Free Roblox Apk Download Latest Version 2.401.338533 For Android

PC clients around the world, are very aware of the application called ROBLOX. Now, this application is also accessible for your android cell phone! ROBLOX APK is one of the greatest gaming stages available that you can download for FREE. You can utilize this app any way you want to!  

Free Roblox Apk Download Latest Version

ROBLOX is a huge multiplayer web-based game (MMO), in which you can make your own universes by utilizing a wide range of blocks. You can likewise join universes made and overseen by different gamers around the world.  

Through Roblox you can: 

  • Create
  • Destroy
  • Explore
  • Fight
  • Race and do much more!

Download Roblox APK 

Download Free Roblox Apk Latest Version 2.401.338533

Play the best PC game ever made i.e., Roblox APK. Create your own virtual game world and enjoy it with your friends!  

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About the Game

Erik Cassel and David Baszucki created the Roblox Game in 2014. They first launched it in a beta version called DNA blocks. However, later in 2016, the game was released on the market referred to as Roblox. Initially, it had small games but as time went by, the game has grown much complex and intense.  

User Generated Experience 

The best thing about Roblox is that everything is USER-GENERATED. This means you have the opportunity to make anything that you can imagine. You can make your very own parks, be a space traveler, have a full-scale weapon, fight with your companions, become one of your most loved superheroes and even build your own kingdom!

Multiplayer Mode 

Yes, Roblox allows you to play with your friends. This is another cool component that ROBLOX brings to the table. You can easily connect with other individuals and appreciate multiplayer games.  

There are actually a great many games and mods that you can play directly from the beginning. On the off chance that you are searching for a companion then you will never be alone as ROBLOX has more than a million users around the world.


The controls in ROBLOX fit the touch screen superbly. It is extremely easy to search for a game, get inside it, and move your character around all through the guide to perform various activities. You can redo your character, and design it to have a totally different look.  

Much the same as in the work area rendition, you can utilize genuine cash to purchase various things. The free form of the game is fairly restricted, yet it’s still totally pleasant.  

Step by step instructions to play ROBLOX on Android Phone  

Step 1 – Download Emulator:  

Download and Install any Android Emulator 

Step 2 – Install Emulator:  

Run the Android Emulator and login to Google Play Store  

Step 3 – Open Play Store: 

Open Google Play Store and search ROBLOX Download  

Step 4 – Install Roblox: 

Install ROBLOX on your phone 

Step 5 – Done: 

Start playing the game!   

Mod Version of Roblox APK

The mod version of Roblox gives you lots of customization and UNLIMITED money. If you do not wish to pay real money to get add-ons in the game then you can download the Mod APK File. Make sure you enable “unknown sources” before downloading the Mod File as it is not on Google Play Store.

A lot of people are skeptical about using Mod APK’s because they think it is unsafe. Though this might be true for some but most Mod APKs are safe to download. Just make sure you get the link from a trusted website.  

Hence, the Roblox Mod APK is 100% safe to download and it will not harm your device in any way.  

Features of Roblox APK

  1. Player customization 

Here you can find various avatars wherein you can customize them in a different way like: 

  • Change faces 
  • Add new gears 
  • Find hats 
  • Change outfits  
  • Get a new weapon  
  • Many more! 

2. Apps and Games 

Find various and different games to play. 

3. Setting 

The Roblox setting is like you are playing a real-life game, and your task is to create and make better facilities. 

4. Multi-player Game 

It is a game that needs multiple players wherein you need to connect with someone or your friends that you want to play with. 

5. User-Generated games 

You can get numerous games here. This feature makes you create an imaginative and creative environment in setting up your own game. 

6. Cross-platform game 

You can use different platforms like your mobile or pc and other platforms that allow you to connect with Roblox to play it. 

7. Live Chat 

While playing, you can chat and send messages to share playing strategies with other players. 

8. Vast 3D World 

Play together within immersive 3D worlds built by gamers. 

9. Game Environment 

Safe and moderated environment, imagination rules supreme. 

10. Connectivity 

Hang out with your friends and millions of other players across computers. 

11. Free 

Roblox is a game that has amazing features at zero cost – IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE.  

12. Unlimited Money 

The mod version of Roblox APK gives you unlimited money as it can give you some virtual money. 


Live in life in a virtual world and become a part of the vast universe of Roblox. Let your imagination run wild and create what your heart desires. With this game, you can live the life of your dreams and play the best game ever! 

So, prepare your gaming gadget and download Roblox APK right now! It is FREE and has a modded version as well. 

For Roblox Mod APK download click here. 

For any feedback or queries comment below as we look forward to hearing from you!   



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