Order Zero Mod Apk Unlimited Crystals Chaos Oil

Order Zero Mod Apk Unlimited Crystals Chaos Oil

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App Name Order Zero Mod Apk Unlimited Crystals Chaos Oil
Size 250M
Latest Version 4.2.2
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update August 23, 2023 (10 months ago)
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No doubt that Shooting attracts many game players and for them, it's a crazy passion. However, girls are not left behind they also enter this game zone as powerful attackers and combat just like the highly skilled hero, fighting till the end and skillfully using their guns, killing their enemy and conquering the battlefield,  to save their world and bring peace and harmony. 

Order Zero is an anime game developed by IKINA, especially for girls which provides a classical shooting mode to learn their combating skills and polish them and launch themselves as heroines of the fighting world.

A game plot where evil characters and monsters came into existence and destroy the world the anime warriors will fight against them with their super combating and shooting skills moreover they can upgrade and strengthen their skills and become stronger.

This game has limited anime characters but each has its unique abilities, power, and skills further players can upgrade their fighting strategies, skills, shooting experience, and equipment like guns, and can unlock new rings, armor, and character costumes. But not only the characters the monsters also upgraded as long as your strength raises in each level monsters also become stronger and stronger so a massive highly compatible war zone starts.

Order Zero Mod Apk

Premium features like one hit, god life, crystals, and upgrading skills and fighting equipment add beauty to the game you can learn experience and gain benefits as you enter into a new game level, that can polish your skills.

This game version is beneficial for players as it provides a well-designed graphic game in the vertical mode of your smartphone you can easily enjoy this game by just simply downloading it. Let's enter the battlefield like a strong heroine and win the mission and save the world.


Let’s have a look at the incredible features introduced by this game.

  • High-Quality Graphics

High-quality anime graphics are displayed in this game each character's look, fighting moves, costume, action style, and accessories seems visible and feels realistic even the unique monster's looks are eye-catching.

The game environment is well designed in that it gives the feeling of an actual battlefield and sound, color, and lights enhance its vigorous look.

  • Upgraded Weapons

In battle, zone fighting is possible when you have highly modified weapons to attack. The guns, armor, and rings are the assets of fighters and this game allows you to modify and customize your weapons. 

No doubt you can also unlock new guns and accessories, upgrade and customize them according to your level needs as it enhances your character’s fighting status and gets more XP. Maybe you like this similar game Spongebob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Apk.

  • Upgraded Skills

Combatting skills are different each fighter has its strategies to attack similarly the shooters also have different aiming strategies and this game will give you the facility of upgrading your skills after passing each level.

Order Zero Mod Apk

You can unlock 1 out of 3 skills to enhance your character’s creditability like the healing power, the ability to use the gun and its power, the firing rate, etc.

These upgraded skills enhance your character’s strength and enable it to win the battle.

  • Unlimited Levels

This game provides unlimited levels to learn and polish your combating skills. Each level presents its difficulty, the unique monster, the unique fighter’s weapon, and the attacking skill.

The higher you go the higher the level rises. When you unlock new features in-game zone and strengthen your character’s power the monsters also become powerful but your loot, weapons, and skills are upgraded like one hit kill which destroys your enemy.

Further, you can leave the game level and start from the same zone not from the beginning so endless game levels with a lot of challenges are waiting for you. Win the game and enjoy valuable loot.

  • Friendly User-Interface

The user interface of this game is easy. The control options to fight, shoot or move are easy to handle and properly manageable you have to focus on your target, position your aim, and shoot. 

One of the best things is its availability in Verticle screen mode gives ultimate joy to players they can easily install this game on smartphones and enjoy this classical shooting game.

Premium features

Premium features of this classical shooting game are as follows:

  • God Mode

This feature enhances your character’s life when monsters attack you will refill your energy and fight again so unlimited lives are there. 

Order Zero Mod Apk

  • One Hit Kill

Fighting power is enhanced through this amazing feature when the game level rises the monsters become stronger, as a result, your character’s attacking power should be raised to kill it so one hit kill is an upgraded skill or power.

  • Unlimited Crystals, money

Rewards are there when you unlock a new level and win the game but what if you run short of guns and you need coins, and money to purchase them? so unlimited crystals and money is awarded in its premium feature.

Now you can easily purchase new guns, and character costumes and upgrade them.

  • Unlimited Chaos Oil

Chaos oil is the fighter’s special silk bind attacking move which shows its weapon sharpness by utilizing the effect of 4 oils this chaos takes enough time to charge but this game enables you to get unlimited chaos oil to enhance your weapon sharpness.

How to Download this game?

This game is available on the Google Play Store but if you want to enjoy the premium features of this game for free then download it from this website.

Follow these steps to download this game.

  • Click on the download button to install this game
  • Click on the unknown source file and install this game
  • Follow the instructions and then click on the start button.

Order Zero Mod Apk


Order Zero Mod Apk is an Anime Shooting game that promotes a strong girl character who fights against giant monsters, protects their homeland brings peace and harmony, and became the heroine of the city.

This game has unlimited levels with the facility of upgrading fighting equipment like advanced guns and weapons and combating skills like one-hit kill, etc. Unlimited money is one of its premium features so you can purchase any weapon you need to kill your enemy. 

Its graphics, sound quality, and character’s looks and moves are amazing and give a realistic fighting mode. So, let’s aim for a target and shoot it.


Q. Is this game available on the google play store?

Yes, this game is available on the google play store but you can also download it from this website to enjoy all its premium features for free.

Q. Is it a safe and secure game?

Yes, this game is safe to download its updated version has fixed all the viruses and bugs and made it safe and sound.

Q. Can we play this game on smartphones?

Yes, we can easily install and play this game on smartphones its vertical mode enhances its credibility and gives an amazing view.

Q. Is it a girl's game?

Yes, this anime game is specially designed for girls who have a craze for shooting or fighting and want to learn combating skills to defeat their enemies and become strong warriors.

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