Project Makeover Mod APK Download For Android

Project Makeover Mod APK Download For Android

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App Name Project Makeover Mod APK Download For Android
Size 248 MB
Latest Version 2.43.1
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Magic Tavern, Inc.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update September 07, 2022 (23 days ago)
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Project Makeover Mod APK

Project Makeover Download For Android

Project Makeover Mod APK latest version

Project Makeover Mod APK

Project Makeover is an engaging fun game which has a variety of fashion and design themed puzzles in it. The users of this game are those who enjoy fashion or who strive to seem attractive. You would assist anyone looking for a new makeover in this game. You may select from a variety of trendy clothing, makeup, hairstyles and furniture. This comprises demanding clients, arrogant fashion idols and dishonest staff. The demand for a new fashionable wardrobe is a common theme among all these characters. You can play the game to fulfill your dreams of being a fashion designer, director and a makeup expert. Your goal is to help the people distinguish out on the red carpet and in major performances. One of the wonderful features of this game is that you can personalize your classic style by creating your own avatar.  

Furthermore, you can decorate people's rooms in Project Makeover in addition to making them appear gorgeous. Every aspect of this game has the potential for drama. You will face a person with an intense personality soon. You have to  get prepared to deal with individuals like these. Due to its challenging puzzles, Project Makeover is a game that is hard to put down. You would like to play more puzzles since these are difficult. Be cautious of the challenges that increase the difficulty of these puzzles.

Project Makeover Mod APK

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Project Makeover Mod APK iOS

You must first open settings and select the general icon. After that, all you need to do is turn on Background App Refresh. It allows the mod apk file download for your iPhone. You just need to click the provided link at this point. Next, tap the icon to start the installation. You can start playing the puzzle game with unlimited money and gems after installing it.

Project Makeover Online Free

Project Makeover is also available as an HTML5 game that can be played online. Project Makeover is now available on LittleGames for free. You can simply browse this game and can play it online.

Project Makeover Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems

Project Makeover Mod APK Unlimited Coins

Coins are used as in-game currency in Project Makeover. To purchase in-game gems and other useful items, you must have coins. Every time you complete a level, you can collect about 300 coins. The issue is that when you progress in level, the quantity of coins supplied stays the same. If you're already on a higher level, you will only receive 300 coins. You will need to use actual cash to acquire extra coins. However, you no longer need to do that, thanks to our Project Makeover MOD APK for iOS and Android!  You just download the apk file for your Android smartphone or the app for your iOS device, and then read the simple instructions on the screen.

By finishing levels in the game, players can gain access to cash money. You may shop for clothes, makeup, furniture and other items with cash as well. You may get difficulties when collecting cash, thus it's suitable to download Mod Apk. Your gaming account will receive an unlimited amount of cash.

In fact, gems are considered as the premium currency in this game. Gems are required to buy furniture and wardrobe. You can collect unlimited gems by using  Project Makeover MOD apk. For that, you simply have to tap on the download icon for iOS and Android devices.

Project Makeover Hack

To hack this game and have fun playing with it, you must install the project makeover mod on your device. 

  • Download and install Project Makeover mod apk.
  • See the instructions on your screen and complete the process.
  • When it gets installed completely, open the application MOD apk to enjoy the resources that are free and unlimited.

Project Makeover Ads

This game continues to remain free for the users to play anytime they want, despite all the fascinating features. No payment is necessary as you can simply download it by clicking on the available link. Despite being free, this game contains in-app purchases and ads that must be paid for with actual money.

Project Makeover Cheats

As the online free game of Project Makeover  includes standard match-three puzzles.  Players have to wait a little bit after each turn before moving on to the next round of the game. This game is renowned for displaying potential matches that result in a simple three-piece game or one that assists in placing an ultimate game piece. Utilizing these three-match games might be a smart move at times. But a user should always attempt to choose a power-up game over these simple types of game. Nobody really wants to use up their chance on such a match that is useless (it's recommended only in the case if you think you can achieve your goal by playing it). With Project Makeover's efficient match suggestions, you will achieve your target much more quickly and easily.

This game requires players to have the capacity to recognise the bigger combinations. It is particularly important for success in a match-the-three games. You will have accessibility to Boosters after you can recognise the bigger combinations. Because there are a limited amount of game moves in each level, it is also important to look for the bigger combinations. You will need to redo everything if the moves get finished, which will result in the loss of one life. You will be given unique Boosters that assist you in achieving your target much more quickly when you find the bigger combinations. You must first understand how to employ these boosters in an efficient manner.Boosters work best in this game when utilized in pairs. They are undoubtedly highly damaging when used individually; but  combining them would maximize their damage.

