Rock Crawler APK

Rock Crawler APK

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App Name Rock Crawler APK
Size 216 MB
Latest Version v 2.22.2
MOD Features Free
Developer VOODOO
Content Rating Rated For 3+
Requires 5.1 or above
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Update September 13, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Climb on the high mountains and hills with Rock Crawler APK. It is a racing game with a simple mechanism. Enjoy a 3D interface with steep hills, ditches, hurdles, cracky surfaces of rocks, and many other obstacles.

Rock Crawler APK

Can you imagine a racing game where you can climb hills and mountains? Logically, it may be impossible. But in the virtual world, everything can be possible. With the Rock Crawler APK, you can climb high mountains and hills way faster than humans. It has gained a huge fan following in the gaming world because of its simple and fantastic interface.

It offers a smooth and lag-free interface with realistic physics. It is a car racing game where you have to perform various racing challenges. Your vehicles have big wheels that allow you to climb on the craggy surface. You can perform amazing stunts by just controlling your vehicle. This game will be the best offline racing game for teens or kids. The mechanism of this game is also very simple and easy to handle.

Collection Of Vehicles In Rock Crawler APK

Rock Crawler APK is a fun racing game where you can enjoy terrific driving challenges. It offers 3D graphics with eye-catching color combinations. You have to control your vehicle on the tough surface of rocks. It also offers a smooth motorway road and dunes to keep you engaged for hours. Here, you can improve your driving skills by learning basic driving information. Its 3D interface will give you a realistic feel. Its location includes steep hills, ditches, hurdles, cracky surfaces of rocks, and many other obstacles. You have to overcome all the upcoming obstacles as long as you can.

Meanwhile, you have to keep an eye on your car's durability and fuel volume. Keep your fuel tank stable until you reach the petrol pump. Keep updating your vehicle for a better driving experience. Moreover, you can also change your vehicles using collected coins. It offers jeeps, trucks, off-road motorcycles, racing cars, etc. You can select your vehicle according to your preference. Choose a reliable vehicle to help you complete your mission.

Off-Road Gameplay Of Rock Crawler APK

It also offers various racing modes. To collect maximum in-game currency, you can participate in race tournaments, world tours, and stunt competitions.

You can drive vehicles with 4×4 wheels. Full wheels will help you drive on rocky slopes, muddy pits, and high heels. You will certainly get immersed in the games because of their amazing characteristics. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the below-mentioned download steps and enjoy the endless racing games.

Steps To Download

Step 1: Press the above download button to access this game.

Step 2: Wait for a while.

Step 3: If you are facing downloading issues, move straight to your mobile’s settings.

Step 4: Enable the Unknown Source to access third-party apps.

Step 5: Now, reopen this site and repeat step 1.

Step 6: Tap to install.

Step 7: Open the game and start your gameplay. That’s all.

Main Features

Now, it's time to explore more about this game. Keep reading to find out more about its characteristics.

Off-Road Driving

It is the best off-road driving game in the racing genre. It offers an incredible racing screen. It has all the navigational buttons on the screen. You can move your steering left or right by pressing the arrow keys on your screen. You can also find the tracks of other players to win the race. You will face so many dangerous off-road surfaces. You must cross rough and craggy surfaces to complete your driving challenges.

Racing Tracks In Rock Crawler APK

It offers off-road driving characteristics in the form of harsh and cracky surfaces. If you love professional racing games, this game will be super exciting. Try Big Rig Racing APK for better and more advanced racing challenges. Here, you can enjoy racing on vast highway roads.

Captivating Racing Tracks

It offers you many racing roads on multiple tracks. The programmers of this game have added countless hurdles and obstacles that will appear continuously on your track. It offers lots of challenges to improve your driving skills. You can practice using navigational tools and hands to make quick decisions. You must decide whether to crash your vehicle by hitting or avoiding hurdles. Your main objective is to control your vehicle on the tough, rocky surface. It provides tracks, from smooth motorways to dunes, to entertain you for hours. Its captivating racing tracks include ditches, hurdles, hills, cracky rocks, and many more. You have to avoid all the hurdles as soon as possible.

Collection of Vehicles

It allows you to customize or upgrade your vehicles into supercars to become the best participant in thrilling races. Try to complete maximum challenges to get extra currency. You can use your in-game currency to purchase advanced vehicles according to your choice. Use your rewards to customize or upgrade your car.

Upgrade Your Vehicle With Rock Crawler APK

Players can choose their favorite vehicle from more than 500 racing cars. All you need is enough gold coins. After collecting the desired amount, you can purchase a new vehicle from the Mentor store.

3D Graphics and High-Quality Visuals

One of the main reasons for its popularity is its immersive 3D interface. It offers high-quality visuals with perfect color combinations. You will feel a realistic racing environment while playing. It offers real driving physics to keep you engaged for hours.

Easy To Control

It offers a smooth and user-friendly interface with complex challenges. You will find all the navigational buttons on your screens that make it more convenient to play. You don’t need to remember difficult gestures. Just learn how to use its navigation tools to move your vehicle.

After understanding the basic mechanism, you can easily play it. You can also watch its tutorial to learn more about its control buttons. Use arrow keys to control steering. You can also enjoy thrilling races with stunts, high speed, and thrilling brake systems. It offers a friendly mechanism. You can master it even on the first attempt.

Customization Tools

 It offers more than 500 vehicles and spare parts as customization tools. Keep your vehicles tuned and organized using its customization tools. You can change your engine, brakes, wheels, and almost all the parts of your vehicle. If you have collected many coins, unlock new vehicles from the Mentor store. 

You must have enough coins to apply any customization to your vehicle. So try to make as much money as you can. You can also try its modified version for unlimited money and endless privileges. You will find all the premium features already unlocked in its modified version.

Offline Mode

It offers both offline and online modes to play with. The Internet is not a compulsory factor to play it. You need the internet just to apply customizations to your vehicle. Otherwise, it can be played without the Internet. Its features also work offline. So, you can enjoy its offline mode whenever or wherever you go. 


Try out the Rock Crawler APK to experience professional racing tactics. It offers 3D graphics with captivating visual and color combinations. It provides you with more than 500 vehicles and unlimited spare parts. The most amazing thing is that it can be played without an internet connection. You can experience professional racing in this game. Download it and let us know about your experience in the comment box given below. 

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Q. Is Rock Crawler APK available on the App Store?

It has been uploaded to all application stores, including the App Store.

Q. Is Rock Crawler APK free?

Yes, it is 100% free to download. But you may need in-game currency to unlock some premium features.

Q. Is Rock Crawler APK safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use. You will never face any virus threat here.

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