PUBG MOBILE Apk + Data OBB V0.16.0 Download For Android

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has taken the world by storm since 2017. There is not even a single gamer who does not know about PUBG Mobile APK. It has downloads in millions since its first released and started the “battle royale” gaming craze that has become so popular these days. Though PUBG was launched for PC, not long ago it landed on Android phones.

        Is it worth playing? Keep reading to find out!

PUBG is a straightforward concept with a huge space for complexity. You arrive on an island with 99 other individuals to fight for survival. Discover a firearm and remain in the circle. The last man standing succeeds. Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Well… don’t worry it gets interesting.

pubg mobile apk


Version: V0.12.0 (Android 5.0+)

 PUBG Mobile APK Download | Latest Version 2019

File Name pubgmobileapkV0.12.0
Total Size 626 MB
Latest Version V0.16.0
Minimum Android Version Required Android 5.0+
Updated On 24-May-2019
Price Free


The game is free. You can log in either with Facebook or as a guest to play. Daily login prizes will help you to earn battle points and experience for your account which can be used to dress your character. Unlike the PC version, your character is not already dressed but it doesn’t take much to make that happen.

PUBG APK & OBB Data Download


100 players parachute onto a remote 8×8 km island for an intense showdown. Players need to search and discover their vehicles, supplies, and weapons and defeat each player in a graphically and strategically rich battleground. To win this shrinking play zone players will land, loot, fight and do whatever they need to be the last one standing!

What makes PUBG so exciting?

This versatile adaptation of the well-known PC game keeps the quick-paced action while enhancing the game story. PUBG falls into a category of the games which are difficult to put down: It is like an action film with an intense plot and tons of gunfire.

The greatest achievement of PUBG is not exactly how well the game performs on smartphones but how well it enhances the original console experience. That is why it has become so addictive.

The default setup feels very natural and user-friendly. It has options for both left and right-handed players. PUBG Mobile APK gives fast access to secondary equipment such as bandages, explosives, etc.

Everything comes down to only two words when it comes to PUBG mobile APK: survival tactics. PUBG is designed upon our fundamental human instinct i.e., survival.

The game absorbs you so deeply that it will give you a sense of survival as you move forward to houses, drive cars around, hear footsteps of other players reaching you and collect items. The game is just mind-blowing!

All our cognitive skills and abilities are tested while playing PUBG. The adrenaline rush we get in the wake of making through to the next phase is very satisfying in itself. You could undoubtedly say that you do not play PUBG to win but to not lose.

Features of PUBG

Here are the most prominent features of PUBG mobile.

  • Brilliant Graphics and HD Audio

The incredible Unreal Engine 4 makes a stunning visual experience with rich detail, amazing impacts and a vast HD map for Battle Royale. You’ll be engrossed in the game with fantastic sound, 7.1 channel surround sound, and vivid 3D audio effects.

  • Realistic Ammunition

An always developing deadly stockpile of melee weapons, guns and throwables with practical ballistics gives you the choice to burn, shoot or beat down your enemies.

  • Travel in Style

Secure a variety of vehicles including autos, trucks, cruisers, and pontoons to chase down your adversaries. You can race them to the play zone or make a quick departure.

  • Collaborate with Friends

Endure the fight with your companions. Invite and collaborate with your friends. Make your fighting plan through voice chatting and set up the ideal trap for your enemies.

  • Rational Gaming Environment

PUBG has a powerful anti-cheat mechanism that guarantees a fun and fair gaming environment for everyone.

  • Essentials

PUBG mobile APK requires a steady web connection and it will perform better with modern Android devices with Android 5.1.1 or above with minimum 2 GB RAM.

  • Shortcomings of PUBG

Although PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) Mobile is a great game for android phones still, it is not perfect like many other games out there. Here are some weaknesses in PUBG mobile versions:

  • Controls

While the controls are adaptable and versatile, they can be confined when playing on a small phone’s screen. You may end up unintentionally discharging your weapon while adjusting your player’s posture (standing or kneeling).

PUBG mobile comes to assist which automatically modifies and adjusts the target if you are close enough to hit your enemy. However, keep in mind that it is still difficult to spot different players from a distance.

  • Data and Battery

The game can be very draining on your cell phone’s battery and data. A single game can take around 20 to 30 minutes at least and you have to connect to the internet the whole time. This causes a lot of strain on your battery life and the overall performance of your phone.

However, this issue can be resolved by getting the PUBG Mobile Lite version for your Android which is not the same as the original version but serves the purpose.

In spite of these hiccups, PUBG Mobile APK is an awesome game for all action lovers out there. You can download it from Google Play Store or from here.

If there is any other game you would like us to talk about, then let us know in the comments and we will try our best to cover them in the upcoming posts.

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