PS2 Emulator APK – DamonPS2 Latest Version 3.1.2-Download For Android

PS2 Emulator APK is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Android with surprisingly great performance on a wide assortment of Android gadgets and supports numerous PlayStation games. On paper, it can imitate 90% of the PS2 games. Not just that, every one of those games run very well on this emulator.

damonps2 latest version

Like practically all emulators, you’ll need to download the BIOS yourself. This is significant because if you do not have BIOS, then the emulator is useless, regardless of what number of ISOs you have on your gadget.

When contrasted with other paid emulators, most free emulators have ads, allow no memory car and compromise graphics. However, this app is free from all these shortcomings even though it is FREE.

Download PS2 Emulator APK 

Play all of the PlayStation 2 games like Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2, God of War, Disgaea, Onimusha, and a lot more on your Android gadget with the emulator PS2.

Download this app and enjoy amazing console gaming right on your Phone.

Click here for PS2 Emulator APK download. 


NamePS2 Emulator APK
Last updatedJuly 26, 2019 at 11:19 pm
DeveloperDamonPS2 Emulator Studio
Category Tools, Utilities, Emulators
Android Requirements5.0+
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PS2 Games on Android  

Nothing is impossible in today’s advanced age. PlayStation games are available on smart devices as well so that you could enjoy your favorite games on your smartphone. Almost all kinds of games created by PS22 can easily be run on this app. Out of the total of 13914 games on this framework, PS2 APK can run over 90% games and most of them are completely compatible.

This PS2 Emulator has taken classic console player by surprise as this PS2 Emulator helps you enjoy the games that are quite heavy provided that the smart device has a powerful configuration. For instance, Samsung Galaxy phones, Mi by Xiomi phones, Huawei phones and anything with Snapdragon 835.

How PS2 Emulator APK Works?

The fundamental capacity of this Android app, like any other emulator app, is to allow its users to enjoy every PS2 game on their smartphones. It will fill in like a stage. You are allowed to enjoy the games by transferring the documents of Iso PS2 where you can transfer Iso PS2 documents and play the games.

It is much more than a simple application, however, the application does not have a database where you can peruse games and download them in case you need it. Remember: with every emulator you are required to configure the setting manually if you want it to work for your device.

This app needs a minimum of Android 5.0 + and OpenGL ES 3.0 + to be able to perform efficiently. Since this is an emulator for smartphones, the arrangement requires a serious significant level so that the users can enjoy their games easily.

Ensure the optimization of your gadget so that the app can run smoothly. On the off chance that you play games on old devices, it will lag and the graphics will be poor.

Why PS2 Emulator APK? 

It is the free version of the first PS 2 emulator on Android. It is available on Google Play for $9.99. You can get this Emulator for free by side loading and getting download APK version. So, get PS2 Emulator APK and enjoy a smooth experience of PlayStation gaming on phone.

Feature of PS2 Emulator APK 

You will find the details of best features of this app here.

Supports High-resolution

The epic thing to surprise you is that this app is capable of supporting games that have high-resolution 2x-5x (which is equivalent to 1080p quality). Hence you will be able to play any game with great graphics and amazing resolution.

Support for many ROM file formats

Rather than DVDs, you are enabled to install games to this app via numerous formats like *.iso \ bin \ img \ nrg.

Optimal speed

The gamers of today’s era can enjoy the revolution that took place because of the consistent efforts in the hardware technology of smartphones. Now, the hardware is powerful enough to be capable of running smoothly such a heavy app with an optimized pace.

Support cheat codes

If you know a cheat code, you can have access to some epic effect included in your favorite games. If you have played PS2 already, you would know the cheat code for it. This app supports cheat codes so that you can enjoy your games in a better way.

Simple interface

It can be said that the interface of PPSS22 is quite similar to DamonPS2 PRO. There are 3 tabs that you will see when you open the application: Recent, Game and BIOS. Perhaps, we do not need to explain more about the functions of these Tab anymore.

Running stable PS2 games 

There is a Faster “Alpha Test” function that allows you to increase the download speed of the game several times.

