Pocket FM Mod APK Free Download

Pocket FM Mod APK Free Download

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App Name Pocket FM Mod APK Free Download
Size 20MB
Latest Version 5.7.0
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Pocket FM
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 18, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Pocket FM Mod APK

If you are one of those who loves to listen to audio music on radio and if you are interested in  stories in audio then this application is exactly for you. We bring a  wonderful app in which all the features are present for which you  are searching for. Pocket FM Mod apk is an application in which you can listen to the latest and old audiobooks songs,  radio, audio stories, podcasts and different courses and audio books.This app is becoming very popular all over the World as well as in India.

Pocket FM mod has users all over the globe. That is the reason for having a large number of users and thousands of reviews on this single application. 

As this app has many features so you would never get bored while using it. Radio is also included in this app through  which you can listen to channels around the World to entertain yourself and also listen to hundreds of audio books.   

This app is so optimizing having no complaints of lagging issues. Pocket FM is also an app that helps you relax effectively and helps you sleep better every night. Relaxing music in the app will help you have a much more comfortable and enjoyable time. There are many different genres in the app, so the app can satisfy the user’s different music preferences, especially the app that offers meditation music, giving you peace of mind and peace of mind. Relaxation in life. Therefore, Pocket FM app will help you adjust your life rhythm with passionate music. This app provides many audio songs.You will love it. This is an Indian app, so you would find many Indian songs on it as well as Indian stories of all that category like religious, personal biography , romantic, self motivational and many more.

Pocket FM Mod

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1: Brilliant FM:

In the past, the most frequently used and optimized device was radio. Radio was one the devices that allowed people not only to listen to music but also become  full of knowledge about current affairs of local government as well as all over the World. . But in the modern age radios have been replaced by mobile and television.  Therefore the creators of this app have provided   this feature so people would again be able to listen to radio on their mobile phone. It   is an amazing  feature of this app. You just have to turn on the radio option and it will auto tune every channel that is available in our current location without any effort. This app has 24 hours radio services so you can listen to it when you want to listen and whatever you want without any restriction. So you    can listen to Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi as well as other regional stations on the internet while using this app without any effort or difficult method. 

2: Relaxing Music:

If you are feeling depressed and stressed after a busy day. You would surely want to relieve yourself by listening to soft -sounding music. We  know that music is the most popular choice for people to relax in any stage of life. So you can unlock a vast amount of soothing music by using this app. As a result I would help us to refresh and refresh  our minds by relaxing us completely. The  creators of this app have programmed this app not only for fast and energetic  music but also not to forget to include a large amount of meditation music that will vanish all your worries  and bring a peace in your life. Many people believe that music is as important as water, air and food for human beings because it nourishes our spirit through this type of meditation music. 

 3: Podcast:

If you want to create a podcast about someone’s personal love story about the life of a person or people but. You can find a huge number of podcasts, not only Indian but also international, so this app is very helpful for you to create a podcast by yourself.

 4: Play Music:

  Pocket FM application provides thousands of songs and all time of music you exactly want. This app provides so many impressive features that after using it, you’ll literally say that this app is made for you.. While using this amazing app, you don’t need any other app to play music.

That’s why people are so impressed by this application.

When you feel depressed and stressed, you can listen to it to relax yourself. It has so much relaxing music that you can listen to before going to bed to get a good sleep. The most amazing thing about this feature is that whenever you want to update this app, it will add more songs and music itself.

 5: English Courses:

We all are aware of the importance of english. The English language has become an international language. All of us wanted to learn and speak English fluently because by learning this language, lwe can communicate all over the globe.But the people who are not able to understand can use this app for learning English.This feature is for those people who want to learn English easily and quickly. Pocket FM also has this feature which will  help you to learn English without any fear of taking lectures regularly and without any restriction of going somewhere to learn `

This app has many English Courses that you can listen to learn English. The creators of this app include such simple and easy courses so you will never find any difficulty while learning English.

 6: Audio Book:

   This app provides another wonderful feature that will help to connect with all cultural and religious activities by only listening to audio. It will help a lot to become close to your religion  and culture because no one has too much time to perform their culture and religious task. Because of lack of knowledge, we are going so far from our cultural and religious deeds. By using this app, you can set audio about any topic and can listen to it while doing anything. You can also listen to a good book by having an audio version of that book on your Fm Mod apk.      

7: Various Language:

There are different  languages in this app so if you are not able to understand English, you can use this app in your own mother tongue. A person can easily choose the Language he understands.

 8: No Membership Needed

This first version of this app has membership.It means,i f you don't have any membership of this app then you won’t be able to use this app or even to   download this application on your mobile phones. But in the latest mod version, you don’t need anything because this version is totally free of cost and also you don't  need  to have any membership to use this app even if you won’t pay a single coin to use it. .  It means you can save money by getting the Pocket FM mod version free of cost and you can also use itsevery  features without membership. So if you want to get this app free of cost, download its mod version which is free of cost.

 9 No ads:

         Mod version of Pocket FM doesn’t contain ads in this app so you will never see any kind of notification while using this app. You also don’t need to pay to remove the ads because this app never charges their users. So you can have a lot of fun without any disturbance.

10: VIP Content

In the old version of Pocket FM, you could not play VIP content of this application without buying the monthly membership of this app. But now, by using the Pocket FM mod version, you don’t need to spend money to get VIP content because all the VIP content is free of cost for the mod version. So you would be able to use all features of this app free of cost in the Mod version of Pocket Fm Apk.


11: Different Stories to Listen:

   Pocket FM has so many awesome features for their users. That is why it is one of the top rating apps all over the world.

One of the wonderful features of this application is that a huge number of stories and episodes are provided in this app.

 This is one of the most unique features of this app. If you love to listen to different stories then you are at the right place. This app provides multiple stories like horror, romantic, thriller, mystery, love, crime, moral and many others. This app has more than 1o thousands plus stories that you can listen to on this app. The best thing is that this app has different languages so if you are not able to understand English, you can choose another language.


Pocket FM is a wonderful application because it provides so many features to its users. In this application, you can listen to your favorite music, many audiobooks ,and a huge amount of stories. You can also listen to different channels of radio and more.

That’s why, you would never get bored of it. This app has been downloaded and used by millions of people all over the World. If you are a busy person and never get time for reading your favorite book, you can download the audio version of that book by using this app. Before you go to get good sleep, you can relax your mind by listening to soothing music.

Before you go, please share your good experience about Pocket FM with our friends and everyone you know. Don’t forget to leave a lovely comment in the comment section.

Pocket FM Mod APK


Q. How to get a Pocket FM mod APK without membership?

You can use this app without having any type of membership and also without paying even a single coin to download it. you can easily download the same application in the Mod version to use this app without any membership.

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