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App Name revenge of shinobi apk
Size 48M
Latest Version 4.1.2
MOD Features Unlimited Energy
Developer SEGA
Content Rating Rated for 7+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update April 19, 2023 (1 year ago)
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What is the revenge of shinobi apk

The Revenge of Shinobi APK is an action game that you can download for free from our website. It's an android app that was created by Sega and it has a lot of downloads in google play store. The average rating of this game is 4.3 out of 5, based on more than 2070801 players' votes.This game has been developed in English language, so you don't have to worry about translations. It has been updated on August 11, 2019, so it doesn't look like this game will be deleted soon. This application has been installed between 10M and 50M times already and we recommend it as one of the best games for Android phones.

The Revenge of Shinobi is an action game with side-scrolling stages played from a top-down perspective. Players control the hero character Joe Musashi as he fights against hordes of enemies in order to save his kidnapped lover Naoko. The game features multiple weapons and powers that can be unlocked as the player progresses through the story.

The game takes place around Christmas time, when a criminal organization called Neo Zeed begins kidnapping children from Tokyo's red light district to use as slaves in their factories. A young ninja named Joe Musashi sets out on a mission to save them before they become victims themselves.

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How to play Revenge of Shinobi

The Revenge of Shinobi APK has an action packed storyline where you have to save your girlfriend from the evil Dr. Death. In order to do this, you will have to fight through hordes of enemies, collect items and defeat bosses along the way.The Revenge of Shinobi features several gameplay elements that were introduced in its predecessor, including a score multiplier system and multiple endings. The game also introduced an unlockable "hardcore" mode where players can select their own difficulty level.

In addition to six playable characters (three being secret), there are three types of enemies: regular soldiers, ninjas and cyborgs. There are four bosses in total.The controls are simple to use but they take some getting used to, especially if you are new to this game series. The good news is that there are plenty of tutorials available which can help you become a better player in no time at all.

The player can attack enemies by throwing shuriken or using his sword which can be charged for stronger attacks. At certain points in each level, Musashi can transform into an invincible superhero form known as Fireball Man by collecting power-ups from defeated enemies or destroying breakable walls. In this form, he has unlimited shuriken but cannot use his sword until he reverts back to human form again by touching another power-up or wall.


Six stages of enemies while avoiding traps

The player controls Joe Musashi, who must fight through six stages of enemies while avoiding traps and obstacles like spikes or lava pits. Musashi can run or jump over these dangers, but he cannot stop until he hits something solid or falls into one of these hazards himself. 

He also has a number of ninja magic powers which he can use to defeat his enemies more quickly. These include throwing shuriken stars at long range, creating a barrier around him to block projectiles from all sides, or shooting fireballs at short range that burn his foes' clothing off if they touch them directly enough times before vanishing into nothingness again after about five seconds' worth of use time have passed since their last.

Positive reviews upon release

The Revenge of Shinobi APK received positive reviews upon release, with critics praising its graphics, presentation and gameplay. Some critics expressed concern over its difficulty level and occasional slowdown issues. A port for the Game Gear was released in 1990, followed by an arcade spin-off titled Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi in 1991.

The Revenge of Shinobi was very well received at the time of its release, with praise going to its gameplay and graphics as well as its music by Yuzo Koshiro. Critics also noted that while it was a good game, it wasn't as good as its predecessor.

Key Point of Revenge of Shinobi 

In Revenge of Shinobi, you play as Joe Musashi, a ninja who fights against evil forces. You will have to fight against different enemies using your sword and shurikens. In addition to this, you can use ninjutsu powers to defeat your enemies more easily.

The game features 8 levels divided into 4 stages each one with its own boss that must be defeated before proceeding to the next stage. There are also bonus stages where you can collect extra lives and score points for defeating enemies quickly or collecting coins with great agility.

Rescue his girlfriend from the evil gangsters

The Revenge of Shinobi is a side-scrolling action game with platforming and beat 'em up elements. The player controls a ninja who must rescue his girlfriend from the evil gangsters of New York City. The Revenge of Shinobi was developed by Sega's Amusement Software Research and Development department, led by Yu Suzuki, and published by Sega for the Mega Drive/Genesis in 1989. It is the first game in the Shinobi series, followed by Shinobi II: The Silent Fury (1991) and Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (1993).

Controls the main character from a third-person perspective

The Revenge of Shinobi is a side-scrolling action game with platforming elements. The player controls the main character from a third-person perspective as he jumps around levels fighting enemies with his katana and shuriken. It is set in feudal Japan and features ninja-themed environments and enemies.

The Revenge of Shinobi has been praised for its gameplay, graphics, soundtrack and overall presentation. Critics were divided over its difficulty level; some found it too challenging while others felt that it was too easy.


Explore Different areas

The Revenge of Shinobi is set in feudal Japan and follows Joe Musashi, a young ninja who has sworn revenge against Lord Oda, the man responsible for his father's death. Lord Oda lives in a large fortress known as the Citadel which features many different areas such as gardens, forests, bridges and walkways. 

