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My Child Lebensborn Apk latest version

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App Name My Child Lebensborn Apk latest version
Size 120MB
Latest Version 1.7.101
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Sarepta Studio
Content Rating Teen
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update September 07, 2022 (1 month ago)
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My Child Lebensborn Apk latest version

My Child Lebensborn Free download

My Child Lebensborn Apk

My Child Lebensborn

The game, My Child Lebensborn, is a story created by real events. In this game, the player adopts a Lebensborn (innocent post world war 2 victim from Norway) child. After adopting the child, the emotional journey starts. Before adopting the child, the player can decide the gender of the child, but keeping in mind that the difference of gender can bring different challenges and problems, each choice has many new dimensions for the player to enjoy the emotional and realistic storyline. The decisions made by the player will bring new opportunities to protect children and to have the emotional attachment get stronger. The game has been developed to leave a deep impression on the players’ minds and teach them about the power of making the right decision at the right time. The player’s decision making ability will not only affect the emotional and physical status of the child but also helps in developing a strong personality.

The real events affect the mental abilities as well as the personality of the child.


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GamePlay of My Child Lebensborn

Almost every step in the game is in the form of dialogues, and the dialogues help the player in creating consequences that help in improving the storyline of the game. Most of the content in the game involves the interaction between the child and the player. The interaction allows the player to connect the game with his emotions and create an interesting gameplay.

In My Child Lebensborn the player will be able to make things randomly happen as a result of the decisions made by him. Different situations come and go but before going they do create some consequences to capture the player’s interest.

Taking care of the child is the most important tool no one should get out of his hands. The Player should know how to prepare meals for the child and should maintain a peaceful environment for the better development of the child.

Take care of the Child

The player should always keep an eye on the progression of the child so that the player can keep the progression in mind and start making new decisions. This game, in actuality, helps in determining the emotional stress of a player to make him able to have a soft corner for society.

The real care provided by the player will allow the child to become mentally and physically  stronger.

Not only this game helps in keeping a check to the emotional state of the player but also It helps in increasing the decision power of the player plus gives a boost to emotional stability.

Earn Money for an easy life

My Child Lebensborn mainly highlights interaction with a victim of war by applying many mechanics to help the player become more flexible in creativity. Players do work on generating revenues. The game, My Child Lebensborn, also has many toys and things in stores to make the child happy.

The Player can generate revenues and spend them on different items to have a stable life for him and the child

Visuals of the Game

The aesthetic graphical quality of the game, My Child Lebensborn, makes it more interesting with the different dimensions of the plot. These special elemental approaches of the designer made the environment of the game so realistic that every emotion of the child can be felt.

The graphics of the game help the player to have a strong emotional interaction with the kid so that he would be able to detect any problem or changes and would be able to make a decision that will help the kid have a stable and a perfect life.

A map will be given to players to facilitate the movement and to help the child go to different locations for example stores, parks etc for the diversion of mood.

How to make Friends?

A good friend is the most important asset of one’s life. With Friends, It will be easy to divert moods and thoughts.

If the Player often works and does not have much time to spend on the child, It would be better if the player helps the kid to make friends having kind vibes. Friends will help the child tell his emotions and nature to them. Plus, Children are more comfortable with friends of the same age although the player can be his first friend too.

The child will be more emotionally stable if plays with his friends or shares every emotional state with them.

Making friends will be the step towards the better mental development of the child and it allows the child to play and enjoy more. It will be a boost to the society plus most importantly, Making friends is the part that will keep the Child active.


A Meaningful Game

My Child Lebensborn is a real meaningful game that enhances the emotional stability and the decision making power of the player. The Player raises a poor child and helps to decrease the negative pressure of the society. The game proves that there is still human selfless love in this world. 

My Child Lebensborn is the game that gives a boost to kindness and a way to destroy the negativity of society.

How to Download?

  • Install the game via play store or website.
  • Download the Apk latest version of the game.
  • Install the game via the file that you first downloaded in Apk.
  • Enjoy the game.

Summary of the Article

My Child Lebensborn provides the gamer with the good quality graphics, the emotional interaction of the player with the child, the boost to the decision making power plus the emotional stability of the player.

The easy game which provides you with different situations with every step you take.

This game allows you to make a difference with your kind heart and to lessen the negativity of the society.



Q. The game, My Child Lebensborn, creates any emotional attachment between the player and the child?

Yes, this game really creates an emotional interaction between the player and the child.

Q. Tell something about the graphics of the game?

The graphics are in aesthetic and nostalgic hand-drawn quality.

Q. Write a list with which this game provides the player, to boost the living and the emotions of the child?

The Game provides the player with
The environment of shopping and games to divert the child's mind.
The ability to make decisions for the Child.
The emotional interaction with the Child.

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