Retro Garage Apk Mod Unlimited Money

Retro Garage Apk Mod Unlimited Money

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App Name Retro Garage Apk Mod Unlimited Money
Size 73 MB
Latest Version 2.9.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Mechaniki
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update December 02, 2022 (4 days ago)
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Owning a car is easy but maintaining it to give 100% efficiency on road is not easy. You have to face a lot of problems when you move your vehicle on road.

Of course, as a driver, you can not understand what is the exact problem so you rush to the mechanic the savior of your car to repair it and save your vehicle from destruction.

To fix the problems of drivers and vehicles First Step Games presents a car repairing simulation game named Retro Garage.

In this game, players as expert mechanics will sort out the problems of the car by analyzing it and finding a solution to repair it. They will fix the broken parts or replace them with new ones.

Retro Garage Apk Mod

This platform allows you to bring old, damaged cars whether it is a racing car or an old model but a cool USSR car from the 50s to 80s golden era, the highly skilled mechanic can overcome their problem.

So, you can play as a mechanic who learns experience from fixing cars, earn money, and become a skilled one. Further, you can return the customer's repaired car or either enhance your old model car collection.

Repairing the damaged ones and giving them a new look is the basic challenge of this game this repairing platform will present a realistic overview of a car’s interior.

There are more than 50 parts in each car categorized as Body, Chassis, and Engine. You have to analyze whether to repair the broken part or replaced it with a new one, tune it, or either modify it by replacing its engine and suspension in case you are a sports car fan. 

The accurate analysis of damaged body parts is the biggest achievement of mechanics.

This repair shop will allow you to explore many old model cars even USSR cars and also allows you to visit museums and overview the precious old gold.

Through the unlimited money premium feature of this game, you can purchase your favorite car model to enhance your collection so this repair shop can also be an old but gold USSR car collection shop.

It also provides you the opportunity of playing drag races with opponents and can win amazing tournament prizes.


Let’s explore some features of this car-repairing platform.

  • Realistic Car Repairing Platform

This game will provide you with an authentic platform in which compatible mechanics will sort out the problems of drivers and fix their cars. 

There will be a variety of car models even the USSR cars collection and the players as expert car saviors will solve the problems of Soviet drivers and modify and upgrade their broken antique cars.

  • Explore Car Structure

A mechanic is successful when he has complete information about the car, its body, engine, specifications, etc. A car has more than 50 parts but it is categorized into 3 major parts Body, Engine, and Chassis. 

You have to carefully explore the car suspects its damage and then act on whether broken parts can be repaired or have to be replaced by new ones

Retro Garage Apk Mod

You can also access the car internally and externally to examine it and can run through the inspection process if you are facing difficulty in identifying the problem.

  • Upgraded Vehicles

Vehicles function smoothly when the engine is in perfect condition, and its brakes, oil, its specifications all are well-managed which will ultimately increase the vehicle's efficiency. Maybe you like this similar game Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK.

You have the facility to upgrade your car if you are a sports lover then you can change the suspensions and modify it to an advanced level. Similarly, the carburetor, crankshaft, gear, and battery have to be monetized and replaced in case of damaged ones.

You have to overlook which part has to be replaced and at what cost the damage can be repaired and become a new one.

  • Vehicle’s Collection

You can earn money by repairing cars and can also buy your favorite vehicle and add to your car’s collection. Old, antique models always look attractive and it’s a craze for racers like USSR cars you can utilize them in racing competitions.

You can also enjoy these unique models in the game’s built-in museum or by exploring the city and get the abandoned junkyard cars that are shown on maps, take in your yard and tune it and with your creativity introduced a new modified car, enjoy its ride, learn its specifications and whether add in your collection or sold out on a huge profit.

  • Epic Drag Race

This game allows you the advantage of having a competition with other drag racers holding other antique models like USSR cars,  it will allow you to learn different models, and have a chance to repair and modify and enhance your credibility. You can also be a part of the autodrome tournament to enjoy the racing competition.

You will earn a lot of exciting prizes in winning the competition can enhance your car collections, tune them and upgrade your service station to the premium level.

  • High-Quality Graphics

This game presents high-quality graphics and visualizes images in 3D mode. Cars models its internal and external interior, engine, and spare parts everything is vibrant and presents a realistic game simulation as you are working in the garage and repairing the damages. 

Even in racing tournaments, the car models are highly animated, presenting cool, realistic visual effects.

The sound system is also enriched in its quality the loud sound of the engine, background music create energy in playing the game.

Retro Garage Apk Mod

  • Premium Features

Premium features of this game are:

  • Unlimited Money

Unlimited money is the premium feature of this game you can unlock all the car models, and accessories and modify your car and through unlimited coins, you can purchase a new car and advance your car collection.

  •  No ads

Ads-free games attract players as they can concentrate on their games and win the match because pop-up ads diversify your attention as a professional skilled mechanic you need full attention toward your vehicle because analyzing and identifying the vehicle’s problem is the greatest achievement of a mechanic.

How can we download this game?

This game is available on the Google Play Store but to enjoy its premium features you can download it from this website for free. Follow these steps to play this amazing game:

  • Click on the download button and then select this Apk file
  • After clicking this file follow the installation process
  • Once the process is complete you can start and play the game

Retro Garage Apk Mod

Final Thoughts

Retro Garage Mod Apk is a realistic car repairing simulation game that provides you a platform to repair old, damaged cars and modify them into a new one. It allows you to work as an experienced or skilled full Mechanic to identify and fix the problems of drivers and became their car savior.

Different unique, antique car models even the USSR retro cars of the 50s, and 80s era can be repaired or modified you have to carefully access which car part has to be repaired or replaced by a new one even you can explore the car's internal or external interior to analyze the problem.


Q. Is this game available on the Google play store?

Yes, this game is available on the Google play store but to enjoy its unlocked features you have to download this game from this website and it is free.

Q. Is this game safe to download?

Yes, this game is safe to download it has fixed all the bugs, viruses, and spam activities that create issues.

Q. Is this game available in different languages?

Yes, this game is available in different languages like English, Spanish, French, etc. You can select according to your specifications.

Q. Is this game available in offline mode?

Yes, this game is also available in offline mode and you can also upload your progress in the cloud-saving feature.

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