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App Name 2 Apk
Size 45M
Latest Version 1.8.1
MOD Features Ads Free
Developer VOODOO
Content Rating 4.0
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
Download Now is a web-based game in which our objective is to overcome as much area as possible reasonably be expected to abstain from getting eaten up by our foes. Paper io 2 is the subsequent part of this game and offers us pretty much the same gameplay yet with improved playability and better graphics.

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Fundamentally, the gameplay is the same as the first, yet there are various variations. The most significant task of the player in 2 is to cover as much space on the board as possible. When you begin the game you will be given a little piece of paper.

But in contrast to the first game, you do not move in four-direction navigation. So, you only have to touch your mobile phone screen and draw the lines of your choice. 2 APK is a straightforward game in mechanics io, where the primary character is a colored 3D square. He, thus, leaves, similar to a snail, bodily fluid with the respective color. This means that if the 3D shape is yellow, then it will leave yellow-colored lines.

Rivals will be many, each of them has unique opportunities, and collecting bonuses can help them win. You need to move quickly and try not to get on the line of another color.

Gobble up your Enemies

What we need to do is overcome as much area as possible with the goal that your enemies do not eat you while you are trying to eat them. How? It is very simple: Conquer their land and stop them when they are trying to get more space on the board.

You will be facing the same danger as them, so, be careful when it comes to setting out on your adventure as the smallest mistake could lead the game to end. The only safe place is your home unless it also gets eaten up.


It is an endless easygoing game wherein as you kill enemies, new ones show up.

Conquering Enemy territory

To assert some authority on the board, you should simply encompass a territory of land. It doesn’t make a difference if the territory you are attempting to conquer is free or belongs to another player. If you figure out how to do this, you can win this game.

Different players can do likewise to you and remove some portion of your region. You are the most helpless in 2 when you are vanquishing new regions. When another player crosses your limits, you will be crushed so watch out. 2 MOD APK

As for the style of the game, everything is trendy and attractive. 3D impacts make the graphics very appealing. You pump up your skills and buy additional bonuses, so play and have fun.

If you do not wish to spend real money on upgrades and bonuses, simply download 2 MOD APK. The mosses version of this game will give you UNLIMITED BONUSES and other additional features to make it easier for you to win the game.

Tips for 2 APK

  • Cut the line:

When your opponent is moving into the neutral territory, cut through the line that they will leave behind on the path. This will kill the opponent and he will be out of the game.

  • Stay within your area:

You should not move out too far from your area even if this can bring you a large part of the territory. In case you are spotted by opponents in the neutral zone, they will cut through your line and kill you right away.

  • Occupy smaller territory:

The distance is so far away that you can hardly get back in time in case you get attacked in the neutral zone. You can choose to play safer by occupying a small part of the territory.

Features of 2 APK

  1. Musical accompaniment and visual effect
  2. Quality and diverse gameplay of the game
  3. Time killer in its pure form
  4. Visual style
  5. Beautiful locations and other trivia
  6. Bonuses and other trivia
  7. Simple management in which there is nothing complicated
  8. Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4
  9. Offers in-app purchases
  10. Addictive game
  11. Colorful and fun
  12. Multiplayer game


Paper Io 2 APK is a game with a lot of colors – each piece of paper is of a different color with the name of the player on it. Players with the largest territory in the game are at the top rankings.

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