Prison Escape Mod APK

Prison Escape Mod APK

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App Name Prison Escape Mod APK
Size 101 MB
Latest Version v 1.21.8
MOD Features unlimited money
Developer OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Content Rating Rated for 7+ Mild Violence
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
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About Prison Escape Mod APK For Android This addictive game is all about a prisoner escaping by planning a jailbreak and getting a death penalty, with only minutes left, you must work a plan with limited time to get out of there. The entire prison is realistically simulated so you can explore the cells, interact with guards and prisoners, and talk to the doctor.

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 Prison Escape Apk allows you to choose various objectives while in the prison. The first mission gives you an overview of the prison environment and gives you a short description of each area. There are two types of missions available. One requires you to find a specific item and another requires you to find a specific number of items. The objective varies with each level but they always take you to another part of the prison where you must use your skills to escape. You can play as prisoner or guards. Guards are trained in hand to hand combat and can eliminate several opponents, while prisoners are on the verge of death due to lack of food and water. You can purchase weapons and arm yourself with tools. These 30 exciting action missions are based on the true story of one man who planned a prison escape.


This Prison Escape APK mod is unique because it provides you with a realistic environment, sound effects and graphics. The Prison Escape Apk Mod features all 30 levels of excitement. While playing through the levels you will encounter some guards who look real enough to kill while one looks like just an android. The difficulty increases as you move further into the prison. Some of the guards may sneak out unnoticed but that's not going to happen in real life. You have to be careful and keep a good balance between killing the guards and avoiding those ugly-looking robots.

 Some of the games require you to use certain codes and some don't. Some of them are time limited and some are game time limited. It depends on your choices. Some of them are very difficult, so be careful not to spend too much time on them. There is one level that has a time limit of 60 minutes. The prison escape starts when you are given a list of numbers. The numbers don't look right and you need to use detective skills to solve the mystery. You need to find the exit through use of riddles and clues. The level gets harder the further you progress through. It is possible to find two methods to solve the riddles.


 The first method is to use the jailbreak mod. This has to be used for the PC version. This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After installation, restart your android phone and use the jailbreak mod. This will allow you to bypass all of the alarms. You can see a pop-up asking you to activate it. The second method is to use a different strategy. You can use the jailbreak mod again but this time without the use of the application. You should open up the game and use a new cheat code. This will allow you to bypass all of the alarms this time and reach the level of the prison escape. If you successfully escaped, you will earn a lot of money.


 The last way is to get help from the Prison Rising: Island of Secrets. You have to make use of a lot of items in order to complete the game successfully. If you fail to do so, you will be forced to start all over again with a new map. The island of secrets allows you to purchase upgrades for your prison escape successfully.



Escape for freedom

This is the last part of the game that is worth trying. As soon as you finish the last level and you are not at money, you should immediately go to the marketplace and buy more credits. This will help you to get through the level as fast as possible. Credit is divided equally between all of your characters, so you should concentrate on getting more of them in order to level up faster. This is very important especially if you want to reach the final level.


 If you have successfully played the jailbreak mod, you can use the jailbreak mod creator to create your own videos. You can post these videos on YouTube or you can send them to other members of the group. When you make a video using the jailbreak mod, it will become available to the whole group. There are two ways by which you can help spread the news about jailbreak. Either you just send them the link of this page or you post it in your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace profile.

How to download and install Prison Escape Download?

  1. First of all click on the download button, the apk file will automatically start downloading 
  2. Search the downloaded apk file in the download folder of your mobile and open it for installation
  3. Go to your mobile settings and click on security and and click on unknown resources 
  4. Now open the app and Enjoy


We have mentioned all information of the prison escape mod apk. We are imparting you the mod version of the app. In this mod, you will get all of the app's top-class functions free of fee. Get all gear unlocked for you and enjoy a unique experience. If you want any further help from us or face any troubles at some point of setup or have any vital queries, provide us your remarks with whole info. Thank you

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