PUBG Mobile Kr Mod Apk

PUBG Mobile Kr Mod Apk

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App Name PUBG Mobile Kr Mod Apk
Size 812.67 MB
Latest Version 2.0.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Teen
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update June 09, 2022 (18 days ago)
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PUBG Kr Mod Apk

PUBG KR Mod APK is a modded version of the official  PUBG mobile game. It includes all of the original game's features, as well as some free unlocked features such as a diverse collection of skins, costumes, clothes, etc. that you can use to play the game for free. For PUBG lovers, pubg kr mod apk is the best option, as they can get premium weapon skins and costumes for free.

Pubg Mobile Kr Mod Apk

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Description of PUBG Mobile Kr Apk

 PUBG Mobile Kr is known for its diverse collection of skins, clothes, and costumes that set it apart from the PUBG global version. Players are frequently given rare skins and outfits for free in this edition, which keeps them thrilled.

Typically, these items are expensive in PUBG Mobile's global version and must be purchased with UC currency. Paying for virtual currency, on the other hand, is not a possibility for everyone. As a result, they look for alternative ways to get free gaming stuff. There are too many crates in this version compared to the Global Version. And there's more stuff, so you'll certainly receive more items.


Stunning Features Of PUBG Mobile Kr Apk

Massive And Bustling Battle Field

PUBG kr apk even provides a variety of atmospheres in a variety of locales to elevate the player's experience to new heights. Furthermore, any location on the map can be turned into a battlefield, and the game employs specific mechanisms to spawn guns, items, and other objects in order for players to survive as long as possible.

Furthermore, several events and unexpected aspects will regularly appear on the map, resulting in hotspots with high activity density. Not only will players be able to enjoy a bustling battlefield, but they will also be able to do whatever they want while immersed in a high-quality survival action atmosphere.

Enhanced Graphics with Exquisite Visual

Aside from a wide battlefield, the game's realistic and fully designed 3D graphics will take the player's visual experience to new heights. It will also provide gamers with a plethora of appealing visual options, allowing them to personalize anything and even modify the world's main color to suit their preferences.

Everything in the player's environment will become more vibrant than ever; even the map's ecosystem and flora will be beneficial in obstructing the player's perspective. The game will produce the most realistic battlefield that other games can't match; even players will be able to live and fight fiercely by utilizing the game's visual features.

Exciting Game Modes

The game's variety of game modes and intriguing material will keep players entertained at all times. The mechanics and structure of the map will change greatly depending on the game mode, even introducing little events on a regular basis to stir up the atmosphere in the area.

In addition, the side game modes add variety to the gameplay and allow players to relax with their teammates in smallerscale, slower-paced matches. Furthermore, new game types will be added every week, and they will always be accompanied by exciting events and activities that will provide players with numerous rewards.

Beautiful Costumes,Skins And Equipments

A battlefield would be dull if the participants' costumes were not widely seen. As a result, PUBG KR features a vast costume system in which players may choose from a variety of models and designs, including comical, scary, tactical, fashion, and more.

That factor also serves as the primary motivator for players to engage in activities, and even outfits will have unique impacts or interactions. Additionally, customized skins will be available for outfits, weapons, and vehicles, and players will be able to freely modify their characters to make them stand out on the battlefield.

Earn Unlimited Money

PUBG kr Uc will add the Battle Pass function if the player is active during the game, allowing them to gain a variety of enticing incentives according to their success. What's impressive is that the BPs will change frequently based on the season, while also introducing new and intriguing rewards with gameplay upgrades.

While consistently completing its specific quota, players can receive special items, outfits, skins, emotes, and more. Furthermore, as players progress through the BP system, prizes become more varied, giving them more chances to excel and obtain unique goodies.

Themed Events

Because Pubg kr for PC is well known and well-liked around the world, it frequently partners with a variety of franchises or other major events to provide players with a variety of engaging material.

The drastic shift in maps, such as new game modes, activities, and intriguing events, demonstrates the strong influence of partnerships. It will also include clothes, weapons, and skins around the map to add variety to the game and entice more people to the massive battleground.

PUBG Korea Mod apk fantastic and outstanding gameplay has been steadily enhanced over time, while also bringing everyone exciting new changes with each season. Special events or unique game modes, in particular, will provide players with numerous benefits while also engaging them with their friends.

Maps Of Massive Battle

Compete on these massive and intricate battlegrounds from Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok. Aster each battleground's secrets to developing your own unique strategy to victory, ranging in size, topography, day/night cycles, and changeable weather from urban city settings to icy tundra, to dense rainforests.

Quick Response Time And No Shredding

During gameplay in Korean Pupi, you will not encounter any delays in pings or command responses because the game will run on its own server that is separate from the global server and is not overburdened.

Updated Tasks And Gifts

You'll be smiling a lot about your luck in Korean pigeon because there's a good possibility you'll acquire fantastic tools while opening boxes, as well as colors to decorate weapons and apparel that aren't available in the global version.

