Rhythm Hive Mod Apk Menu/ Always Tap Marvelous

Rhythm Hive Mod Apk Menu/ Always Tap marvelous

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App Name Rhythm Hive Mod Apk Menu/ Always Tap marvelous
Size 148.65M
Latest Version 5.0.6
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer HYBE IM Co., Ltd.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Typically people look for action-packed, spirited, and stimulating games. However, this is not the case with music lovers. A person who loves music wishes to play a soothing but fast-paced game that might test his or her rhythm. Such games are exponentially increasing these days. 

So, are you, too, a music lover? Do you love watching and listening to renowned bands like BTS? Then you would absolutely love to test your dedication to your adored boy band. But how to? Do not worry; we will tell you a way to experiment with your musical skills and rhythm. 

Developed and published by Hybe Corporation and Superb Corp in 2021, the game took melody lovers by storm. People around the globe, who adore BTS, began installing and playing the game.

Rhythm Hive Mod Apk

So, do you wanna know more about Rhythm Hive? Are you feeling curious about the game? Are you willing to give it a try? Then, you will not want to miss the article. Why wouldn’t you? Because we are gonna tell you all about Rhythm Hive.

The gameplay of the Rhythm Hive

One thing that people want to ensure is a straightforward and delightful display. A game with prototypical but enjoyable gameplay is certainly a droll. Therefore, Rhythm Hive’s developers have ensured that their followers do not get weary about gameplay. 

Although, it has a fundamental resemblance with any other game belonging to the same genre. However, you would not find it tedious and lifeless without a few plays. The game’s amusement is enduring and will never cease to give you e melodious joy. Maybe you like this similar game Beatstar MOD APK.

While most of their competitors proffer only titbits of song, Rhythm Live lets you relish an entire song as well. Various modes enhance your experience, as explained below.

Rhythm Hive Mod Apk

Modes of Rhythm Hive

Unlike any other musical game, Rhythm Hive proffers three modes. It’s up to you which mode do you want to be in and that’s what makes the game more entertaining. The three modes are:

Live Stage Mode 

This is the most compelling mode of the game. How? Before giving you the answer, allow us to ask a question, who is your most favorite BTS member? Jung Kook, Jimin, Jin, or someone else? Whoever it is, you surely want to be the one. 

Well, it’s where Live Stage Mode becomes mesmerizing as it permits you to play the one. In this mode, you have a chance to pick one BTS member and play the song with other people around the world. 

That’s enough for you? You might say yes. However, there is more. You can also win the best performer award if you play the game more rhythmically and musically. 

Studio Mode 

Are you not a people person? Do you love the taste of music in solitude? Then worry not, our friend, as Rhythm Hive won’t let you down. It is the beauty of the game that it lives up to everyone’s expectations. As an introvert, you get to play solo in the form of studio mode. 

It is not much more diverse than the live stage mode. However, in this mode, you do not have to play with other players. This approach is also substantial for amateurs who want to improve their skills for the mode, as mentioned above. 

Mission Mode 

Last but not least mission mode. It is intriguing, captivating, and enchanting. The level of enjoyment that this mode gives is not any lesser. It is a group of various stages involving mixed or single songs.

Rhythm Hive Mod Apk

More Fun Elements 

The amazement does not end here. In order to make the game more entertaining and likable, developers have included extra features. Characters, as discussed below, give Rhythm Hive an upper hand on its counterparts. 

  • Do you want to earn more points? No worries, get help from card collection. 
  • Go for your treasured player and continue upgrading his skills. 
  • Like an action-packed, rip-roaring game, Rhythm Hive also proffers mission. Thoroughgoing a mission will enable you to get more points. 

So, how do you feel about the game after reading all about it? We bet you can’t wait to download, install, and play the game.

Rhythm Hive Mod Apk


Q. How to add friends on rhythm hive?

You can add a friend on Rhythm Hive by playing Live Stage Mode.

Q. How to cancel the rhythm hive subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, then follow these instructions. Setting>>Payment Details>>Active Subscriptions>>Cancel.

Q. How to play rhythm hive?

You need to trail, tap, and press the beat of the melody.

Q. How to play rhythm hive with friends?

To play with friends, you need to activate live stage mode.

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