Papa's Wingeria To Go Mod Apk

Papa's Wingeria To Go Mod Apk

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App Name Papa's Wingeria To Go Mod Apk
Size Varies with device
Latest Version 1.0.2
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer Flipline Studios
Content Rating Everyone
Requires Varies with device
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Update May 11, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Papa's Wingeria To Go Mod Apk

Papa's Wingeria To Go Mod Apk is a food-making flipdeck game, it is created by Flipline Studio.This game is a Flipdeck, so the character and food are all in the same place. The ingredients are separated into different sections, because this game is to go.The goal of this game is to make wings and other stuff for your customers. You will also earn money and tips, then use that money to decorate your restaurant.There are a few types of customers: Closers, Ranks, Holidays and Customers of the Day.

Papa's Wingeria To Go Mod Apk

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Introduction of Papa's Wingeria To Go Mod Apk

Papa's Wingeria To Go, the latest game in the award-winning Papa Louie restaurant management series! In this brand-new version of Papa's Wingeria, you are now in charge of a Wingeria To Go location. Instead of servers, your customers will place their wing orders on a ticket that you give them. When they're ready to pay, they'll hand you their ticket again so you can ring up their order and collect their money.

You'll have to adjust to the fast-paced To Go style of ordering, with new features like multi-task cooking, food tickets, and a passed food window that allows customers to interact with your restaurant while waiting for their wings. You'll also meet a whole new cast of colorful customers who can't wait to try your delicious wings!

Game Story

Papa's Wingeria To Go Mod Apk is a cooking game for Android by Flipline Studios. It is the sixth game in the Papa Louie restaurant management game series. In this game, you will have to help Matt prepare and serve tasty wings to his customers. There are many types of wings to cook, each with a different type of sauce that can be unlocked with more points earned during play. In addition, there are also different types of drinks and side dishes that can be unlocked.In addition to making great wings, you can also bake delicious brownies for your customers. 

Baking brownies is different from making wings because it involves using tons of ingredients like flour, eggs, butter and cocoa powder. Instead of taking individual orders from customers like before, you'll now be making batches of brownies by following recipes! You can create new recipes by mixing different ingredients together in the Mix Station and then baking them in the Oven Station. It's important to keep an eye on the oven because your brownies will burn if they're left in too long.


Hello everyone, Papa's Wingeria To Go Mod Apk has just been released for Android and iOS devices! This game has all the great features from the original flash version of Papa's Wingeria, but it also includes new gameplay features like multi-task cooking and more.

Here are some of the new features you'll find in Papa's Wingeria To Go:

MULTI-TASK COOKING - For the first time ever in a Papa Louie time-management game, you'll need to make multiple orders at the same time. Each customer will order a starter plate of wings, with three sauces of your choice. While they're eating that plate, you can start working on their next order of wings!

MORE CUSTOMERS - The game has 30 unique customers now, so there are plenty of characters to unlock and meet. Each customer also has a set of clothing items you can earn by serving them well.

NEW HOLIDAYS - We've added two new holidays for you to unlock: Starlight Jubilee and New Year's Eve. These holidays feature brand-new clothing items for your customers to wear!

NEW TOPPINGS - There are lots of brand-new toppings in Papa's Wingeria To Go.

MOD Features

The app was released on October 2, 2014 for IOS and was released on May 7, 2015 for Android.

  • Papa's Wingeria To Go! features:
  • Over 60 customers to unlock with unique orders.
  • All new controls and gameplay designed for smaller screens.
  • Multi-task between 8 different areas of the restaurant: Greeting, Seating, Ordering, Breading, Grilling & Saucing, Delivering Orders, Drinks Station, and Dessert Station.
  • Earn 50 achievements to unlock even more items in each station.

How to download and install?

Download & Install Papa's Wingeria To Go!

Downloading & Installing Papa's Wingeria To Go! is fast, simple and easy!

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the game.
  2. Open the download file on your computer.
  3. Double-click the file to install it.
  4. Once the installation has finished you can run the game and get cooking!


Papa's Wingeria To Go is an Android application and it is available on Google play store. It is an android version of Papa’s Wingeria. If you are looking for a good time management game then this particular game will be quite suitable.The aim of the player in this particular game is to prepare the orders of the customers and serve them as fast as possible. You can earn lots of tips if you are able to serve your customers on time. The more customers you’ll be able to satisfy, the more your tips will be.


Q. Q: What devices can I play this game on?

A: You can play Papa's Wingeria To Go! on your iPhone and iPad.

Q. Q: How do I earn the Game Center achievement badges?

A: Some of the badges are earned by reaching certain levels of each type of food. Other badges are achieved by completing certain tasks within the game, like serving a specific amount of customers in one day.

Q. Q: Can I still play if my device is not connected to the internet?

A: Yes, you can play Papa's Wingeria To Go! offline. Your progress will be saved to your device locally.

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