You do not need to delete the global version: If you are currently playing in the global version, you do not need to delete it in order to play the Bebgy Korean version, as both versions can be played simultaneously.

Support English language

Because BBK Korean only supports Korean and English, you can change the game's interface language to English. Unfortunately, it does not support Arabic or any other language.

Play With Your Friends

Although the Pubg mobile kr UC server is different from the global game, you can play with your friends who also play the global version, and you can quickly add them back.

UC Version With Less Prices Or Information

In the Korean version of PUBG, there is a little change in the rates for purchasing formwork or UC, where you will find that the prices are lower, though basic.

Some More Features

The Korean version of the pigeon game has a lot of new features.

  • There are no interruptions while playing.
  • When you open boxes, you get new shapes and varieties of gifts.
  • There are numerous battle modes from which to choose and play.
  • You can play alone or in a two- or four-person team.
  • The distribution of weaponry and equipment across different groups, as well as
  • the ease with which they can travel between them.
  • While playing, You will find a lot of buttons for motion control and battling.
  • In the game, you can add friends and play with them in a single team.
  • Basic control choices, visuals, and more can all be changed.

What's New

  • Helmet Skin Free
  • New Modes
  • No Bugs
  • New Outfits
  • Less Lag
  • Bug Fix
  • Vehicles Skin Free
  • New Events
  • Guns Skin Free
  • New Skins and more
  • Amazing Outfits Free
  • Runic Power Mode – Erangel
  • Season 2 of Metro Royale
  • FAMAS is a new AR weapon

Difference Between the PUBG Kr and  PUBG Mobile Global Version

PUBG Mobile Korean Version is designed specifically for Koreans, or people who live in Korea. However, there are no restrictions on who can download PUBG Mobile KR.

The Korean version of PUBG Mobile is similar to the global version. There is simply a little difference between this and the Global Version. Lucky Airdrops and Limited Time Sale Offers were not included in the Korean version of PUBG Mobile. I believe the Korean version makes it simpler to obtain more items such as costumes, gun skins, and other items. Are you aware that they have some amazing features that are not available in the Global Version? There are too many crates in this version compared to the PUBG Global Version. And there's more stuff, so you'll definitely receive more stuff.

PUBG kr Mod Apk Hack Gaming Mods

In both Korean and PUBG mobile global versions, you will be able to play as well as compete against other players over the Internet in a variety of settings, and we will quickly go through the most essential modes that can be played in the game:

Classic mode

This is the most common scenario among players, in which you will engage in combat with 100 other players in a large play area, and you must search for weapons and equipment to stay steadfast until the end. The play area will be constantly reduced to collect players at one point in the end, and the player who will remain steadfast until the end will be considered the winner.

Arcade mode

This is a situation identical to the previous one, except that there will be fewer participants, the playing field will be smaller, and the game will last for less time. It can be played in numerous ways:

Difficult Mode

To make the combat more challenging, the surround sound is turned off and weapons are taken manually.

Quick Match

The match will be quite brief, lasting only about 8 minutes.

Sniper Training

This mode of play is only available on certain days of the week, and it allows players to practice with various sniper rifles.

Arena mode

In this mode, you'll compete against four other players in a four-on-four battle with rules that vary depending on the type of circumstance you're playing, which include:

Domination control

You must control numerous points in the play area, and each time you do, a new point is generated that lasts for several minutes before being shifted to a new location. Players will be able to take any weapon from the playing field, and they will not bew21` required to equip several weapons before the fight begins.

Team Deathmatch kill game

Each team must aim to kill as many of the opposing team's players as possible; the first team to reach the required number wins.

PUBG Mobile KR Gameplay

Without a doubt, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds offers the most thrilling Battlefield experience. The gameplay is straightforward and simple to grasp. When you first start playing, you will find yourself inside one of the small islands, where you will gather with your enemies and friends, and then you will immediately move to another larger island with the help of a plane, where this island will be the battlefield, and you will have to

face your enemies from all sides. When you get off the plane, you must sprint to the nearest destination, whether it's a house, a factory, or something else, and then begin looking for weapons.

On a single map, there are 100 participants. They were all barehanded as they landed from a plane using a parachute. The weapons are scattered throughout the map in various locations. Gather weapons and begin the assassination of your opponents on the map.

The champion will be the individual who survives until the end. The maps are 808 kilometers in length. Do you have a strong desire for a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner? So go ahead and download PUBG hack UC non PC right now and have fun.

You can either download the official PUBG PC version or play the game on your computer. Alternatively, an official emulator can be used to download PUBG KR apk and OBB on PC. Prepare Your Equipment and Weapons In PUBG kr hack app, Prepare your own fighting kit, which includes the main weapon and small secondary weapons, as well as many accessories that are installed on the weapon. There are many weapons that differ in their specifications; review these weapons and choose the weapon that is appropriate for you. You can also supply your own weapons and equipment. You can quickly switch to a new kit if you have many

weapons and each kit have a different weapon.

