Nix Injector APK Free For Android

Nix Injector APK Free For Android

Additional Information

App Name Nix Injector APK Free For Android
Size 7MB
Latest Version 1.50
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Lansord Nix
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 17, 2023 (1 year ago)
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NIX Injector APK:

A treasure box is open for everyone to steal everything for your online game. NIX Injector is available for all to access all the premium features of MLBB. MLBB is a very popular shooting game with a huge community and fans. People are passionate to use all the features, either premium or general, of the game. So, here NIX Injector is fulfilling the dreams and passion of ML players. NIX Injector is an online tool that is offering all resources and features for free. It means you do not have to spend money to use them. NIX Injector will provide you with an extra pack of protection, support, and crown ship in the game. You will get astonished after seeing its effects. NIX Injector helps to unlock skins of fighters, unlock effects including unlocking respawn or unlock recall, backgrounds, battle effects, drone view up to 6X, and many beautiful maps. Through this tool, people can use all the resources or items that help them win the battles. You can change your background of profile or lobby. You can use the drone view to check the enemies or resources without using a mini-map. It unlocks more than 356 skins for different heroes of the game, especially for Tanks and Marksman. Reach and use the VIP premium features of the game without any cost.

Nix Injector


Supported Devices:

This free tool app requires devices with OS (operating system) 5.1 or above to work smoothly. 

No Ads:

This app is straightforward to use and there is no interruption of ads. This injector app has zero advertisements. This makes the app more effective and captures more people towards it. 

Unlock Skins:

There are more than 444 skins for different characters in ML. All these skins are locked and can not be unlocked without paying money. But, this NIX Injector app can unlock almost 356 skins out of these 444 skins which is a miracle for the ML players. These skins include:

  1. Tanks
  2. Marksman
  3. Assassin
  4. Fighter
  5. Support
  6. Mage

These skins differentiate based on their capacity to increase the strength of character. 


This tool helps the players to change the backgrounds in the ML game. There are three groups for which NIX Injector provides free backgrounds. 

These groups are the following.

  • Lobby
  • Loading Screen
  • Account Profile

Drone Effect and View:

This effect is beneficial for those who are eager to play the ML game. Most of the enemies or opponents cannot be found in the game as they are hidden. They can assault you from hidden places and it becomes difficult for you to win the game. So, NIX Injector has presented the Drone camera for this problem. This camera is used to track or locate the opponents and attack them. The Drone view covers the area up to 6X. You can modify the ranges between 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X.

Unlock Effects:

Almost all effects can be unlocked through the NIX Injector app. These effects may include:

  1. Unlock Recall - 12 recall effects are unlocked including Christmas, Zodiac and M1 Glory, etc.
  2. Unlock Respawn - unlock ten respawn like M1 Evos or Descent.
  3. Elimination - you can access 11 elimination such as RIP, K, O, and Zing. 
  4. All these effects are available when you play the game through NIX Injector. 


While playing the game, you can enjoy the background music like 

  • Fearless 
  • Blue Bird

But you can use this feature and listen to the music when you have unlocked it. You can unlock it without paying the money by using NIX Injector.

Password for NIX Injector:

In old versions of the NIX Injector, the password was necessary to reach the premium features. But, this latest version does not require any passwords. It is free and without any password or key. 

Unlock ESPs:

NIX Injector has many new features in the updated version that was not present in the old versions. One of these added features is ESPs. they are available now and unlockable.

Some of these ESPs are given here.

  1. ESP Fireline
  2. ESP Box
  3. ESP Color
  4. ESP Grenade
  5. ESP Distance
  6. ESP Line Sensitivity

Cheat Menu:

There are game cheats available in the NIX Injector that are used to get game cheats and to improve their skills. 

These cheats contain

  1. Enemy Lag
  2. Auto Mystic
  3. Supreme Badge
  4. Ultra Graphics - these ultra graphics to smooth graphics, medium graphics, and high graphics are available. 

NIX Injector APK Latest Version:

There are many old versions of the tool app. Because of its versatility, this app is updated from time to time. The latest updated version of the NIX Injector is 1.60 and this update came on July 28, 2022. 

This new version is without any password and is easy to use even for beginners. 

NIX Injector APK Size:

The app size is small and contains only 9MB. This small size app does not require any high-end devices or androids. It is a lite app and does not need any storage clearance.

NIX Injector APK Download:

So, you look passionate to get amazing features. It is easy to use them. Just download the tool app and get started. Follow the steps to reach the game tools.

  1. Press the download link which is shown just above the article.
  2. Wait for the completion of the download.
  3. Go to mobile settings and enable the android security for all resources including the third parties. 
  4. Open the Files and check the location of the APK file of the NIX Injector.
  5. Tap on the APK file to install the NIX Injector. 
  6. Enjoy thousands of items.


Indeed, it is an absolute, cost-efficient, and easily operated app to the present day. Each version of the NIX Injector is amazing but the latest is just a cherry on the top as it does not need a password and has some additional unlocked features. All fans and the ML community are excited after using the latest update of NIX Injector. You can use all premium or VIP features just by installing this lite app. Furthermore, it is free from advertisements. The small size does not cause issues even in low operating systems.

Nix Injector


Q. Is this tool app safe to use?

Yes. this NIX Injector APK is safe to install if you download the file from the above link.

Q. Do I need a password to use NIX Injector?

If you are using the old version, you will need it. But, if you have installed the latest version from the above-given link, you can simply run the app. The latest version is not protected by any password.

Q. How to use NIX Injector?

After downloading and installing the app from the link, launch the app on your phone.
Open the NIX Injector app and there will be some options.
Choose the category and sub-options will be disclosed.
Choose your desired features and start following the options.
When you access your desired options, tap “Inject” and wait.
After the completion of the injection, open the game app.
Click on the “start game” button and the game will be played through the NIX Injector app.

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