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App Name necrophonic mod apk
Size 71M
Latest Version 1.16
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer ChillSeekers
Content Rating Teen
Requires 4.1 and up
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Update September 07, 2022 (23 days ago)
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necrophonic mod apk 

Necrophonic mod apk is a spirit communication app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It has been designed to be used on real ghost investigations, by both professional and amateur ghost hunters alike. It allows the user to conduct EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) sessions and Ghost Box sessions, as well as providing a host of other features useful during paranormal investigations.Necrophonic is the free, full-featured and ads-free version of the popular EVP recording app for Android, Paranormal State EMF Recorder.

Necrophonic Mod Apk

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Introduction of necrophonic mod apk 

Necrophonic uses the phone's built-in microphone, speaker and vibration to create an EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) recorder. These techniques are used to aid paranormal investigators in capturing voices of the deceased.Necrophonic allows you to save recordings and to listen to them later through a high-quality audio player. It also has a playback feature that allows you to playback your recordings at different speeds (to determine if there may be words or phrases embedded in the recording).Necrophonic is a scanning app for the paranormal. The app is based on real equipment and techniques used to detect spirits with EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and EMF (electromagnetic field).

Not only does this app give you the tools to detect spirits, but it also allows you to get rid of them. The app is designed to be used by both ghost hunters and people who live in haunted houses.The Necrophonic app is a step up from the original Spirit Scanner. This new version uses a combination of vibration, sound, and imagery to help you communicate with ghosts in your area.A paranormal investigation app that uses real audio recordings to help you find and communicate with ghosts. Take a spiritual journey, uncover the mysteries of the afterlife, and experience the supernatural world for yourself.

How does it work?

Necrophonic Mod Apk is an application that allows you to make contact with ghosts or spirits. You can communicate with them and ask for advice. This app has everything you need if you want to connect with the dead. It also offers a few different types of technology, allowing you to choose what suits you best.The original version uses EVP analysis and phonetic algorithms to analyze the sounds it receives from a radio receiver. The idea behind this was that if you can get two forms of communication at once, it's more likely you'll get replies back. 

They also make it easier to understand what's being said to you.If you've ever heard of radio frequency interference, then you know how it works. It acts like a filter between the radio receiver and your earphone jack. It's supposed to filter out all the noise from the environment and only let sounds from your voice pass through.Necrophonic is regarded as the best ghost box app for android. This app gives you an opportunity to communicate with spirits, record them and find information about your spirit.


- Recordings are saved as .wav files

- A variety of different sweep speeds and ranges for you to choose from

- Playback speed adjustment slider for precise speed control

- Reverse playback feature

- Black screen mode (for recording in the dark)

- Timer option (for setting recording time)

- Integrated sound library with multiple sources

- Random sound shuffling (to prevent repeated sound clips)

- Auto shuffle (automatically shuffles sounds when playback is paused)

MOD Features

-Saving of sessions now works correctly

-Fixed the save bug

-Fixed the microphone bug

-Improved reliability in background mode

-Fixed audio level meter inaccuracy

-Added support for iOS 7 and 8

-Other bug fixes and performance improvements

How to download and install?

Step 1: Download the latest version of Necrophonic Mod APK from our site.

Step 2: Allow third-party applications for your device.

Step 3: Install the APK file until it is complete.

Step 4: Open the game and start enjoying it.


Necrophonic is an application that allows its user to communicate with ghosts using their smartphone. It uses direct radio sampling to allow the user to talk with spirits in real-time and it can also be used as a ghost detector by measuring sound levels in your environment. With this app, you can communicate with ghosts at any location around the world without having to be present physically which makes it more interesting than any other spirit communication application available today.


Q. 1.What is the size of this app?

The size of this app is 3.2 MB.

Q. 2.On which platform does this game run on?

This game runs on the Android platform.

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