Google rolls out 7 new features for Android smartphone

Google Rolls Out 7 New Features For Android Smartphone

Google has announced seven new features that are coming to all Google Android devices in an upcoming update. These features include the ability to send Google Now cards, Google Now on Tap, instant images and text suggestions, Google Now on Android Auto, Google Wave, improved voice recognition and the long-awaited ability to reply to messages from your Google Now contacts. The updates are part of the company's ongoing efforts to make its core services better tailored to user needs. If you are interested in learning more about these updates and what they can do for you, check out the links below.


Google Now on Tap: Google Now is designed to offer timely information based on your current activities. This new feature will help you avoid being caught off guard by important messages from your Google Now contacts. With the Now on Tap app, you will be able to review and respond to messages from all your important messages from Google, even if you are not a part of the local area. With this feature, you will also have access to your email program as well as important apps like Gmail.


Google Now on Tap: The seventh new feature is the introduction of Google Now on Android Auto. This is a hands-free operation that will allow you to use your voice to search for your destination, restaurant reviews and even the weather. With the new feature, you will also be able to reply to messages from your Google Now contacts through a series of voice commands. In addition to recognizing and delivering voice commands, the app will also deliver important information from Wikipedia and other online sources. To make the most of this functionality, you will need to download the Google Now app and set up an account with the service.


Google Now on Android Auto: This new feature enables you to specify the options for the future weather on your phone and then get weather updates on your device based on your current location. With the help of Google Maps, the system will suggest several options and then display the current weather on your Android smartphone. The first few choices will be based on your current location and the system will suggest another few choices based on your preferences. You can now select the best one and get the update right away. With this update, there are also several additional options like adding a location for the weather.


Google Now on Android Auto provides users with several options to make your driving safer and easier. For instance, with this feature, you can activate voice access to the road as well as enabling access to Google Maps. Apart from these two highly functionalities, Google Now on Android Auto will also offer you with some interesting features. These new additions are designed to give you a better driving experience with the latest Google and Android mobile phones.


You may have heard about Google Voice Access (GHAS), the new feature introduced by Google last year. This is the system that will allow you to make calls directly through your Google+ profile or Gmail account. As per a Google blog, this feature is designed to boost voice commands and interaction. Now, you can also directly interact with Google Assistant, the new take on Google Now. This is Google's personal assistant, which will help you with common tasks like reminders, browsing and searching, among others.


The third in line, is Google Now on Android Auto. With this software, you can access your most used apps on your smartphone without any extra icons. If you have been using a number of Google apps, you would understand the hassle of accessing them from the different icons. Now, all you have to do is open the app, go to the home screen and start accessing all your apps from there. To make this easier for you, Google has introduced two customisation options on the Now card.


The final and last of the new features for Android smartphones is Google Search. The new Search app looks exactly like the regular Google search interface that we all know and love. The only difference will be on the results page. As per Google, this app will also allow users to look up location information, as well as share images, videos and documents with the rest of the Google community. Apart from these, there are several other exciting and new features that Google has planned for Android devices in future.

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