Project Sekai APK Download For Android

Project Sekai APK Download For Android

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App Name Project Sekai APK Download For Android
Size 82MB
Latest Version 2.6.0
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update August 24, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Project Sekai APK:

Turn your emotions into a rhythm! Games that make the players feel relaxed and give peace to the mind usually offer music gameplay. Some games have soothing soundtracks that are always being played behind, and others let the players originate a soundtrack by their rhythm. Project Sekai apk is presenting a platform for making rhythms or soundtracks. It offers a platform to sing a song in the virtual world. It allows for the creation of a rhythm by using different strings. In this game, the developer has provided gameplay in which there are many colorful strings on the device screen separated into four columns or lines. These strings will move in the column, and the player has to tap them before reaching the destination. Otherwise, they will be counted as missed strings, and you will lose the game. If you tap the strings on time, you will see the rhythm that will be made by tapping these colorful strings. 

There is some virtual singer in Project Sekai that will make the game more relaxing through their songs. Some songs are available in the game, and you can make new ones. Project Sekai offers some music events in which different players and virtual singers part-take to show their talented voices. If you to these events, you will attain points, diamonds, and experience points that help you unlock more songs and tracks.

Project Sekai



The illustrations of the game are two-dimensional. These graphics and visuals are amazing with animated characters. These characters are the singers. They look stunning and attract the audience. 


Virtual Singers:

Virtual singers in Project Sekai are five, and their names are given. 

  • Kegamine Rin
  • Kegamine Len
  • Megurine Luka


  • Band (Le/Need)
  • Underground Pop (25-ji and Nightcord de)
  • Idol (More-More-Jump
  • Musical (Wonderlands and Showtime)
  • Street Pop ( Vivid BAD) 


Songs that are presented in Project Sekai are given here. 

  • ROKI
  • Charles
  • Melt
  • Bring-it-on
  • Happy Synthesizer
  • Tell-your-world

Live Events:

Different concerts and events are offered in the Project Sekai game to entertain the layers. These concerts allow the players to sing songs and win the events to get rewards and bonuses. The competitors may be some virtual singers, other players, and vocaloids. 

You have to defeat all of them by showing your strings. 

Easy Controls:

The controls are very easy and simple. Just tap, press and flick. It will make the strings produce a rhythm.

Solo or Team:

In the Project Sekai game, you can alone play the game like you can sing a song. You can make the rhythm. Moreover, the team mode is also available for you. In this, you will participate in events or concerts to sing.

Sophisticated Skills:

The skills and expertise will be unlocked by playing the game more. The more time you give to the game, the higher you get the experience points. 

In-Game Purchases:

Project Sekai offers you in-game purchases that range from $1.99-$99.9. These purchases will permit you to buy some characters and items. The transactions that you make in the game will let you unlock characters.

Project Sekai

Project Sekai APK Latest Version:

The recent update of Project Sekai was v2.2.2, it was updated on Sep 10, 2022. The application was introduced in 2020 in Chinese and Japanese. 

Project Sekai Logo:

The logo of Project Seaki has three colors: Pink, Sky blue, and green. 

The logo has animated characters and singers with a white background. The logo is captivating with animations and beautiful colors. 

Project Sekai Cards:

There are many lists of cards, and each list has almost 50 cards to be redeemed. Some are the following:

  • Leo/need
  • Distant- Looking
  • What-Lies-Beyond
  • 100 Things - I want
  • The Kind-Honor-Student
  • Leo/Need - Tenma Saki
  • Leo/need - Mochizuki Honami

Project Sekai

Project Sekai Characters:

Almost twenty characters are available in Project Sekai, and they are grouped into five different groups. These groups include:

  • Leo/Need
  • Nightcord de
  • Akiyama Mizuki
  • category- Female
  • Category-25-Ji

Among these characters, the best is the virtual singers. 

Project Sekai Colorful Stage:

The colorful stage of Project Sekai is the English version of the game that had been released in Sep 2021. This version was released to improve the use of the application. This version made it convenient for people from other regions to understand the game.

Project Sekai

Project Sekai APK Download:

You can have this game on your android device if you have a melodious voice and you love music. 

  • You are seeing the link above, which will help you download the Project Sekai APK file on your phone. 
  • Tap the link to get it downloaded. 
  • Check the security option of the device if it is opened or not. 
  • This will allow your device to install the unknown files. 
  • Open the folder of files in the File Manager of the device. 
  • Start installing the Project Sekai APK file by pressing it. 
  • The application is ready to be used.


Project Sekai is an amazing game that is more look like a platform for showing your singing talent. The game has some virtual singers and songs to support the player and to give the idea of singing the song. The application is in Chinese and Japanese, but you will see its English update very soon. The English update of Project Sekai will make it easy for most people in different regions. Players will make their rhythms and participate in live events to show the magic of their voices. The alternative games for this application are OSU and Ensemble Stars.


Q. Is the APK file safe for androids?

Of course, yes. The application is safe for all Android and iOS. It does not have any virus or malware, so download it just now to enjoy singing songs.

Q. Does Project Sekai APK need money to download?

No. This game is free, and you can download it from the website without paying charges.

Q. Why is Project Sekai APK not working?

There is a chance that the application is not compatible with the device, or you don’t have an updated version of the application.

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