Download

Step 1: You will see a download button at the top of this page. Press this download option once.

Step 2: Wait for a couple of seconds.

Step 3: If you are facing downloading issues, move towards your mobile’s settings.

Step 4: Access the third-party apps by enabling Unknown Sources.

Step 5: Now, reopen this page and repeat step 1.

Step 6: Click to install.

Step 7: Open the app and start your game as a registered or guest player. That’s all.

Main Features

Here are some common reasons for its craze and popularity among teens or kids.

65+ Unique Restaurants

It offers more than three thousand cooking states and 65+ amazing restaurants. This thing makes it unique and matchless among other food games. The possibilities are endless, so you will always experience boredom while playing this game. The diversity between each level is also an amazing feature. You will never see the levels having the same layout. Each level is completely different from the other one.

Customization Options In My Cafe Shop Cooking Game

Moreover, you can also select the game’s theme according to your wish. It offers more than 63 dining venues with 1800+ mouthwatering dishes. You can also invent your dish by mixing up various dishes. You can customize the basic dishes like Spaghetti, Sushi, Baklava, Escargot, noodles, pizza, burgers, or anything to create a new dish. You can show your cooking skills in more than 65 restaurants worldwide. Furthermore, you can also participate in leaderboard challenges to become the ranked player.

1800+ Cuisines & Sweets

This game is more than just a cooking game. It offers more than 1800 delicious cuisines and tasty sweets. You can show your dishes in more than 65 restaurants. Here, you can also learn the basic business strategies to run a restaurant.

Participate In Leaderboard Challenges In My Cafe Shop Cooking Game

It is a fun chef game where you must manage the maximum number of customers to earn gold coins. You have to handle a cafe and your customers simultaneously, This makes the game both rewarding and tough.

Dozens Of Levels In My Cafe Shop Cooking Game

Moreover, you will see so many customization options to upgrade your kitchen. Make your kitchen advanced by adding smart appliances like non-stick utensils, electric stoves, electric ovens, and many other things. Unlock advanced appliances, make quick orders, and satisfy your customers. Get a huge collection of real recipes in the Cooking Diary MOD APK. It is a simulation game where you can get unlimited cooking ideas using its in-build recipe book.

Offline And Online Mode Of My Cafe Shop Cooking Game

Dozens Of Adventurous Levels

It offers dozens of captivating levels to play with.  The diversity between each level is matchless. Each level has its obstacles and layout. It will keep you engaged for hours. Its level is interconnected with each other. You must complete the previous one before moving to the next level.

On the other hand, its modded version provides you with all the unlocked levels. You can move towards advanced levels without completing initial levels in its modified version. But, you have to access its modded version from the internet website because it is not available on Google Play Store.

Offline Mode

Another amazing thing about this game is its offline mode. It supports both online and offline modes of play. No matter whether you have the internet or not. It never stops you from playing its captivating cooking challenges. So, if you run out of data, enable its single-player mode and start your game. But, its multiplayer mode can be played only in the presence of an internet connection. If you want to add your friends or other players, then make sure to connect it to the internet.

Participate in Leaderboard

Play as a professional chef on the leaderboard and maintain your bragging rights internationally.  Its leaderboard challenges give you a professional gaming experience. You will see lots of cities and restaurants located in a sequence. You have to show your dishes in various restaurants one by one. Target the five or seven-star hotels to get more opportunities. Moreover, its leaderboard challenges do not demand you to make any in-purchase for advanced settings.

Customization Tools

Its customization tools also play a vital role in its popularity. It allows you to upgrade your kitchen or cafe according to your preference. You can transform your whole cafe completely using its customization option. You just have to visit its mentor store to get customization ideas. You will see many themes, kitchen layouts, kitchen appliances, utensils, and dishes. In simple words, you can replace anything according to your choice. You only need enough gold coins to purchase new settings from the Mentor store.


My Cafe Shop Cooking Game is a delightful simulation game where you can show your culinary skills to the world. You will certainly be immersed in its engaging gameplay, unlimited collection of delicious recipes, and customization options. This game is specially programmed for cooking lovers. It is a casual cooking game where you can raise your cafe. So what are you waiting for?

Events In My Cafe Shop Cooking Game

Download it now from the link given above and start your game.

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Q. Is My Cafe Shop Cooking Game an Official Version?

Yes, this game is registered on Google Play Store. It proves that it has been officially launched on application portals.

Q. Is My Cafe Shop Cooking Game available on the App Store?

Yes, it has been uploaded to all application stores, including the app store. So, you can download it from the App Store.

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