Furthermore, an important tip for the users is to play the level as frequently as you can in this game.  There may be numerous occasions when users can't even complete a level on their first try. Meanwhile,  it does not mean  that you should just simply accept your defeat. Players don't really have to accept the defeat and leave the game in any form but users  should always return to this game with a stronger will to succeed. Honestly, It's not even a tough thing to do.  What you should do is get back to your game and replay the level as frequently as you can. If you're fortunate, your next try could also come with a significantly improved loadout. An alternative strategy is just something else you may think about attempting such that you may begin the game on a different area of the play board. Often you can try to take a break and return to the game when you're in the right mindset. This may be a wonderful idea at times. You can come back to the problem and try to solve it again after some hours have gone by. You might only need to take a break in some situations to win. You can get your mind off things by doing this. But it has no guarantee that it will happen every time. It will definitely get difficult for the players to beat the higher levels of game as you progress.  It's crucial to concentrate just on the particular goal in such circumstances.

When you have playthrough failure, you can spend these gems to obtain 5 more turns.  You may also restore your two distinct types of boosters with the gems.  The catch is right here, though. A Player  should never spend a gem on a game-related extra turn.Therefore, you should use your gems just  to purchase more boosters. You will finally accept the fact that these extra turns were insufficient to guarantee your victory.  But, you will undoubtedly go closer to winning the game if you just use gems to buy more boosters.

The tools should only be used as a last option by players. In the Project Makeover game,  tools are a big assistance. On the right side of the playing area, tools can be identified. But, you shouldn't waste any tool, particularly when you only have a limited number of moves left and a large majority of tiles to remove. In this kind of circumstances, using such tools won't help you at all, and you'll only waste those. The fact that the tools are difficult to obtain is the main reason why you should only use them as a last option. Hence, use these tools with caution and only in situations when you are certain that you will succeed in your goal.

There are frequently several in-game events in the Project Makeover game. For the game's players, these events are a good way to obtain free boosters, cash, Project Makeover Unlimited lives, gems, dollars, coins and so much more! Dollars are needed by the participants  to style both their producer and the workplace space. It is important to note that it would have no effect on whether you will solve the puzzles successfully. Most of the events will automatically select players. Therefore, there is nothing extra you need to do in order to benefit from such events . The game will very quickly unlock a variety of event prizes for you if you simply play it.

Project Makeover Diamonds

You can receive the free diamonds by following the instructions:

  • For daily rewards, you must login everyday.
  • Collect thank you messages from the guests after completing the transformations.
  • Sync the Project Makeover game using Google or Facebook accounts.
  • To win the diamonds, you have to complete the levels that contain a mysterious box.

Project Makeover Avatar

In terms of creating a lovely appearance of the character, the player must also modify the finest avatar they often use if they want to make their character to be unique. Players can get the chance to join the top ranks of the game by the creation of stylish avatars. All players have the ability to request rooms and apartments, creating the perfect new home in this game. In addition, players may determine an opponent's clothing style or the wealth of other players by looking at their avatar. Through such profile photographs, you may also become friends with them because you like them and pay them frequent visits. Players may make new friends in this game and in this way they get a great chance to gain and share useful information particularly about clothing style and generally about fashion, thanks to this fun feature.

In this game, you get access to an avatar room where you can style anyway you choose. You must visit the avatar's room and choose the personality button at the bottom of the screen to make more changes to the avatar. When you click the gene icon to the left side of the avatar, a menu allowing you to choose your gender and skin tone will appear. 

Project Makeover Beach House

A new location in this game is the beach house. Users must purchase it in order to have access to this place. You have to visit the avatar room to have access to the map icon.You will find a beach house there.

Project Makeover Levels

You can access exclusive levels of this game if you have completed all of the main levels. For each update, new primary levels will be introduced.

Project Makeover Price

You can play this game for free. For items that improve the experience, there are additional in-game buys available. Although lower or common value things are more frequent, many of these purchase items which are called "loot boxes"  will be an opportunity to receive higher and rare value items. This game uses three different currencies. Matching game coins will be used to purchase makeover accessories.

Playing a matching game can give the cash. Gems are difficult to get, yet necessary to receive extra moves in the puzzles in case players lose the match. Spending actual money to get the gems is recommended. You have to either pay actual money to use the Gems or wait 20 minutes if you've lost 5 times. Despite not being bought with actual money, you can also get boxes to open that give random stuff.

Project Makeover Redeem Code

Some of the most unique rewards in the game may be obtained with redeem codes. Redeem codes or promo codes that the game's developers have included in the game so that users can trade them in for rewards and gifts. You are allowed to use any number of codes as you like, but every code will just be utilized only one time for each account. You may utilize the redeem codes whenever you like, even during the tutorial, you just have to click "skip" whenever you choose, and then you can choose anywhere you like.After doing that, click on the avatar and then the "redeem" button. Your redemption incentives will be delivered right away when you put in the code or copied it in from across the other source and verify it.

