Pubg Mod Apk

Pubg Mod Apk

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App Name Pubg Mod Apk
Size 69MB/579 MB
Latest Version 2.5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Everything
Developer Tencent Games
Content Rating Teen Violence, Blood
Requires Varies with device
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Update May 14, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Pubg apk is realistic action gameplay equally popular among both the sexes, either male or female. This game holds distinctive features than any other action game out there. Pubg apk is driving the people, surrounding the globe, crazy about it. It is a complete entertainment package that is making people addicted to playing it, anytime anywhere. The words of appreciation Pubg apk has gained from the masses all around the globe are worth it. People with a logical approach, strategic thinking, and strong reflexes could make it to the end by winning the battle. Download Pubg apk now to endless fun and entertainment.

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What is Pubg apk?

Pubg apk is the abbreviation of PlayersUnknown’sBattleGrounds, specifically, designed for mobile phone users. It is multiplayer gameplay that would make you get immersed in the  sensational  action where you have to survive, ultimate 100 players battle or 4v4 team-up battle, till the end to stand as a winner.   It was first  launched in 2017 as  Pubg PC  for Microsoft  Windows  but  later  on,  it was designed    for   Android  and iOS  devices. In this game, you have to combat enemies wandering around an abandoned island along with other 99 companion fighters. You will be provided with a wide range of advanced and deadly weapons to defend yourself and to take your enemies down. Once you start playing it, you could not stop yourself from playing this exciting gameplay.

How to play Pubg apk?

Playing Pubg online always getting the nerves of its players. Playing as a third-person shooter you are sent to an anonymous place with other fighters to combat enemies. At the start, you would not be provided with any material to defend yourself. You have to get weapons and medicine by yourself walking around the island. The step by step process of playing Pubg apk would give you a clear insight into the strategies you have to use while playing.

  • Initially, you have to gather 100 fighter players to take them with yourself to the battlefield.
  • After that, you will decide either to play in Solo, Duo or Squad modes.
  • Along with your squad, you have to land on the 8×8 km land piece with parachutes by an Aeroplane.
  • Start walking around the town with your squad to collect life-saving materials like Gadgets, Therapeutics, Weapons, Ammo, and Clothes.
  • After killing one of your rivals you would get a chance to collect his belongings like his weapons and battle attire.
  • Gradually safe zone narrows as you proceed further in the game. Stay within the play zone to stay alive for a longer time. He who accidentally lost out of the play zone would lose his power and dies soon. Stay inside the narrowing Blue zone, Stay healthy, alive and safe.


Let us elucidate the striking features of Pubg mod apk.

  1. Realistic Gameplay:

Stylistically realistic pictorials with the experience of teamwork in logically designed missions would add up the excitement level of players. Pubg apk would allow you to stay in the game for longer if you use logical reasoning against the rivals. Surprisingly outstanding deadly weapons with a realistic look, vast grounds, broad Greenlands, cities with well-furnished small cottages, and buildings under the control of enemies would give you a feel of fighting in actual.

  1. Team up with friends:

An edge of playing Pubg online is that it allows you to team up with your friends to elevate your strength on the battlefield. Being talented having deep insight is not enough to win against the enemy, but teamwork is the key to success. Teamwork would lead you to a remarkable victory.

  1. Fair Gameplay:

Avoiding every winning hack, cheat codes and shortcuts, Pubg mod apk allows the players to fight fair without cheating. It not only encourages the gaming level but augments more entertainment making it fun playing.


Pubg apk is customized with four different maps. These are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.

  1. Erangel: Default map developed on the Russian map. Also called as Alpha map that has got great popularity among all.
  2. Miramar: Largest map also called Desert map without any cattle lurking around it.
  3. Sanhok: Small wild map designed as a Southeast Asian forest. It gives a great competition for the players to play using this map as it has steep grounds and elevations.
  4. Vikendi: Icy Arctic Island map that is larger than Sanhok and a little smaller than Erangel.
  5. Gameplay modes:Pubg apk can be played switching between three different modes that are;
  1. Classic mode
  2. Arcade mode
  3. Evoground
  • In classic mode, you have to go through all the maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi).
  • In Arcade mode, you can play in mini zone where you have to go for Rush gameplay due to small space and more players. Also, you can go for playing a quick match with weapons, shotguns, rifles, snipers, and pistols. In arcade mode, you can get a sniper training of 15 minutes to improve your fighting skills. In this, you’ll get 3 points for killing a rival and 1 point to revive team. The team with greater points wins at the end.
  • In Evoground, you have to play TDM (The Deathmatch) where when you die became alive immediately. Zombie infection is the most dreadful thing to play. In this, zombies wander about the city at night. It would be better for you and your squad to hide and stay inside to protect yourself from the zombie attack. If you avoid being attacked by a zombie and stay alive for two nights, you would be declared as a winner.

Deadly Weapons:

An unlimited supply of advanced and deadly weapons brings more excitement to the battleship. Pubg apk is equipped with a top range of original weaponry including Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sub Machine guns, Pistols, Melee weapons, Light machine guns and much more.

  • Assault Rifles weapons for short and medium combats includes SCAR-L, M16A4, Garoza, AKM, AUG, A3, M416, QBZ95, MK47 mutants, Beryl M762 and G37A.
  • Submachine Guns like Micro UZI, UMP9, Tommy gun, Vector, PP19-Bizon, and MP5K are used in close combats to fire more shots of a gun in less time to kill the enemy.
  • Light machine guns such as DP-28 and M249 give greater damage to the enemy with a higher firing rate.
  • Shotguns are used to fire from short distances.

Sound Effects:

Original 3D sound effects give it a realistic touch. As Pubg apk is geared with Unreal engine 4, the sizzling sounds of firing give goosebumps to the players.

Voice chats:

Customized voice chat option while playing Pubg apk online is the most exciting feature. Players from different cities or even different countries play at one platform as a team and can communicate online with voice chat.

How to download Pubg apk:

Follow the step by step process to install it on your devices.

Step 1: Go to the “Google Play Store” from your Android device.

Step 2: Search for Pubg mod apk there.

Step 3: Once you find it click the “Install” button to start downloading.

Step 4: You can also download Pubg apk form the link given below.

Download Pubg apk latest version

Pubg apk is also available as Pubg lite that can also be downloaded from this Pubg mobile website by visiting the link below.


Outstanding action gameplay with super exciting upgrades never misses surprising. It has earned a significant appreciation of the people of all ages especially youngsters. Keep playing Pubg apk and stay excited always. Keep visiting our website for more updates.

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