qualcomm's durga malladi has over 500 patents

Qualcomm's Durga Malladi Has Over 500 Patents

The company named Qualcomm is the main provider of DECT, a ubiquitous device for communication. It is used in almost every field. It has an advanced version of the QWERTY keyboard, which is a basic model for all types of smart phones. The user interface of the device is extremely useful and very user friendly. There are many more features that can be used with the smart phones.


Qualcomm's Durga telephony system provides the users with excellent facilities in terms of sound quality and clarity of voice on a regular basis. With the help of this device the user is able to make secure calls using a microphone as well as a speaker phone. It also helps in switching of mode automatically. This device is widely popular amongst the masses and is one of the main reasons behind its vast popularity.


Qualcomm is an innovator when it comes to applications and its invention in the field of wireless communication. The invention of this device has helped thousands of people communicate over long distances without any difficulty. It has made life much easier and comfortable for people. The device is easily available in the market and is used widely by the masses. This invention has increased the speed of communication and also provided seamless services at lower costs.


The company has also introduced a lot of innovative features in the Durga device. These include enhanced voice quality and clarity. It is capable of transmitting the message in a clear voice and also in short messages. The device can be used for VoIP, MMS, Video calling, Instant messaging, Bluetooth etc. The device is also used in the telephony sector like in India.


The best thing about the Qualcomm's Durga phones is that these are not much different from the normal smart phones. The user can easily carry the device everywhere he goes. He can also use the device on the go in order to stay connected with his family. The user is also able to make calls from anywhere as the handset has the ability to support GSM technologies. The mobiles are available in the budget and mid-range price ranges.


Apart from being used in the corporate sector, the Indian market also sees the demand for the phones. These handsets are also extensively used by the students in the fields of education, commerce and journalism. Since the device has been launched with a great success, the major mobile phone service providers in India have launched Durga phones as well.


The users of Qualcomm's Durga phones are mostly IT professionals. These professionals use their phones for various purposes such as making calls, sending and receiving messages, viewing images, surfing the internet, playing games, listening to music and many more. The importance of the device lies in the fact that it is economical and easy to use. Even the cost factor is quite acceptable by the users as most of the users do not actually spend a lot of money on the device.


The Qualcomm's Durga is made with the support of the advanced manufacturing technologies. The high end feature packed devices from the company are available at very reasonable prices owing to the severe competition in the Indian markets. The user finds all these attributes in the handsets that he purchases. Thus the demand for the devices is quite high in the current scenario and users find it easy to choose from the diverse models available on offer.


With the help of the internet, the user can download different apps and perform a variety of tasks on the phone. Most of the popular apps such as Google Maps, Google Earth, docs viewer, OSS viewer and many others are available for free on the phone. The user can also upload pictures, videos, music and documents in the multimedia storage. In this respect, many think that the device fulfills all the requirements of an ideal smartphone. It offers a great deal of flexibility and power.


The device runs on the grounds of the Linux platform and hence is considered as a very secure device. This helps to run various programs at a faster speed and also to multitask and multi-mail simultaneously. The OBB browser is preinstalled as well and is considered to be one of the best browsers available on the market today. One can surf the net using their smartphones across various countries and continents. The user can make international calls at a much cheaper rate than what is possible with the help of a conventional handset.


The battery life of the qualcomm's Durga phones is long enough to last for up to three days of heavy work or entertainment. The user can fully charge the batteries before the start of the working time. This feature makes it one of the most efficient gadgets available in the market. The user can easily carry out multiple tasks on the phone simultaneously and hence does not face any issues related to the performance of the gadget.

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