On the game's official Facebook page which is created by the game's developers, just start searching for the codes . This will be one of the great places to find codes because the developer shares them frequently, offers them, and frequently uses Facebook to run ads of this game to the audience. You can  remove those posts which don't include the words "code" or "redeem" by using the facebook search feature on that page. In addition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and other social media sites are all excellent resources. Check the official page of the developer on all of these sites as well. Search across all of the sites, and not just the one, to see if you can find a code that has only been put on one particular social networking site and not the others.

There will undoubtedly be many videos created on this dress-up game because of its nature. As a result, YouTubers and streamers will be well-liked sources for providing these codes. Videos containing these codes may be seen on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and Instagram. Often the codes are only available to the content creators, making them even uncommon than just the codes that show up on the social media sites.

Look out all the Play Store or the Apple App Store's review page. Search for comments that include these codes on the review section and click by scrolling through them from newest to oldest. Be careful to include your personal review with the code you have if you're not seeing it included in another review.

Project Makeover

Project Makeover Offense

Mobile applications like Project Makeover emphasize the value of being pretty  while also promoting negative preconceptions about the female body  and attractiveness. That may not even appear to be an issue at first, but the gameplay's principles and the huge marketing push for the game are at contrast with the advances in feminism and the body acceptance that have been achieved in recent years.

Project Makeover Instagram

There is an official page of Project Makeover on Instagram. It has 446 posts and 1.3 million followers. This page contains wallpapers and an art gallery where you can find images of the characters. It also gives information about the contests which help to get the rewards. Images of the characters may be seen in the art gallery and wallpapers on this page. Additionally, it provides details about the competitions that help in winning prizes.

Project Makeover Review

TereDM claims in the reviews that this game promotes a misogynist culture which demean women and solely value their external appearance. This game should be banned because it promotes a harmful message to both young men and women.

Hercomestheboi reviews the game as being his favorite; he has been playing for about a year and is currently at level 1675. He is very appreciative that there are no ads in this game otherwise he wouldn't play it. It functions pretty well, and he hardly ever has to deal with errors. However, additional choices are required, particularly for the avatars. There must be a variety of body types available, as well as various haircuts, skin tones , colors and many other facial features. He has already been playing this game for so long that all he wants is for his avatar to resemble him, but he hasn't yet found a nice hairdo with a simple sharp fringe.

Although DL Horror acknowledges in his reviews that the game is excellent, it eventually gets hard to play. She  has played a number of games similar to this, and they all have  common things just like candy crush. It's good at first, but as time goes on, it only becomes harder and harder until it seems impossible. She downloaded the app because it featured an engaging plot and a makeover game where you could give a girl a new look.

Connect with your Friends

Players may now connect with their friends and also other online players from across the world, which increases the game's excitement. Visit the other players to see how the others have styled their homes and outfitted their avatars.

Project Makeover Similar Games

There are other games similar to Project Makeover.In Homescapes, players must complete vibrant match-three levels to repair and decorate the mansion's rooms while also unlocking new chapters of the fascinating family saga.

In the game "Design Home", you may experience what it's like to be an interior decorator while playing this calming and enjoyable game. Using actual, great furniture and interior brands, you can create visually appealing three-dimensional environments while refining your decorating talents through regular challenges.

Furthermore, the game "Covet Fashion" gives you an opportunity to shop and find clothes and brands you adore, creating your virtual dream wardrobe. You'll also be rewarded for your excellent sense of style with amazing in-game rewards. You can transform your digital model by using gorgeous accessories from established fashion houses and many stylish hairstyles and makeup looks.

Project Makeover Mod APK download

You can download the Project Makeover Mod Apk absolutely free on the mobile device with the given link. You have to  use the mod apk to get all of the game's features. Along with other fascinating features, it gives unlimited money. After installing the mod apk, you can begin completing the game's puzzles.

Project Makeover game download for PC

Follow the provided instructions to download the Project Makeover game to your PC.

  • Download BlueStacks and install it on your PC.
  • Enter your Google id and password. 
  • Install Project Makeover by clicking the given link.
  • To begin playing, click the Project Makeover button on the homepage.

Project Makeover recipes

It is a fast food project in which they examine a range of fast food items such as potato dish alternatives by comparing their calories, sodium, fat, and salt contents after teaching students about the nutritional facts. They evaluate the differences in calories, sodium, fat, and salt across several fast food items before applying the results to a distinct fast food item such as potato dish developed in their lab. Then students  select a fast food item from the menu and conduct research to create a homemade alternative that is lower in calories, sodium, fat, and salt.

Project Makeover Show

Kim Chang Rae is the director of the comedy drama show Project Makeover . Na Jung Joo, the main character, works as a small assistant in the fashion business. Nothing at all in her life, even at the age of 30, is going well. She also places the responsibility for all of her issues on others since she is still truly a grown-up baby.


Q. Is this mode free and safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to download and install. It is 100% free to use as well.

Q. How can a player get unlimited cash resources in this game?

You simply have to download our mod apk to get unlimited cash resources.

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