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Nox App Player APK is a free Android emulator that enables you to run Android applications on your PC. A different Mac variant is additionally available as well. It works by making a virtual Android tablet on your computer. This implies you can use all Android applications and games with the advantage of a greater screen, better performance, and simpler controls.

nox app player latest version

If you do not know what an emulator is and how it works then don’t worry, we are here to help you!  

Download Nox App Player APK 

Play any android game right on your PC now! Download Nox App Player APK from this given link: 

Click here for Nox App Player APK download

Download Nox App Player Apk Version for android

NameNox App Player APK 
Last updated03, September 2019
RequirementsWindows 2003,Windows 8,Windows 2012,Windows Vista,Windows 2008,Windows 10,Windows 98,Windows 7,Windows XP,Windows 2000

What is an Android Emulator?

Android Emulators are special software that is intended to Run Android Apps on an alternate framework such as Apple iOS or Microsoft windows. They are Running Android Environment inside them with the goal that you can install your favorite Android games and apps on your Windows PC.  

About Nox App Player APK

Nox Digital Entertainment Co. Limited is a team of very talented and genius individuals who live in Hong Kong. They have developed some of the best App player software loved by mobile Apps gamers and users around the world. This player has more than 150 million users from all over the world and it is available in 20 different languages. 

Presently there are so many Android Emulators out there in the market including Nox App Player, Bluestacks, Genymotion and more. Among every one of these Emulators, Nox App Player is the most progressive and most popular Android emulator for Mac and windows. In case you are utilizing Nox App player old version, you need to move up to the latest player to take pleasure in the new features of the emulator.   

How to Use Nox App Player APK?

It is very simple and easy to download and use Nox Player. Gamers can change player settings, including making custom skins and assigning CPU units. You can also use a Joystick and gamepad with this player so effortlessly manage and map game commands now.  

Features of Nox App Player APK

Key features of Nox Player App include: 

  1. Fast Response – Nox player gives you a bigger screen and easier operation which makes it very responsive. 
  2. Great Stability – This player provides great stability with its stable, powerful and efficient performance. 
  3. Full Compatibility – Nox Player is 100% compatible and delivers high suitability with a great number of devices including PC and Mac. It is also compatible with X86/AMD.  
  4. Never run out of power – Play the mobile game with Nox App Player and never run out of power. This app also prevents over-heating of the phone and other security risks. So always stay online and always in gaming.  
  5. Low consumption of CPU and memory – Nox Player is a small app and only takes up a small portion of the storage and memory. Hence, it will not affect the functionality and performance of your computer.  
  6. No BIOS required – You do not need BIOS to run Nox Player on your PC. BIOS file is already included inside the Nox emulator application. So, you won/t have to waste your time and worry about searching for the right working BIOS 
  7. Virtual Location – The Virtual location is a location-based recommendation feature that allows you to discover new people and resources in your dream world.  
  8. More convenient control – You could use input devices like keyboard, controller, and mouse to play mobile games or customize hotkeys to assist your operation.  
  9. Unlimited instances with multiple Accounts – This player is beneficial for multiple account owners. The multiple instance feature could run several Android apps at the same time on your PC. You could have multiple games/apps or multiple accounts online at the same time 
  10. Intuitive and Simple Interface – The app has a very simple interface that makes the app easy to use. It also offers intuitive keyboard mapping for app and game controls. 
  11. Supporting Games –Nox App Player fully supports all popular Android games, including: 
  • Lineage II Revolution 
  • PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 
  • Fortnite Mobile 
  • Vainglory 
  • Hearthstone 

How to Download and Install Nox App Player APK

To install the Nox App properly, you need to follow the below mentioned simple steps because though the installation is not rocket science still, people fail here.  Follow the steps now and install Nox App Player APK in your PC.  

  • System Requirements for Nox Player App:  
  1. 2 GHz Processor 
  2. 2GB RAM 
  3. 3 GB space 
  • How to Download and Use Nox App Player: 

Step 1: Go to Nox App Player official website and then download the Nox App Player. 

Step 2: Once downloaded, click on the Nox app player dmg file and install it. 

Step 3: Follow the on-screen guide and then install it. Once installed, open Nox App Player and then set up Google Account. 

Step 4: Go to Google Play Store and then find your desired app or game and install it on your Nox App Player. 

Step 5: Start playing the game!  


Don’t you miss the rush of the big screen when you are playing high realistic games on the little screen of your android phone? But now you do not have to play your favorite game on your Smartphone anymore.  

There are a few programs and Android Emulators out there that enable clients to download and play Android Applications and Games right on the Windows PC and Laptop. With Nox Player APK you can play any of the popular android game on your phone.  

So, get Nox Emulator today and start playing fortnight on your laptop! 

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