Deep settings

PPSS22 provides options that allow you to deeply interfere with game settings. They include Graphics (Extremely Important), Audio and Controls. With Graphics, you can allow games to run at 60 FPS. Turning on or off and several other options will also help optimize the download speed and enhance the game’s experience.

No advertising

PPSS22 does not have any ads that annoy players. So, you can rest assured that your gaming experience is always perfect.

Gamepad support

This feature allows you to connect and set up a gamepad to enhance the gaming experience. All Android-standard gamepads (in other words, HID-Standard gamepads) are supported. Other gamepads like Xbox, PS3 / PS4 gamepads are not supported yet.

How to Install PS2 Emulator APK on Android Phone for Free?

You can visit the Google Play Store to install it on your phone but you will not be able to get all the premium features for free. To avoid wasting your hard-earned money for the features that are not even worth your money, you can download it.

The use and the installation process of this app are super easy. We have provided a complete guide to download and install this app for those who do not know much about Android smart devices. If you are one of those, you can take help from the steps mentioned below.

If you have started using Android recently and have no idea how to install APK, you can refer to the steps below:

  1. Download File: Download PS2 Emulator APK file from the internet. Ensure that your device has enough storage.
  2. Open File: Open the folder named ‘Downloads’ then try to find out the downloaded APK file of the app.
  3. Install: Give the required permissions and begin the installation process to successfully install this app.
  4. Run app: First, turn off the internet or mobile data then run this app. Once it is loaded, you can turn on the internet.
  5. Restart: Restart this app but this time, keep the internet turned on.
  6. Start Editing: That is it! Now you can use PS2 Emulator on your phone without any limitations!

How to Play PS2 Games using PS2 Emulator APK?

Now that you have downloaded this app, you are suggested to follow the below-mentioned steps to learn more about it.

Step 1 – Download the BIOS File:

First of all, you are requested to download the BIOS file. If you emulate PS2 ROMs, your system would require the BIOSE files. If the file is not downloaded, the games won’t be able to be installed. These files can be easily found on the internet for free.

You can also visit to get a BIOS Bundle version.

Step 2 – Extract the BIOS File:

Once the downloading is finished, you need to extract it. While various devices have built-in capability to extract any file, some devices don’t have this capability. In such a case, downloading a third-party app for the extraction of the files would work.

Step 3 – Download The Game:

The next step is to select the game that you would like to play from the authentic sources such as the provider that we shared information about. Download then extract the files. It must be an ISO file. The field would be large since you have downloaded an actual game.

Step 4 – Move The Files to PS2 Emulator Folder:

Now the fun begins. You need to move both files including the Game one and the BIOS on the folder of PS2. Go to your file manager and search for the extracted version of the file of BIOS. Copy-paste the file to the folder of PS2. You can also make another folder and named ‘BIOSES’ to have easy tracking.

The procedure is the same for the game file. First, look for the extracted file of the game and copy-paste it on the PS2 folder. The folder can be named ‘Game’ to keep the tracking easy.

Step 5 – Custom Settings:

Once you have successfully moved both files, its time to change the settings a little. Tap on the Gear icon which can be seen on the above-right side to have access to the settings. You can adjust the controls, audio, and graphics according to your likes and dislikes and the capabilities of your device. To have a smooth gaming experience, you can lower the settings.

Step 6 – Start Playing:

First, tap on the BIOS tab and locate the folder of PS2. Now, tap on the folder of BIOS and pick any of the files that are available, but remember to pick one only. Head towards the tab of Games, locate the folder of PS2 and tap on the game folder. Now search for your favorite game. Now by clicking on the game, you will be able to enjoy the PS2 game.


Playing PS2 games on your phone will bring great nostalgia at the same time, it will provide you amazing gaming experience. You can play famous games like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 4, and Final Fantasy.

PS2 Emulator APK app is brilliant. Most games that you will download with this emulator will work and perform efficiently. Sometimes the game will be quite slow and delayed but generally playable.

The creators are consistently working harder to improve the emulator. You should regularly update the app for better user experience. Download PS2 Emulator APK and play popular PS2 games ASAP!


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