Prequel Mod APK  All Unlocked For Android

Prequel mod APK All Unlocked for Android

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App Name Prequel mod APK All Unlocked for Android
Size 88.77 MB
Latest Version v1.63.0
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Prequel Inc.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 7.0 and up
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Update April 17, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Prequel Mod APK: 


Dear users! If you are searching for a video and clips editing app then congratulations, you have come to the right place. Here we are presenting to you the best editing app which is a prequel mod APK. Now you will wonder how this app is the best editing app as there are many other editing apps available. So dear users! Hold your breaths as we are going to tell you all about this app step by step. 

If you like editing or you are a video editor then you can use this app freely which is offering you so many things in one place. So you can say that this app is a master pack of all the wonderful video editing features.

Moreover, you can not only edit your videos through this app but also your pics. There are many filters and amazing tools available for you on this application. You will find all of your favorites and trending features and filters on this app.

Prequel meaning:

A prequel word means a play or a film that precedes the story of any earlier film. This word has come from the Latin word pre which means before.

Prequel Mod APK

Features of Prequel Mod APK:

Let's have a look at the brilliant features of this editing application.

  • Professional filters:

This app contains all the professional filters and editing tools that you can use easily to edit your pics and videos professionally. So if you want to edit your pictures then this app is incredible and if you are a professional editor then you are not going to find any best editing app anywhere.

  • Easy to handle:

Some editing apps are so complex that only a professional editor can operate the tools of the app. But this app is easily operated as all the functions are easy to handle and all the tools are very nicely managed. So anyone can operate this app precisely.

  • Camera for pictures:

You can also take your pictures from this wonderful app. So you can take and edit your picture from the same platform this picture makes picture editing easier because in other editing apps you first have to go into your gallery and find that picture which you want to edit then select that picture and then the picture got displayed on the app but in prequel mod APK you can take and edit pictures from the same platform and the all process will become easier to do.

  • Unique tools:

Simple editing apps contain simple editing tools for pictures and videos and if you want some professional kind of editing then you have to buy the premium version of the editing app but this app is providing you an opportunity to enjoy the professional type of editing free of cost with a lot of professional and unique tools that are easily accessible.

  • Customize settings:

In this wonderful app, you can customize the tools and can customize settings according to your preferences. You can combine two or more filters like vintage, cinema, VHS, and many more. Here you can edit your pics and videos all according to you by applying more than 1 tool at a time.

  • The gold version of prequel mod APK:

If you want more tools for professional editing then you may get the gold version of equal mod APK. It costs very little and the editing results are just up to the mark.

  • New tools and filters every week:

Although there is a huge number of filters and tools already available in this app and other professional tools are present that you can use at any time but besides this, they keep updating new and new filters and tools for their users every week. so you are not going to get this much variety of editing tools and filters in any other editing application.

  • Backup app:

If you are using another editing app and you want a special type of tool for editing which is not present in your previous editing application then there is no need to worry because prequel mode APK will provide you with any filter and tool and you can find your favorite tool here in this application very easily. So this application acts as a backup when you are not finding a specific tool in any application then this editing app will help you in that condition.

  • 3D editing:

This incredible editing app will give you an option in which you can make your pictures as 3D moving pictures at any time.

  • Templates:

This editing application provides a large number of templates for fun pages.

  • Video introduction:

Here you will also find authentic intros for different types of videos so if you want a written-in true for your video then you may get it easily from prequel mod APK.

  • Version:

A version of this best editing application is 1.46.0

  • Several downloads:

The number of people who have downloaded this wonderful application is more than 10 million. Now You can easily understand why a large number of people are using this editing application. Of course, they are getting all the best tools and filters from this editing application and they find it number one among all.

Prequel mod APK download:

If you want to download this wonderful editing application then you may follow the following guidelines as we are guiding you step by step that how you can download this amazing editing application

  • To download any application first you must check how much space that application requires
  • The prequel mode APK requires 119 MB of space so if you want to download this editing application then make sure that you have 119 MB of free space on your device
  • This is an APK application so you must have APK file on your device
  • If you don't have APK file then download it to your device
  • The most important thing is that this application requires the Android version of 7.0 
  • So if you want to download then make sure that your device has the version Android version of 7.0 and any latest version 

Now you may download this application from the given link under the article.

nstallation commands:

  • Before installing you must permit all the unknown resources on your device 
  • After permitting click on the given link and it will lead you to the application
  • Then tap on the install app key.
  • The app will be installed within a few seconds 
  • After the installation will be completed the app will appear on the homepage of your device 
  • Now you are just a click away from enjoying this wonderful application.

