Ovilus Apk Mod

Ovilus Apk Mod

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App Name Ovilus Apk Mod
Size 35M
Latest Version 1.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer Vbe Inc
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.1 and up
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Update March 03, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Ovilus Apk Mod

Ovilus Apk Mod is the digital tool used in a paranormal investigation by using a scientific concept named Instrumental Transcommunication. It is a device that has been developed to help researchers and investigators to communicate with spirits. This device is very useful for those who love paranormal investigations as it makes their job easy.

Ovilus Apk Mod

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Introduction of Ovilus Apk Mod

This device has gained lots of reputation among many people. If you want to know more about this device, then here are some Ovilus Apk Mod reviews to help you get more information about this device.

Ovilus is a machine that claims to convert environmental readings into words. The device has been used in paranormal investigations to communicate with spirits allegedly. The device was developed by Bill Chappell, who also produced the Chappell Chi Generator. Chappell is the former president of the Parapsychology Association and has a PhD in parapsychology from England's University of London. He is retired and lives in Florida but reportedly works on Ovilus devices.

The device uses sensors to measure temperature and electromagnetic fields (EMF) in your environment and then converts those readings into speech through a built-in speaker or headphones (so you can record what it says). You can change the settings on Ovilus so it will say words in either a male or female voice at differing speeds. The goal of using the device is to have it say words that are relevant to your investigation, which could be interpreted as evidence of spirit communication.

How Does it work?

Ovilus Apk Mod is a piece of equipment that uses concepts of parapsychology and Instrumental Transcommunication to communicate with spirits. This device brings many different EMF values and converts them into words and phrases. Thus, this device can be used as an instrument for communication between living and dead people.

The Ovilus can detect electromagnetic (EMF) fields, temperature, light and barometric pressure changes. It then converts this data into audible speech and displays it on an LED screen, all in real-time. The device can convert readings from up to ten different sensors simultaneously. Many different modes allow you to test each sensor independently or as a group. Most ghost hunters consider the Ovilus an essential piece of equipment when they are out on an investigation.

This device is one of the most popular electronic devices used for communicating with spirits today. This is because it has been designed with the same technology used in the past when people used Ouija boards to contact their loved ones. The only difference between this device and the old one is that the ovilus has been adapted to work on computers instead of an Ouija board. This means that you can now use it anywhere and anytime you want!


The device works by transforming environmental readings into words. The idea is that spirits will manipulate the device to form words to communicate with us. The Ovilus IV can display the words on its screen, speak them aloud, or both.

  1. The Ovilus will turn environmental readings into real words. The Ovilus will convert environmental readings into spoken words.
  2. This device is not intended to promote communication with the dead.
  3. The device is intended for experimental use only and not for commercial use.
  4. This information is provided only for entertainment and educational purposes.
  5. The user accepts all responsibility for the use or misuse of the device.

Mod Features

There are some modded features of obvious apk mod. I am going to tell you all these modded features. Let's get started.

  1.  Advertisement Removed
  2. All ad calls from activity removed
  3. Ads banner layout removed
  4. Native Admob + Facebook ads banner layout removed
  5. Splash screen removed

How To Download and Install?

Ovilus APK Mod is a piece of paranormal equipment that uses a person's voice as a source of energy for communication with spirits.

  • First, download the Ovilus Apk from the given link.
  • Tap on the download button, and it will start downloading.
  • After downloading, install the Ovilus Apk Mod by allowing unknown sources in your mobile setting.
  • Open and enjoy it!


Ovilus mod is an experimental instrument designed to translate environmental readings into speech. The device contains several sensors to react to magnetic fields, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, light levels and ionization. This will enable it to be used by ghosts or spirits to communicate in haunted locations.


Q. Can I download the Ovilus Apk on an Android emulator like BlueStacks?

Yes, you can. The Ovilus Apk Mod works 100% on any PC with an updated operating system version.

Q. Is it safe to use this Ovilus Mod?

Yes, it is 100% safe on our Website.

Q. Is there a survey?

No, we will never force you to complete any survey, everything is free, and you can download Ovilus Apk with just one click.

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