The player can explore these areas freely while fighting enemies. In many cases they are required to use their skills to progress through the levels by solving puzzles or defeating bosses at certain points in order to progress further into the game.

Joe can perform a variety of techniques that allow him to attack enemies and defend himself from harm. These include throwing shurikens (which are small projectiles) at enemies or using them as distractions while he performs other attacks such as chopping off heads with his sword or slamming them into walls using his foot.

Perform acrobatic moves like jumping from wall to wall

In addition to fighting the enemies, you can perform acrobatic moves like jumping from wall to wall or running along walls and ceilings. The game has multiple levels which are divided into several stages each one taking place at different locations such as an oil refinery or a forest area where you have to defeat all enemies present before reaching the exit door that will take you to another level where you'll do the same thing again until you reach the end of the game

What's new in this game

This remake brings some new features to the table, including:

HD graphics

The Revenge of Shinobi HD is an action game with great graphics and smooth animations. You can play as an agile ninja who has to face many challenges in order to save the world from evil forces. In this version there are 30 levels waiting for you, including different types of enemies and bosses at the end of each stage. You will have access to more than 10 weapons that allow you to defeat your opponents easily and quickly! The Revenge Of Shinobi HD is one of those games that every gamer should try at least once!

New gameplay elements like wall jumping and bullet dodging

The game features an enhanced version of the original game's graphics and gameplay, as well as new gameplay elements like wall jumping and bullet dodging.

The Revenge of Shinobi was the first game in the series to be released in North America (instead of Japan), and featured some new gameplay elements not seen before in other games: wall jumping and bullet dodging. The game also had ten stages instead of six, with more bosses than its predecessors.

Levels to defeat enemies and bosses.

The player must use various techniques and items throughout the levels to defeat enemies and bosses. These include ninjutsu techniques such as throwing shurikens (ninja stars), using a flying kick attack or hiding behind walls and then jumping out to attack enemies when they are close enough. There are also power-ups available that increase Joe's health bar or allow him to throw fireballs at enemies.

New stages and bosses

The Revenge of Shinobi is a side-scrolling action game developed by Sega and originally released in 1989 for the Sega Mega Drive. The game's plot follows Retsudo Shō, who escapes from prison, and plots to take over the world with his army of ninjas. The player controls a ninja who must battle through five stages and face off against Retsudo in order to stop him.

The Revenge of Shinobi was created as a replica of the original arcade version of Shinobi (1987). It features several new stages and bosses not seen in the original game, as well as improved graphics.

MOD Features

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Combo system
  3. Unlock new units
  4. Unlocked Weapons
  5. Easy controls

How to download and install Revenge of Shinobi APK

The Revenge of Shinobi apk is an application that allows you to download and play this game on your Android device. The Revenge of Shinobi apk is available at no cost in Google Play, so you don't have to spend any money if you want to play this game. However, we must mention that the Revenge of Shinobi APK has different features than its PC counterpart because it was designed for mobile devices such as tablets or phones with smaller screens than those used on computers.

  1. Installing an APK file isn't difficult at all; all you need is your phone and a few minutes of time:
  2. Locate your phone's application manager or "app drawer" (this varies depending on your phone's operating system). It may be found within your device's settings menu.
  3. Uninstall the previous version of Google Play and the normal version of this APP from your device.
  4. Open Settings> Security> Check the Unknown Sources check box for installing APK files outside Google Play.
  5. Download the APK file below the article, then open it and click Install to start the installation process.

Final Words

The Revenge of Shinobi is an action video game developed by Sega's Consumer Software Research and Development division, and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis in 1989. It is a sequel to Sega's original Shinobi. The Revenge of Shinobi was one of the first games released for the Genesis in 1990 and was a showcase title that helped to establish the system as a worthy competitor to Nintendo's popular NES console.In The Revenge of Shinobi, players control Joe Musashi, a ninja who must fight his way through eight levels of enemies in order to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend Naoko from Yuriko, another shinobi who has gone rogue after being injured in an earlier fight with Musashi. Each level consists of multiple stages which must be completed in order before Musashi can continue on his quest.


Q. Is The Revenge Of Shinobi free?

If you want to download this game, you have to pay for it. There are no free versions available on any app store. However, there are some websites that offer free games but they are usually illegal and contain viruses or malware. It is recommended that you do not download games from these sites as they may cause your device to crash or slow down significantly after running them for some time.

Q. What are the controls for The Revenge of Shinobi?

The controls are simple: press left or right to move left or right, jump by pressing up and attack with A, B or C depending on your current weapon (the A button will always shoot shurikens). The D-pad can be used to switch between weapons quickly without having to go into your inventory.

Q. Do I need to pay anything to play this game?

No you don't need to pay anything as it's free to play games so enjoy playing it with no cost at all!

Q. How much space does it take up on my phone?

It depends on your device but it shouldn't take up more than 100 MB or so, depending on how big your memory card is.

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