Prequel mod APK without the watermark:

If you want to do your work on a prequel editing application without a watermark then you have to install the latest version of the prequel premium mod APK without a watermark. It will cost you a little to buy the premium mode and after downloading you can make your premium and professional videos, and any type of edits in them freely and easily without the watermark.

Prequel APK premium:

The premium version of this editing application is also available in which you may get a large number of specific and professional tools and filters. There is a long list of options templates that you may use to edit your pictures and videos. The premium version is giving you so much in one place so if you want to get an endless list of professional tools and all the latest filters then you may install the prequel mod APK premium on your device. This version of this editing application is easily accessible at any place and you can download it on your mobile phones and any other devices for editing purposes.

Prequel app online:

To load all the available filters and tools you must have an internet connection. It means that you can use the app in the presence of a strong internet. If you are facing some trouble and your app is not working then you should first check your internet connection as this app will not work when you are offline. This app will do its best when you are online means you have a strong and stable internet connection.

Prequel filter:

There are a series of filters available on the prequel editing application you can find all the old and latest filters on this app the professional filters are also available. aesthetic filters like Catalina, novel, and academy are available. There is also the beauty filter available on this application which is considered the basis of an editing application. Besides this, there is a long list of famous and engrossing photo filters including:

  • Black and white
  • Street
  • Typography
  • pixel Wakker
  • Sepia
  • Amaro.

Prequel cartoon filter:

There is a new filter in the market which everyone is using and getting addicted to.

These are the cartoon filters by which you can convert yourself into a cartoon character.

Prequel mod APK also contains this cartoon filter which the people are using and enjoying this filter.

This cartoon filter is available free of cost so feel free to apply this to your pictures during editing even, it will give an aesthetic type of effect to your picture and videos. There are many cartoon filters available on the prequel. The cartoon filters of the prequel are getting viral day by day.

Latest version:

The new version of this editing application has come with some new features and updates. The latest version of Prequel MOD APK is v1.46.0. This brilliantly updated version was recently updated on 22 July 2022. This staggering app is required OD, Android 7.0 and above. 

The developers are trying hard to make this application better. In the new version, there are some special types of effects introduced that you can use in NFT projects. There are animated frames available that you can customize by giving them special captions. This will make your work remarkable in this way, and it will help the NFT editors to do their best in their field.

Release date:

Prequel mod APK was released on May 24 2020 it is updated on July 22, 2022. In just a span of two years, this app has become so much popular and accepted all over the world. 


This wonderful editing application was offered by Prequel Inc. The developers of this application are working more to make this app outstanding and recognizable in the whole world as they are providing very much in a small pack.

Pros and cons:

Every app has its advantages and disadvantages. We are going to tell you some of them regarding this editing application.

Pros of Prequel MOD APK:

First, we will tell you some Pros of this application which are going to convince you to use this editing application for sure. Because the pros are much more attractive than the cons. Dear users! Let's have a look at them.

  • No pop-up ads are showing up while using this app
  • you can fine-tune the intensity of filters.
  •  this app is very easy to operate

These were some advantages of using this application. 

Cons of Prequel MOD APK:

Now we will discuss a few cons of this application as it is perfect in all aspects. It has only 2 cons

  • The subscription prices of this app are overcharged
  • While editing you cannot undo any intermediate steps of your project.

Final Words:

So, dear users! To compile up all the things, it is a free suggestion from us to must have this extraordinary application. As this app will facilitate you in every aspect. And hence, it will also help you a lot in making your videos and clips more professional and engrossing. Above all, this is the most secure and trustworthy editing application. So, dear users! Just go to our link and download this bewildering application.



Q. Does this app also have a free version?

yes this app has a free version in which you can get a lot of filters and tools free of cost.

Q. Is this app trustworthy?

Yes, you can use this app trustfully because the developers have claimed the user data safety and all your data is safe.

Q. Can we use this app without the internet?

No, you need a strong internet connection to operate this editing application as it needs the internet to load filters and tools for editing.

Q. Can we use this application without a watermark?

To edit your pictures and videos in this adding application without a watermark you need to get the gold premium version of prequel mod APK

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