Rogue Land Mod Apk One Hit/ God Mode Download

Rogue Land Mod Apk One Hit/ God Mode Download

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App Name Rogue Land Mod Apk One Hit/ God Mode Download
Size 154M
Latest Version 0.14.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Once upon a time, there was a peaceful kingdom. The piece of land under this kingdom was considered the most flourishing, happy, and blessed soil. People were hopeful and ecstatic. Their king was benevolent, gracious, and noble. The land was lush green due to the excessiveness of trees and plants. The kingdom was called Rogue Land.

However, it was a matter of time before the land became a victim of dark forces. The evil powers turned the kingdom into ashes. Soon, there was no happiness, ecstasy, or growth. Their kind king was replaced with tyrant devils, and lush lands were changed into barren soils. 

Rogue Land Mod Apk

How does the story seem? Interesting, isn’t it? So, what would you say if we tell you could save the Rogue Land? How is this possible? This is pretty simple, download Rogue Land from Google Play Store or App Store. The game will take you to the ancient soils of Rogue Land, where you will face the devil who destroyed it. 

With a small army of different characters, you are required to roam around the kingdom, combating monsters and hunting for treasures. 

Heroes of the Game 

The game proffers many heroes who can help you out in a quest to defeat monsters, collect booty and free Rogue Land. As soon as you enter the battlefield, you get to meet Reina. An energetic, spirited, and speedy girl. She will help you earn some tokens to unlock other heroes. 

As you keep on increasing your collection of tokens, more heroes become available to you. These heroes include Mr. N, Humana, Bianca, Sarsalor, Nura, and Gina. All of them come with several qualities. Differences in their personalities make the game more provocative and indulging. 

Rogue Land Mod Apk


Weapons and Armors of the Game 

The game proffers numerous armor and weapons that have varying properties. Heroes become more powerful and unbeatable by using these weapons. The variety of arsenal is huge, and their usage varies from one another. 

The most famed and mighty weapons are a grenade, crossbow, staff, sword, and spell book. On the other hand, the most commonly used arsenals comprise haste gloves, plate gloves, storm gloves, and gloves of storm. The game also provides a diversity of remarkable fighting boots. Some examples include ranger’s boots, winged boots, and vitality boots. Maybe you like this similar game Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk.

Types of Monsters 

We have already tooted that you will have to combat various monsters and devils. Like your heroes, these enemies also have different qualities and skills. 

Some are cunny and foxy, while others are ferocious and tyrant. Some have a weak stature, while others are mighty. You can easily tackle some of your enemies. However, most of them pose a significant threat to your life and are not made for an easy defeat. 

Different types of beasts include mice, knights, goblins, lava monsters, frogs, spiders, and dragons. You will have to be watchful and vigilant while combating these monsters. Otherwise, they might strike back harder and turn you into ashes. Do you really want to give them the upper hand and lose the combat that you always wanted to win? 

Rogue Land Mod Apk


Tips to Become an Unconquered Warrior

We believe after reading a lot of positive words about the game. You might wanna play it. However, since you are new fish in the pond, we have some great tips to get you started like a real battler. Follow these tricks to become a master of the game:

  • Your life depends upon the stratagems you adopt to avoid archers. See, archers might hurt you really bad if you are not efficient enough to hide from them. 
  • While busy combating the worst rivals, never forget to look for hoards of coins. You might also locate treasury somewhere. So keep an eye on that as well. 
  • Imagine you have to encounter a drastic situation in real life. You are allowed to gain a maximum of 3 abilities to handle the condition. Won’t you be attentive to the skills you are going for? The same scenario applies here. 
  • Do not be spendthrift. Be wise about your spending. Else you might find yourself penniless in the middle of the battlefield without any clue. 
  • Biggies can be a genuine threat. Ensure you kill them first before they come for you. 

Rogue Land Mod Apk


Q. What is rogue land?

Rogue land is an astounding action-packed game where you combat monsters.

Q. Is rogue land 3D?

Yes, it is a 3D game.

Q. Can I play rogue land on the phone?

Yes, you can play the game on your phone.

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