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App Name Poppy Playtime apk
Size 609MB
Latest Version 1.0.6
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer MOB Games Studio
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update September 07, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Poppy Playtime apk

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Poppy Playtime Apk

Poppy Playtime is a horror game with a lot of adventure and secrets in it.This game actually is about a toy factory that was abandoned years ago.The reason why this factory was abandoned is still a secret and no one knows about it.This factory was very successful in its era and was kinda famous . It’s name was Playtime Co. But it got abandoned a very long time ago.This is a curiosity for a lot of people and the players too and they are going to find the reasons why this Factory got shut down.The gamers will get a whole lot of opportunities to investigate the case of Playtime Factory.This game has such a horror effect because even when the factory is closed it still looks lively.The toys that were manufactured in the factory a long time ago seem to gain life and they are wandering around in the factory.The thing that makes the game more horror is that its surroundings seem to be more horror. All the things feel real and dark.The toys are roaming and are now deadly dangerous.The players now have to investigate and solve the mysteries of the game.But during solving these mysteries these players have to stay safe from the toys that can cause danger to these players. 

These toys include Poppy, Huggy, bot and many more toys that were manufactured here when the store was running. In order to reveal the secret, players have to stay alive until the end . It is a very huge factory and the players have to explore the place in order to reveal the secrets . There are many levels and it is a very fun game to play. More and more secrets will be revealed as the game upgrades and proceeds to next levels. The game graphics are also awesome and they are not even heavy. Modern games are heavy because of their 3d graphics but Poppy Playtime is not heavy at all. It does not use that much of your device storage and is not bad for your device at all.Players have to solve puzzles and new levels are unlocked. The levels got harder and harder as the players played. The player role is as an ex-worker in that industry. There will be music and new stuff in this game.


Features of Poppy Playtime Apk

Poppy Playtime is a game with very fun features that just add a cherry on top . The features are  given below:

  • High Quality Graphics:

This game has very high quality graphics that give you a realistic feel. This game is a horror game and these graphics increase the fun of playing the game. The surroundings look so scary and dark . This game gives you a real horror movie experience and is fun to play. The toys present in the game also feel real and are deadly dangerous. 

  • The VHS Tapes and the songs:

The game is famous for its songs and VHS tapes. The songs are very awesome and they give you a thrilling feeling that increases the fun and the fear for the toys.The song ‘NO MORE HUGS’ is played in the game when you are being chased by the horrifying toy Huggy , and this scene is very famous because of the song and the toy chasing.

A lot of recordings are also played in the game when something suspicious is going to happen. The recordings give you clues and help you find the truths and secrets about the game.

  • Ad-free:

If you are someone who doesn't like interruptions while playing the game then you are at the right place . This version of the game is Ad-free and you will not have to face video or audio pop-ups that always destroy the fun of playing a game. There is no third-party advertisement in this game. You can enjoy the game to its core without any barrier.

  • Adventurous and horror story:

The story of this game is horror and is very interesting. A toy factory that got abandoned a long time ago, you have to find the reason why that factory was shut down without any notice. And while doing the mission you will get to know that the toys that were manufactured here are alive and are deadly dangerous. You have to save yourselves from those toys and find the truth hidden in the closed walls of the factory. 

  • Smooth and adjustable Controls:

The game is very fun to play and you will be able to handle the controls very easily as the game gives you the instructions as well. The instructions are very simple and you will learn easily how to play and have fun while investigating the factory. You can use the bags, your hands and many more things to get rid of the toys and save yourself.

  • Multiple Missions:

            The gamers will be provided with many missions and when doing these missions the gamers have to protect themselves . They’ll be given more clues about the factory as they complete the missions. The more you play the harder the game will become. The game is endless fun and you’ll never get bored of the game. These missions will take you to new places in the factory. 

  • No account required:

You do not need to register the account before playing the game.This game can be played even without an account so stop worrying about making accounts. 

  • Poppy Playtime Free Download and unblocked:

Poppy Playtime is free of cost , You do not have to pay a single penny to play this game. Just download the game from the download button and enjoy your time playing this game. 

  • Poppy Playtime Upgrade:

The game can be upgraded easily. As you do the missions the game will also be upgraded and more missions will be unlocked and you will get to know more secrets about the game and the reason why the factory got abandoned?

Poppy Playtime Mobile

Poppy Playtime can also be downloaded on your mobile phone/android devices. And to download it you just have to click the download button and wait for 6 to 11 seconds cause the server is preparing the files and then it will start downloading on your androids.

When the apk is downloaded you can install it after allowing the installation from your device security system. This will tackle a while and after that the game will be installed and is ready to be played by the players. 

Poppy Playtime PC

Poppy Playtime can also be installed on your PC and the process is the same for PC/Laptop. You have to download the given link. Then allow the installation on your PC and install it. And it is ready to play.

Poppy Playtime Age Rating

According to Google Play Store, the game Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is highly rated for teens. That means that this game is more famous in the teens.However, the Poppy Playtime for PC still hasn't declared the age rating.

Poppy Playtime Boogie Bot

Boogie bot is a green robot in the game. He is also a toy as the other toys and is a very  potential antagonist. He has a green head and for eyes there is space and eyeballs are lighted . He is just like other toys but his real enlightenment is still unknown and will be revealed after many updates and new announcements. 

Poppy Playtime Doll

The Poppy Playtime doll has long legs. They are known as Huggy Wuggy. They are the scariest dolls in the game and they chase you in the game . You have to try hard to get away from them and not get chased because if they catch you, you are dead. There is a scene in the game when Huggy starts chasing you and the song ‘NO MORE HUGS’ starts playing. This scene is very famous and is liked by all the players. 

Poppy Playtime Logo

The Logo imager of Poppy Playtime consists of simple texts and clear geometrical shapes. The logo is free of restrictions such as copyrights. The image is in the domain of Public.But the image may be subject to some resolutions.  

Poppy Playtime Movie

Poppy Playtime is an American movie made in 2022 based on the game with the same name (Poppy Playtime) . This movie almost has the same storyline as the game has. The employees of the factory vanished and a former-employee decided to check into the factory to investigate and find the real reason behind that abandoned factory.

Poppy Playtime Release Date

Poppy Playtime movie was released on 21st of October in 2021.

“ Poppy Playtime: Directed by Isaac Christopherson. With Nola Klop, Emily Frongillo, Zachery Preciado, Robin Nelson”

Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime Toys

Poppy playtime Toys include Huggy, Wuggy, Poppy , Boogie bot and a lot of other toys. These toys are very dangerous and they are ready to kill the player anytime.To play the game we need to be safe from these toys and do the missions. But these toys are very scary.These toys were manufactured in the Playtime co factory when it was famous and when this factory got abandoned these toys never came out in the market and got locked in the factory forever.

And the employees also vanished but when a former employee came to look at the factory he saw strange and creepy things in the factory and he decided to investigate a little.During the investigation, he found out that the toys have begotten life and they are deadly dangerous and scary but he didn’t run away and did find the secrets of the factory . That former employee is actually the plate that a person is gonna play in the game.

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