Combat Controls

Many buttons related to play will appear on the screen when the battle begins in one of the different modes. On the left side, there are buttons for movement and running, and on the right side, there are buttons for flatness, drop, and jump, in addition to the buttons on the right and left, in addition to the buttons to change weapons, throw bombs, and recharging. You can also use special buttons for playing audio as well as a microphone, surfing the map, and many more.

Add Friends And Play As A Team

When you move to the Korean PUBG, you can add your former friends and play with them again. From the friend's list, search for your friend's accounts via the ID code or type their names in the game. You can also add more friends that you meet randomly in the various play modes, or add friends by browsing the game's suggestions.

Graphic Settings

There are a lot of options that can be changed in-game settings, and they're grouped into tabs based on their kind. Alter the graphics quality to meet your phone's specs, as well as the colors and lighting of scenes and other objects.

Basic Options

Basic Options include the ability to enable or maybe disable weaponry, movement, and item handling on the playing field.


Change the position of all buttons on the phone screen throughout the battle that suits your gaming. There are also other options for driving style, degree of sensitivity of phone's movement, acoustics, and other factors.

How to Get PUBG Mobile KR Version APK+OBB for Android?

You're only a few steps away from downloading the PUBG KR mod apk unlimited uc version with the OBB file, so let's get started!!

  • PUBG Mobile KR Version is free to install
  • This will be a 1.5 GB XAPK file that you will download.
  • Install the Game File after extracting the Xapk file.
  • Now copy the OBB files to the desired location.
  • Have fun with the game (Do not login with the account from PUBG Mobile Global Version)

These are simple procedures, so let's go over each one in detail to see how you may download and play the PUBG Mobile KR game on your device.

Step 1: Save the Xapk file to your computer.

From the APK module Website, download the PUBG Mobile KR hack with the most recent update. This is due to the fact that outside of Korea and Japan, Google Playstore will not enable you to download the KR version. The XAPK extension will be present in the download file. You may learn more about the differences between APK and XAPK here.

Step 2: Extract the. Apk file

You can download this XAPK file to your computer, rename it with ZIP, and then extract the folders inside. Then, on your mobile phone, copy these Game files and APK. (Alternatively, you can unzip these files using the Unzip program.)Then you must download and install the Apk game (Allow unknown sources if you are installing any game from another website)

Step 3: Download and install the game, then copy the OBB folder

After installing the game, do not open it; instead, clear your background programs and copy the remaining files to Android/OBB/ mobile in your file manager. It's fine if you see the OBB folder, or just make a new folder with OBB and com.pubg.krmobile in it.

Final Step: Now you can start playing PUBG KR mod apk .

Please do not use your PUBG Mobile Global Account to log in. Play as a guest or create a new account.

How to Download the PUBG Korean Version for iPhone/iPad?


To install PUBG Korea IOS, follow these steps:

  • Go to App Store and tap the icon for your account.
  • Select Account>Country or Region>Change Country or Region from the drop-down menu.
  • Change the country to the Republic of Korea.
  • Agree to the terms of the agreement
  • In place of Street & City, type whatever you want.
  • Select Busan as the city/province and 600-011 as the postcode.
  • Press the "Done" button.
  • Reopen your App Store after closing it.

Note: Your App Store has now been converted to the Korean App Store, allowing you to download any app accessible in Korea.

  • Go to Google Play and search for PUBG Mobile Korean Version.
  • To install the PUBG hack app on your iOS device, tap the Get button.

How to Update PUBG Mobile kr hack on iPhone/iPad

  • It's really simple if you've completed the previous steps.
  • PUBG kr update (iPhone/iPad) by following the simple steps below.
  • First, go to the App Store.

Type "PUBG" into your search engine.

  • Select the Update Button from the drop-down menu.
  • Wait for the page to fully load.
  • It will successfully update after it has finished loading.

Requirements for PUBG Mobile KR Version Hack iOS:

The PUBG KR Version Requirements for iOS (iPhone/iPad) are listed below.

  • iOS 9.0 and Up (iPhone 5s or maybe above Models)
  • 2.5 GB of storage is required,
  • as well as a stable internet connection.


Q. Q. Can I play PUBG KR on the Asia server with regular ping and with my global friends?

Yes, you can play Pubg Mobile Kr with Noram Ping or with friends from around the world!!

Q. Q. How long will it take to receive a return mission Reward In PUBG mobile KR version?

Return quest in pubg mobile kr will take approximately 60 days to complete.

Q. Q. How do you play PUBG mobile KR's daily t1 or t2 or t3 or t4 or t5 customs?

Sure, You must participate in some tournaments in order to play daily customs. You'll need to use YouTube and Telegram to locate tournaments.

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