facebook adds AI moderator tool to help group admins

Facebook Adds AI Moderator Tool To Help Group Admins

The Facebook Admin tools have seen an upsurge in popularity lately. One of the most noticeable changes is that there are now chat and forum support added. Now you can easily create groups for your business, organization, club, neighborhood, or just a social networking group for fun. There's no longer any need to be a group admin just to manage your groups and keep everything running smoothly. With the new admin interface it's possible to create, manage, and join groups with just a few clicks of the mouse. Group administrators can easily view the members in each group as well as view the group chat, which will allow you to easily get rid of some of the annoying spammers.


You can also ban users who are repeatedly posting spam messages or continuously making disrespectful comments in the group chat. This is all thanks to the new artificial intelligence system that Facebook has integrated into their new admin tools. In fact, if a user fails to follow the rules or is abusive in any way the entire group may be banned.


Other new group admin tools include the ability to view the likes and dislikes of each other in the chat. You no longer have to go to the individual profile and manually search for your friends. If a user has liked someone else in the chat then it will be shown as a like for that user. If they are disliking someone else in the chat then it will show as a dislike for that person.


Groups can be set up for specific purposes such as a business group, where the groups can get together for brainstorming on a particular topic. Each group can have different categories such as the most likes, people who are married, or people who joined the group but do not post much. It is up to the group admin to decide what he wants the group to be used for. There are now even group chats that allow groups to post comments and other exchanges within the chat without having to leave the chat.


The way this all works is that every time someone posts in the chat they are monitored by the group admin and any information they post is sent back to him. If there are problems then he can contact the people individually through email or through a link in the bottom right hand corner of the page. This is especially useful for large groups where there is a lot of spam or other negative postings that need to be controlled.


In earlier versions of the chat programs it was necessary to have lots of people viewing one group. For large groups this might have worked well but with smaller groups, it can make it difficult to keep track of what everyone is actually doing. In the latest group admin tools, the information that is displayed in the chat is more detailed and more useful. The groups can actually be categorized so that new messages can be assigned to different people.


This is especially useful when the group requires responses immediately because the responses will be seen by a specific set of people. It also allows people to look at past discussions which will give them a good idea of what others are discussing. This makes it easier for the group admin to manage the chats and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Being a part of the Facebook community means being a part of something that many people are already familiar with. That is great news for those who have not found an ideal place yet to hang out on Facebook. By using the chat system administrators can create their own groups that are truly unique. These groups will be more than just another place for random posts. Users will be able to interact with others in their chosen niche and use their shared experiences to form opinions and reviews.

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