Procreate Pocket APK Mod 1.0.0 for Android & IOS Free Download

It helps you to create stunning art pieces from scratch. With this Procreate Pocket APK, you can create sketches, illustrations, paintings and much more. This app is officially an app developed for iPhone users. The huge demand for this app encouraged many developers to come with its tweaked version.

Procreate Pocket APK mod

It is the tweaked version for Android of the official app but from third-party developers. Take your visual creativity to the next level with this app. It takes advanced sketching, digital drawings, illustrations, and image editing, and fits it into your smartphone or tablet.

Now you can take your sketchbook anywhere you go!

Download Procreate Android APK

Do you enjoy drawing and wish you could carry your canvas or sketchbook with you anywhere you go? Well, this app is here to fulfill your wish. Download Procreate for FREE on android and start drawing!

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NameProcreate Android APK
Last updated2019-07-10
RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
CategoryFree Beauty APP
Size22.5 MB
Get it onGoogle play

About Procreate Android APK

It provides practical devices, brushes, inks, and other art tools that work simply like the real ones. This app includes layer creating like Photoshop, custom canvas as high as ultra HD 4K, GPU quickened channels, ongoing modifications, consistent auto spare, over 136 brushes to use, more than 250 degrees of fix and re-try, and so much more.

It is fabulous for portraying, image outline and everything that you can create in a hurry. In short, you have a mini art studio right in your hands.

The official version of this app costs $9.99 on Apple Play Store but the android mod version is accessible for FREE. It won the Apple Design Award and rates 5 stars on the Play Store. Android users can get this app and enjoy its benefits with Procreate Android APK. You can download and install it only on your Android phone but it is not available on Google Play Store.

If you want to know how you can get this app on your Android phone, keep reading!

Features of Procreate Android APK

  • Brushes

There are numerous brushes to play with and all of them are COOL! The best part is that you can download new ones made by other individuals (simply like in Photoshop) and create your images on your gadget. By utilizing various surfaces and playing with edges, you can get brushes of your own and even offer yours to other users. There is an entire pack of settings that encourages you to make the alterations.

  • Smooth Experience

This app works very smoothly. There is no lag or slack while drawing or sketching. Each stroke is smoothly presented. While using this app, you won’t feel the difference between digital drawing and conventional drawing. If only, you’ll enjoy this more!

  • Record and Analyze

With this app, you do not have to figure out how to perform better as it does the job for you. It records your every brushstroke and gives you a lot of supportive material to re-watch your drawing process in time-lapse.

With the help of Time-Lapse Replay, the users can recall their artistic adventures. They can also export their recording for high-quality production of videos. It breaks down your work process so you can spot where you need improvement.

The users are allowed to share their version of the Time-Lapse Recording of thirty-seconds with their social media forums and show off their creative skills with their fans.

  • Formats

It works with TIFF, PSD, PNG, JPEG and PDF documents, which means you can transfer your work between phone and PC very easily. It is additionally useful for setting up your illustrations for printing. Because there is no CMYK mode in the application, so it is s quite helpful to send out your PSD document to PC for further advance editing.

  • Canvases

This app provides the users massive Ultra High Definition (HD) canvas with nearly 4K to 16K on Pro 12.9″ and 10.5″. You can also have other quality ranges and sizes as per your requirements. Furthermore, it allows you to resize and crop the canvas according to your preference.

  • Quick Menu

The advanced customizable Quick Menu puts all your favorite tools at your fingertips and makes the app simpler to use. The Quick Menu gives you revolutionary new editing tools including Quick Shape. This feature is for amazing shape.

  • High Optimization

A keyboard can be linked for using advanced features shortcuts like epic redo and continuous auto-save, 64-bit color, and 250 levels of undoing.

  • Advance brushes

This app is filled with numerous amazing brushes. This epic brush system comes with more than 50 settings for each brush you pick. You can even design your brushes and share them with your friends. Furthermore, the brushes can be exported as well as imported to the desktop of its users.

  • Layers

The perfect system of layers allows you to layer the work to have control over every element. Utilize Layer Masks and Clipping Masks are available for beautiful editing. You can also combine different layers in groups to keep your work organized. Choose numerous layers to move or you can transform the objects at the same time.

  • Colors

Color your artwork exactly how you want to color. With the help of ColorDrop, providing 64-bit color for higher accuracy, you can add the colors in your art as quickly as possible. The Input RGB, HSB and HEX values will assure you get the same color matching.

  • Designing Tools

It has all the pro-level design tools that you’ve ever wished for. A vector text can be added to your illustration. You can also refine alignment Text spacing for a perfect finish, export or import the fonts that you like, and so much more. All your favorite fonts and much more. You will also get an amazing guide on drawing such as 2D, Perspective, Isometric, etc.

  • Effects

This app gives you epic effects such as GPU acceleration for stunning perspective blur and a lightening speed for desired results. You will also have Motion Blur filters and disconcertingly fast Gaussian.

Some other effects include adjusting hue and balancing the exposure, sharpen to image for perfect clarity, and adding noise to the canvas. Other powerful image adjustments include Color Balance, Recolor and Curves.

Is Procreate Android APK Safe? 

Disregard any articles or websites that state APK files are not safe. Generally speaking, all the APK files are as safe as the source. The most important thing is that you should download an APK file from a trustworthy and reputable source.

It is very safe to use and install on your phone. It will not damage your device or exploit your data in any way. It has already been downloaded by many Android users.

Download and Install Procreate Android APK 

This app is not available on the Google Play Store so you will have to enable unknown sources. Go to the Settings tab from the menu of your Android device. Select ‘Security’ and turn on unknown sources to allow third-party downloads.

Now follow the instructions as mentioned below.

  • Installation Instructions:
  1. Download File: Download the APK file of this app from the internet making sure that there is sufficient internal storage on your device and the link you are using is safe.
  2. Open File: Move to the “Downloads” folder and search for the download APK file of Procreate Android.
  3. Install: Install the app giving it all the required permissions to install and operate in the device correctly.
  4. Run app: Run the app without the internet for the first time and close once loaded.
  5. Restart: Now, you can restart the app with an internet connection turned on.
  6. Play: That’s it! Now you can play Procreate Android APK on your phone without any limitations!
  7. Update: Make sure you update the app regularly to get all the latest features.

Shortcomings of Procreate Android APK 

  • Masks

Luckily cutting masks have been added to the app with some ongoing update (whoopee!). Even though basic layer masks are still rather basic for instance, you cannot create a cover from choice and need to paint the borders you need to hide. With an app, this advanced, more updated masks should be added.

  • No vectors

A lot of people enjoy working with vector shapes and covers in Photoshop and Illustrator as it gives a great deal of power over the drawing. Whereas in Procreate, this becomes a little hard as the vectors are not very smooth and you have to be careful handling them.

  • Adjustment Layers

This is the greatest drawback of this app. You can change hues, immersion or differentiation for individual layers. In any case, you cannot modify your layers in a group all at once. This can be very time consuming and frustrating.


It is an excellent app for digital artists however, it can be quite complicated for newbies. You should watch tutorials and guides before using the app, especially to uncover the hidden gems. The best features of the app like time-lapse are concealed away so you should get acquainted with the app first.

What makes Procreate better than Photoshop or other leading digital art apps is that it is advanced and sufficient for those who are pro at editing and simple enough for those who are learning.

Offering many different brushes, a system of layers, and the strength of Silica M, this app provides you all that is required to make stunning illustrations, paintings, graphics, and sketches!

Now work right on your hone whether you are in a café, at work or in bed with your digital art studio with stunning features!

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